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Know how to Avail Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab

calendar17 Jun, 2021
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Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab

Every commercial establishment in India must have Shop & Establishment Registration in place before commencing business activities. The said license is named differently in a different state, so don’t get confused by the terms like trade license or Shop Act license because they are all same. The provisions for shop and establishment registration differ state-wise. Also, each state has its respective online portal to invite applications for the said license. While filing up the e-form for registration, applicants are supposed to upload the mandatory documents, listed in the latter part of this guide. In this write up you will learn about the obtainment procedure of Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab.   

An Outlook on Punjab Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958

The commercial establishments operating in the state of Punjab are mandated to comply with Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958. The said Act entails regulations cum guidelines regarding work and employment for these establishments. 

Under this Act, the term Shop implies any establishments where any business is carried or where services are bestowed to end-users, including warehouses, offices, stores, or go-downs, whether at the same premises or otherwise, utilized in connection with such trade or company. 

The term “Commercial establishment” refers to any premises wherein any trade, profession, or business is carried on for profit & includes printing establishment & premises in which business of stocks, banking, insurance, and brokerage is carried on or which is used as boarding or restaurant, cinema, or, any other place legally recognized as commercial establishment. 

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Eligible Entities that Come Under Shop and Establishment Act

Each employer should furnish an application for his/her commercial establishment within 30 days of commencing the new business. Again, the establishments like cinema, eating houses, printing press, restaurants, and hotels are mandated to register under the said Act. 

Compulsory Documentations for Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab

Arrange the following documentations before you rushed to the online portal for registration. 

Documentations for Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab

Procedural instructions for obtaining Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab

  1. Visit- from your web browser. First-timer should create the login ID before proceeding to the registration process. The login creation is an OTP-based process. 
  2. Select the apt license from the list prompting on the webpage by ticking the correct box.
  3. Select the correct Jurisdiction Area followed by an option, viz Start filling Application.
  4. In the subsequent step, fill Form-B for Shop & Commercial. Note: At the bottom of the e-form you will find the following tabs. 

i) Next –This tab allows you to save entered information, and the summary page will show.

ii) Previous –this tab will let you go back to the preceding page where licenses are available.

  • Click on the Next button & fill Form F. At the bottom end of the e-form you will come across the following buttons: 

Next – This tab will allow you to save the uploaded details into the portal and Form A will prompt if the applicant has workers otherwise the upload document form will manifest. 

Previous- This tab will allow you to revert to the preceding page, i.e. Form B. 

  • In Upload Documents, upload the requested documentation. 

As soon as you click the option, viz Lock & Submit, you will lose the facility of editing the e-form. However, the edit tab can be redirected to an editable version of the e-form if you wish to make any changes. 

Key takeaway: At present, the Department of Labour, Punjab charges no fees from applicant intends to obtain Shop & Establishment registration in Punjab. 

Notable Obligations of Employers under the Punjab Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958

  • The said Act mandates the employer of a commercial establishment to represent mandatory records before the officers appointed by the concerned authority.  
  • Such Employers are also liable to provide on-demand information or detail as directed by such officers. 
  • If any employers allegedly breached any of the above conditions shall face penal provisions as per the Act.  
  • The Act also penalizes any action of employees that prevents inspecting authority from performing their duties. Other offenses of employers subjected to penalty include;
    • Preventing employees to appear before the inspecting authority
    • Manifesting misconduct or non-association during the inspection
    • Manipulating information in the records

The defaulters in the above cases may face an imprisonment of up to three months or subject to a fine not less than Rs 25 that may further extend to Rs 200. 

Pros of availing Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab

  • With Shop & Establishment registration in place, employers can easily open a bank account in the business’s name. 
  • Such a license enables the employee to avail seamless registration under sale as well as service tax. 
  • State & registration license gives the employee access to state-level tenders.
  • Increases company credibility and therefore attracts more creditors, customers, and vendors. 
  • Entities with this license can expect seamless and hassle-free access to bank loans. 


Hopefully, with this information, you can obtain the Shop & Establishment registration in Punjab. We have endeavored to covers all possible facets around this license for the sake of your knowledge. If you still think we have missed something vital, then let us know. We would be happy to get your feedback. 

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