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Linking Your Aadhaar Card with LPG Connection

calendar26 Apr, 2021
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Linking Your Aadhaar Card with LPG Connection

According to the Government rules, the LPG users are eligible to get 12 cylinders only in one year at a subsidised rate. Under the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme (DBTL) or the PAHAL (Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh) as introduced by the Government for the LPG scheme, it allows LPG customers to avail the benefit of LPG subsidy provided by the government.

Thus, to get this benefit of LPG subsidy, the person needs to link Aadhaar card with LPG connection. This article will deal in detail with the linking of Aadhaar card with LPG connection and its benefits.

Eligibility Conditions

The eligibility conditions to receive the benefit of linking aadhaar card with LPG connection and to receive its benefits directly into the bank account are given below:-

benefit of linking aadhaar card with LPG connection

i) Get your Aadhaar card or aadhaar number

The foremost step for fulfilling the eligibility for availing the benefit is to possess one’s own aadhaar number. So, the person must enrol to get the aadhaar card so as to link with LPG connection. The person can visit the nearest Enrolment Centre for Aadhaar.

ii) Link Aadhaar Details to Bank Account

For availing the benefit of direct credit of LPG subsidy the person should link his aadhaar number to his bank account. The linking of aadhaar to a bank account can be done in the given below two ways:-

  • To request for the aadhaar linking with the application of bank account at the nearby bank branch together with the enclosed documents as required by the bank.
  • The person can directly obtain the ‘Bank account – Aadhaar Linkage Form from the LPG distributor which is specifically for LPG customers and leave the signed and filled form in the ‘bank dropbox’ at the LPG distribution centre.

iii) Link your Aadhaar Details to your LPG Connection

This is a mandatory requirement to avail the benefit the person has to ensure that he has linked his Aadhaar card with LPG connection so as to avail the LPG benefit facility directly as offered by the Government.

Linking the aadhaar details with LPG connection can be done in various ways. This process may to some extent differ which shall depend on the scheme name and the name of distributor.

Procedure to Link Aadhaar Card with LPG Connection

The given below are the ways to link aadhaar with LPG connection:

  • Online method
  • Offline method
  • SMS mode
  • IVRS/IVRL mode
  • Through Indane gas customer service number

Online Method

  • The person will have to login to the UIDAI  official website and access aadhaar seeding portal of UIDAI and enter the required information
  • The person shall choose the Benefit Type as “LPG” since he wants to link the Aadhaar Card with LPG connection. The person is obligated to mention the Name of the Scheme which shall be in accordance with his LPG connection. (For example: “IOCL” for Indane connections and “BPCL” for Bharat Gas connections.
  • The person shall next select the name of the distributor from the available list and make an entry on his LPG consumer number.
  • After that the person shall enter his personal details like mobile number, email address and Aadhaar number for filing the seeding application before and then only shall click on the “Submit” button.
  • On submitting, the person shall receive an OTP on his registered number and email ID. The OTP shall be entered and submitted to end the whole process. After successful registration of request, the officers shall verify the details and that shall be notified in the registered contact number and email ID.

Offline Method

The offline method can be either direct visit to the distributors nearest office and physically submit the documents or download the required form from the website and send by post.

SMS Mode

SMS mode means that the person can request for linking of aadhaar card with LPG connection by sending the SMS to the gas distributor in the required prescribed format. The procedure of SMS mode is given below:-

  • The person will have to login and check the LPG gas website and access the contact details of gas distributors on the basis of state-wise and district-wise.
  • He will have to send SMS for linking aadhaar card to LPG connection to the nearest distributor’s mobile number in the given format –

UID < Aadhaar Card Number>


Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is developed by Indian Oil Corporation Limited for its consumers to efficiently help them link their aadhaar card to LPG gas connection. The procedure for the same process for linking aadhaar card via IVRS/IVRL method is given below:-

  • The person shall visit the Indian Oil Corporation Limited’s official website.
  • He shall visit the SMS/IVRS booking area to check the contact number and shall choose his state, district and distributor’s contact number.
  • The person shall call on that IVRS booking number of the chosen distributor and then shall follow the instructions over call for linking aadhaar card with LPG connection.
  • The person must be ready for providing his 12-digit aadhaar number together with confirming his Indane consumer number.
  • Then the officers shall process the request and so the verification after the request through IVRS/IVRL mode is done.
  • After the verification, the person shall be notified regarding the linking of aadhaar card number with LPG connection and the same shall be sent on his mobile number.

Through Indane Gas Customer Service Number

The person can also link his aadhaar card with LPG connection by placing request even by registering with Indane gas customer service number.


Hence, the person can update or link his aadhaar card with LPG connection in any of the given above methods as per his convenience for availing the direct credit of the benefits of LPG subsidy into his bank account.

The Government of India[1] has introduced this process to encourage the users of LPG to link his aadhaar card and therefore to avail the benefit the person must ensure to follow the proper procedure.

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