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Responsibilities of Producers and Manufacturers under E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016

calendar25 Feb, 2022
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Responsibilities of producer

Producers and Manufacturers of electrical-related goods generate a massive quantum of e-waste every year. This is alarming for the nation as ever-rising e-waste can jeopardize the ecological balance and thus pose a health-related risk to a human being. The GOI has laid down various directions under the E-waste Management Rules to combat this pressing issue.

These rules obligate Producers and Manufacturers of electrical-related goods to ensure apt management of e-waste to reduce environmental impact.

Responsibilities of producers and manufactures under E-wastes management rules are as follow;

Underlining Responsibilities of Producers under E-waste Management rules

The producer of electrical equipment mentioned under Schedule I shall be accountable for:

1: Implementing the EPR with a given framework, namely:

  • Accumulation and mobilization of e-waste generated via their end-of-life products enclosing same electrical equipment code and previous waste available on the date from which EWM rules come to effect as per Schedule I in line with targets cited under Schedule III in EPR – Authorization
  • The mechanism utilized for mobilization of e-waste generated via end-of-life products, including those coming from their service centres toward certified dismantlers or recyclers, shall be in pursuant with EPR Authorization.
  • In the case of fluorescent lamps, where recyclers are non-accessible, challenzation may be from collection facility to treatment, storage and disposal unit
  • For disposal in said units, a pre-treatment is essential to immobilize the mercury and minimize the volume of waste to be disposed off.
  • EPR Authorization must entail of a general scheme for accumulation of waste generated via electrical items placed on the marketplace earlier, such as through dealer, collection facilities, Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), via buy-back arrangement, deposit-refund system, exchange scheme, etc. whether directly or via any certified agency and mobilizing the collected items to certified recyclers;
  • Rendering contact particulars such as an address, email ID, customer helpline number via their website and producer user documentation to provide a return of end-of-life electrical items
  • Ensuring promotion via media, advertisement, publications, posters, product user document, with regards to;
  • Detail such as an address, email ID, toll-free number, and website.
  • Detail about hazardous constituents as cited under sub-rule 1 of rule 16 in electronic or electrical equipment
  • Detail about ill-effect of inappropriate handling, disposing of, damage, or improper recycling of e-waste.
  • Instructions relating to handling and disposal of electrical[1] item post its service life; along with Do’s and Don’ts;
  • The producer shall implement EPR individually or collectively. In the first case, the producer may establish this own collection facility or set take-back system or both to fulfil EPR. In the collective system, the producer may team up as a member with a PRO, e-waste exchange, or both. It shall be mandatory for the individual producer to seek EPR authorization from CPCB via Form 1

2: to facilitate detail on the implementation of DRS (deposit refund scheme) to ensure accumulation of end-of-life items and their mobilization to certified recyclers or dismantlers, if such scheme exists in EPR Plan.

Provided that the producers shall refund the deposit sum taken from the consumer(s) at point of sale, in addition to the interest at prevalent rate for the duration of the period at the point of take-back of an end-of-life product.

3: The import of electrical items shall be permitted only to producers having EPR authorization

4: Maintaining records of e-waste handled in form 2 and making such records accessible for inspection by CPCB or the respective SPCB

5: Filling annual returns to the CPCB in form 3 on or before the 30th of June following the FY to which that return relates. For Producers having multiple offices in a state, a single return enclosing information from all such offices shall be filed

6: The producer shall apply to the CPCB for authorization in Form 1, which shall afterwards confer the EPR authorization in form 1(aa).

Underlining Responsibilities of Manufacturers under E-waste Management rules

  • Accumulate e-waste generated while manufacturing electrical items and mobilize it for disposal or recycling;
  • Apply for authorization via form 1 (a) in pursuant to the procedure cited under sub-rule (2) of rule 13 from the respective SPCB, which shall confer the authorization in Form 1 (bb)
  • Ensure no disruption is caused to the ecological balance during the storage and transportation of e-waste.
  • Maintain records in Form 2 for e-waste generated, handled, & disposed of and make such records accessible for an inspection performed by SPCB’s officials.
  • File Form 3 for annual return filing with the respective SPCB on or before 30th of June following the FY to which that return relates


E-waste generation in India is touching new heights, and it’s likely to increase many folds in the near future. The government of India has implemented various measures, including the enactment of E-waste Management Rules, to get proper control over this issue. Since the majority of e-waste comes from Producers and Manufacturers of electronic goods, the said rules seek to vest these entities with accountability to manage e-wastes in eco-friendly manners.

Also, it is evident from the above; the scope of responsibilities of the producers is not merely limited to apt disposal or recycling of e-waste. They are also accountable for supporting the circular economy to the fullest. 

Write to us if you have anything important to share about the Responsibilities of Producers under the said rules. Your insights are valuable to us.

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