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How to Obtain Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export?

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Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export

One of the distinctive goods made in India is Tea. India produces one of the best Tea in the world. India meets a significant portion of the global demand for tea imports. Tea is grown, processed, exported, and traded, creating a regulated market. As it satisfies the global need, the Indian tea sector makes enormous profits and creates plenty of jobs. To promote Tea, the Indian government has made special efforts. The Government organisation, the Tea Board of India, oversees the entire value chain for Tea in India, from production to final consumer consumption. According to ITC data from 2018, India exported Tea worth $763 million for the 2018–19 fiscal year. Despite having a large foundation, the trade has grown by 5% from 2014 to 2018. India is the world’s second-largest producer and exporter of Tea. One of the main lines of business for many Indian tea suppliers is tea export. The Tea Board acts as an organisation that promotes exports, marketing of Indian Tea and promoting domestic tea markets. Tea exporting requires RCMC (Registration-cum-Membership Certificate)[1], which must be obtained. The Board, situated in Kolkata, aims to expand the Indian tea business through international exhibits, trade fairs, and other export promotion programmes. Scroll down to check more information regarding Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export.

Objective of the Tea Board

The main objective of the Tea Board of India is to improve the output, quality, and production of tea products, as well as to expand tea sales to several destinations across the world. The Tea Board’s aim is that India needs to be the world’s top leader in the production & supplier of high-quality Tea.

Products covered under Tea Board India

The Tea Board of India provides RCMC for the export of the resulting categories and evaluations of Tea:

  1. Teabags
  2. Tea in a can
  3. Tea in bulk
  4. Tea in a package

Benefits of Tea Board Membership

Tea Board India provides the RCMC Certificate upon registration as an exporter of Tea. Joining the Tea Board India offers the following benefits:

  • Members of the Tea Board can join tea trade events & fairs conducted in major tea-consuming nations. The key objective of this trade promotion plan is to increase alertness among consumers, abroad roasters and traders about the high quality of Indian Tea.
  • The export incentives permit Indian Tea to expand into significantly bigger markets, simultaneously enhancing its standing in core areas.
  • Tea exports to high-value distant destinations and value-added teas in retail packets are eligible for incentives under the Tea Board’s trade campaign scheme.
  • The Tea Board India runs numerous programmes to assist exporters in identifying quality teas and representing them to trade marketplaces.
  • Exporters are given the ability to mitigate procedural expenses and increase Indian exports to participate in the export market.

Mandatory Documents to Obtain RCMC – Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export

Following are some vital documents to Obtain RCMC for Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export:

  1. The application form with duly signed along with the date & seal of the Partner, Director, Proprietor, Authorised Signatory;
  2. Copy of the Tear Board’s Exporter License;
  3. Copy of the IEC issued by DGFT;
  4. Declaration in the company letterhead chat the applicant is regularly submitting monthly export returns (including NIL returns) to Tea Board;

Online Application Process to Obtain RCMC for Tea Export – for Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export

Following are the step required to Obtain RCMC (Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export):

Step 1: First, the exporter needs to visit the home page of the official website of the eGiCCS portal of Tea Board India to get the RCMC (Registration Cum Membership Certificate) Tea Board Certificate for Tea Export.

Step 2: Then select the Sign Up option & provide the details such as company details, applicant name & concerning contact details. By clicking on the register option, the applicant or user will provide Username & Password.

Step 3: After login, the applicant must select the RCMC radio button & click on the proceed button. By clicking on the apply option, the applicant can provide all necessary details for issuing the RCMC.

Step 4: Provide the details of the business. Import Export Code, if applicable & description of products or goods to be exported & then click save & next button to move to the next page.

Step 5: In the next step, provide details such as the name & address of branch offices name & the factory address. SSI Registration details, export license details, and click on Save & Next button to proceed further.

Step 6: In this step, attach all the relevant documents and then click the save & next button. After attaching all the documents, then the applicant needs to pay the RCMC application fee.

Step 7: After paying the fee, the applicant needs to download the form & sign the application form & upload the application; after that, the applicant can submit the application to Tea Board.

Step 8: After the submission of the application form, the applicant takes a printout of the receipt of the application for future reference

Step 9: The Tea Board will issue the RCMC within 2 working days from the date of the receipt of the application.

Note: The Tea Board India’s RCMC is valid till the validity of the exporter license or validity of the current FTP (Foreign Trade Policy), whichever is earlier.


The Tea Board of India acts as an Export Promotion Agency for promoting Indian Tea & supporting the development of domestic Tea markets. The Tea Board Headquarter in Kolkata works towards boosting the growth of the Tea Industry of India by conducting exhibitions, international trade fairs & other export promotional activities.

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