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A Complete Analysis of the BOCW Registration Process in India

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A Complete Analysis of the BOCW Registration Process in India

The Government of India introduced the BOCW or Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment & Conditions of Service) Act, 1996[1], to safeguard unskilled labourers from intense and exploiting working conditions. The Act was introduced to check the working conditions of the workers involved in building and construction-related activities in India. The BOCW registration process helps the workers to create an opportunity to avail certain benefits from the schemes.

Overview of the BOCW board

Those employed as building and construction workers are a category of unorganized labourers whose daily work activities are under risky, accident-prone conditions where they are constantly threatened. The workers are also affected by irregular and low payment, undefined work durations and lack of facilities, creating more misery for them. As the workers belong to the underprivileged part of society, they lack primary education and understanding of the system governing them. There are not enough legal provisions to safeguard disadvantaged workers from the threats and risks involved with their work, and it is essential to dedicate specific requirements and central laws in favour of the safety of these workers. As a result, the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment & Conditions of Service) Act, 1996. was established to safeguard the workers and provide them safe, healthy and reliable environment. The BOCW Registration Process aims to facilitate the labourers’ working to support their financial needs under challenging conditions and benefit them under various schemes.

The board is responsible for performing various activities in favour of the workers, some of which are listed below-

  • Maternity related benefits
  • Death related support
  • Funeral related support
  • Making pension payment
  • Grant for the purchase of work-related tools
  • Providing immediate assistance to a beneficiary in case of an accident,
  • Sanctioning advances & loans for construction
  • Meeting the medical expenses for significant ailments etc.
  • Giving financial support for the children’s education
  • Paying amount in connection with premia for Group Insurance Scheme

Purpose of the BOCW Scheme

The Building & Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment & Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 was enforced on 1st March 1996. It applies to every business that employed or is currently employing ten or more building workers for construction in the past twelve months. The purpose of the BOCW Registration Process is as follows-

  • The BOCW scheme favours the labourers and workers involved in the building and construction work and ensures that they are not exploited and are given a healthy and safe working environment.
  • It is mandatory by the government for every state government to constitute their own BOCW board.
  • The BOCW scheme regulates the work environment of workers who are employed for construction work.
  • The BOCW scheme aims to implement laws against hectic work durations and exhausting work conditions.

Benefits of the BOCW scheme

Every state government has set up the BOCW registration scheme to benefit labourers and construction workers in India. To register under the scheme, the applicant has to undergo BOCW Registration Process. Once registered, the applicant can avail of various benefits of the same. A few of the benefits of the BOCW scheme are mentioned below-

  • The BOCW scheme creates awareness amongst the workers and labourers in under developed areas, rural areas and construction sites. It helps create a healthy and safe environment for the workers and creates a healthy employer-worker relationship.
  • Once the workers go through the BOCW Registration Process, they will be eligible for various schemes offered by the board after completing some specified period after the registration.
  • The BOCW registration helps the workers with various schemes such as Accident assistance schemes, National health insurance schemes, etc.
  • The BOCW registration also helps the worker get pension payments, medical expenses for significant disorders, etc.
  • It provides various facilities such as financial support for the children’s education, Maternity Benefits, grants for purchasing work-related tools etc.

Documents required for BOCW registration

To complete the BOCW Registration Process, the applicant must submit the following documents-

  • Residence proof of the applicant
  • Age proof of the applicant (Self-declaration of age if proof is not available)
  • Aadhar card details
  • Bank account details
  • Details of dependents
  • Employer’s certificate of 90 days of working as a construction worker
  • Nomination form

Procedure for the BOCW registration

Each state has its own BOCW board, as mandated by the central government. Each applicant has to undergo the BOCW Registration Process to get registered under the board and avail of the benefits from schemes and facilities provided by BOCW. Following is the BOCW Registration Process which has to be followed to obtain the BOCW registration-

  1. The employer is required to create their login ID on the BOCW web portal using a valid email ID. Once the ID has been made, the user gets the credentials on the registered email ID and phone number.
  2. Once the login ID has been created, the applicant must fill up the basic information required in the portal.
  3. After filling out the form in the portal, the applicant must submit the required documents in the prescribed size and format.
  4. After submitting the documents, the applicant must submit the application fees per the requirement.
  5. Once all the information and required documents are submitted, the BOCW certificate is issued to the customer. The users can check the application status online, and they can receive all the information and updates on the registered email Id and phone number.


The BOCW Registration Process is easy to follow and highly beneficial for the underprivileged workers of buildings and construction sites. The BOCW license provides safety and security to the workers and their families in unforeseeable circumstances. The BOCW registration process helps the workers to improve their living conditions by providing them with facilities, schemes and monetary help. It is always advisable to seek professional help while going through any official procedures of BOCW to avoid any sort of mistake and financial losses.

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