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Registration of Building Workers as Beneficiaries under BOCW

calendar31 May, 2022
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Registration of Building workers

BOCW, i.e. Building and other Construction Worker Act, is labor-friendly legislation that seeks to protect construction workers’ rights. The said Act specifies for the registration of building developers and workers through a specified procedure. Workers registered under the BOCW Act are entitled to several benefits such as; Maternity Benefits, Child education support, and Prompt medical aid etc. The State-based BOCW portal grants the registration of building workers under the BOCW workers.

Eligibility Norms around the registration of building workers under BOCW Act

A worker who has attained legal age, i.e. 18 years but not completed 60 years of age and who has been involved with the construction work for not less than 90 days during the past 12 months qualifies for this registration. Besides, the BOCW registration is available to workers engaged with the following activities only:

  • Welding Work
  • Well Digging
  • Carpentry
  • Shelling
  • Roller Drive
  • Plumbing
  • Work of Masons
  • Blacksmith
  • Roadmaking
  • Mosaic Polished
  • Mixer Operation
  • Electric Work
  • Painting
  • The Act of Hammering
  • Tiling Work
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Removal of Sediment from Well
  • Work – Spray Work or Mixing concerning Road Construction
  • Marble and Stone Work
  • Security work
  • Rock Breaking
  • Stone, Breaking & Grinding Work
  • Worker(s) engaged with the Clerical & Accounting Work at the project Site
  • Any operation relating to the Construction of a Dam, Bridge, Road or Building
  • Installation and Repair of Hot & cold Machinery
  • Flood Management
  • Fire Fighting System installation and repair
  • Machinery, bridge construction Work
  • Fabrication & Installation of Grills, Windows Doors etc.
  • Interior Decoration of Houses/Buildings
  • Community Park or Sidewalk Construction
  • Establishment of Modular Kitchen
  • Clay, Sand, Mooring Mining Operations
  • Brick Manufacturing Work at Brick Kilns
  • Installation of Lift and Automatic Ladder
  • Installation of Security Gates & Other Equipment
  • Carrying Cement, Bricks etc.
  • Lime Making
  • Clay Work

Common Benefits that comes to effect post registration of building workers

  • Maternity Benefits
  • Making pension payment
  • Permission for work-related tools procurement
  • Prompt medical help in the event of injury occurring at the workplace
  • Facilitating credits for home construction
  • Covering medical expenditure arising out of major ailments
  • Child education support
  • Death Benefits
  • Funeral Benefits

Procedure of Registration of building workers under BOCW Act

The steps below help you complete the online procedure of worker registration under the BOCW Act

Step 1: Visit the registration portal

First of all, the applicant seeking to register as a beneficiary under BOCW Act needs to visit the State BOCW portal[1]. Generally, the application relating to worker registration is available under the service section located on the main menu. Licensing requirement for worker is handled by the Labour management information system.

Step 2: Complete the verification formalities

After clicking on the application option, the applicant will be prompted to verify themselves by OTP. To get the OTP, first, enter the Aadhaar number followed by the applicable region. Once approved, the applicant will be routed to the e-form.

Step 3: Fill out the e-form and upload the required document

Fill out the e-form as requested and upload the documents as mentioned below in the prescribed file format.

Step 4: Application Vetting and Grant of certificate

Upon receiving the application for registration under the BOCW Act, the authority concerned starts the vetting process. The certificate will be shared on the online portal as soon as the authority completes the verification process without finding any error.

Documents to be provided during the registration process

  • Age proof (if no age evidence is available, then a self-declaration is filed)
  • Proof of Address,
  • Aadhaar card (If available),
  • Details relating to bank account such as IFSC number, account number, bank branch)
  • Family’s detail
  • Employer’s certificate confirming that person concerned has served 90 working days as a construction work
  • Nomination form

What if the registration application gets rejected by the authority?

In such an event, the applicant can approach the Secretary of the Board or any officer specified by the Board to drop an appeal for reconsideration of a rejected application. This step must be taken within 30 days from the date of decision relating to application rejection.


Registration of building workers under the BOCW Act isn’t a complicated procedure owing to the simplified requirements. In case you seek any professional aid on the same, then feel free to get in touch with the Corpbiz’s experts

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BOCW certificate

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