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Tea Board License

Tea Board of India issues Tea Board license in India. There are various types of licenses that are issued under this. Connect with Corpbiz today to get complete assistance on tea board licensing.

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Overview of Tea Board License

India is home to the finest varieties of tea around the globe; owing to great geographical indications, constant innovation and progressive trade practices, it has become the second-largest producer of tea globally. In order to regulate and assist the development trade of tea, the Government of India established Tea Act 1953. Section 4 of the Tea Act provides for the creation of The Tea board of India. It aims to facilitate and promote the cultivation, processing and sale of tea in India. The tea board undertakes various activities such as organising fairs, exhibitions, setting up meetings between buyers and sellers, and assisting in the development of trade disseminating information to relevant stakeholders.

Functions of Tea Board Of India

 The tea board of India renders the following functions:

  • It provides financial assistance to cultivators and also assists with technical know-how for manufacturing and marketing of tea
  • Promotes the export of tea.
  • Fosters Research and Development for the increase in tea yield and for improving the quality of tea produced in the country.
  • Assists plantation workers financially through various welfare schemes and programmes.
  • To help un-organised sectors of small producers and encourage them financial and technical support.
  • To record, maintain & compare different data regarding tea production and trade in India.
  • To comply with the rules and regulations assigned by the central government and enforce the same.

Tea Act 1953

The Tea Act was enacted in 1953 to regulate the tea industry in the country following the International Agreement. It provides for the establishment of a Tea Board that shalloverlook the Tea production in India. It helps to improve tea cultivation, grants licenses to entities engaged in Tea production, encourages scientific research and development in this sector and promotes labour welfare practices.

Types of Licenses

  • Exporter’s License:

Every Exporter of tea in India needs to obtain a valid Exporter’s license according to the provisions mentioned under the Tea (Distribution & Export) Control order, 1957.  The validity of this license is for three years.

Procedure: The candidate shall apply for the procurement of Exporter’s license by submitting an application as prescribed in Form A along with a cross Demand Draft of Rs. 2,800 drawn in favour of tea board.

Renewal of Exporter’s License:The license holder shall submit an application as prescribed in Form J along with a fee of Rs.2,800.

Permanent Exporter’s License: The license holder is eligible for a permanent license only if he has exported a minimum of 100,000 Kgs of Tea continuously for a period of 3years.The license holder shall submit an application as prescribed in Form B along with a Fee of Rs.2800.

Documents Required:

  1. Copy of importer& exporter code duly attested
  2. Declaration in letterhead stating directors/ partners are not associated with any other company suspended by tea board.
  3. Letter of authorisation by the company
  4. Applicant’s contact details
  5. Residential address proof.
  • Distributor License:

Procedure: The distributor requires to submit an application to the Head Office/ Zonal office in the format as in Form A and also pay a fee of Rs. 50,500 to the Tea Board through Demand Draft or Banker's Cheque. The applicant must ensure that the application is signed and  seal of the authorised person is affixed with the date wherever applicable. The licensee needs to provide data of imports as required by the board by way of e-mail every month. If the application is complete in every aspect, the license shall be issued within 2 working days, and if the application is incomplete, then it shall be rejected.

  • Tea Waste License:

This license is issued to prevent the misuse of tea waste and ensure that they are disposed off properly. The tea waste sometimes also contains useful residues which instant tea manufacturers use.

Procedure: The Applicant must apply through the online portal of the tea board. Submit the application as mentioned in Form A and pay a licenses fee of Rs 3,300. The license shall be valid for 3 years.

Documents required:

  1. Copy of Warehouse license
  2. Copy of Registration Certificate of the manufacturing plant
  3. Any other document
  • Buyer Registration:

A person needs to be registered with the Tea board to purchase tea in bulk, either from auctions or directly from tea estates. This step was introduced to enhance transparency in the Tea Industry.

Procedure:  The applicant needs to submit an application in the format of Form C through online mode or to the Head/Zonal Offices of Tea board along with necessary documents. The applicant must also pay a fee of Rs.9000.

Documents required: GST registration certificate along with supporting documents with tea as the main commodity.

  • Warehouse License:

You need to obtain this license from the tea board to set up a warehouse for your Tea Business.

Procedure: The candidate shall submit an application prescribed in Form A and pay a sum of Rs.14000 to the board. Valid upto a period of 3 years.

Documents Required:

  1. Details Proprietorship/Partnership
  2. MOA & AOA
  3. Registered Lease/ Rent Receipt
  4. Map of Warehouse
  5. Trade License
  6. Contact Details of company’s Partner/Directors/ Representatives
  7. Any other document
  • License for Manufacturing Unit:

The Ministry of Commerce in 2003 notified that no manufacturer shall carry out the business of Tea Manufacturing without getting registered with the Tea board.

Procedure: The applicant must submit an Expression of Intent to the Factory advisory office chairman and relevant documents. The fee for issuing a registration certificate for the manufacturing unit is Rs 1,20,000, and no cost for NOC for the construction of the manufacturing unit.

Documents Required:

  1. List of machinery and equipment being used
  2. Copy of factory layout
  3. Copy of NOC obtained from Tea board
  4. Copy of GST certificate
  5. MOA & AOA
  6. Partnership copy of the court-certified deed of partnership
  7. Co-op firm copy of the certificate of registration
  8. SHG- a copy of registration from the state government
  9. Any other document
  • Registration of Manufacturer with added flavour:

To manufacture and sell tea with infused flavours, a person needs toregister with the Tea board. The tea packaging must contain a label that specifies the flavour and the percentage by which it is infused.

Procedure: The applicant must submit a form according to the provisions as stated in notification GSR 694(E). The fee for the registration of flavours shall be:


  • Non-MSME: Rs.6000 for the first 3 flavours, and Rs.6000 each for subsequent flavours.
  • For MSME: Rs. 4000 for the first 3 flavours, and Rs.4000 each for subsequent flavours.

Documents Required:

  1. Details Proprietorship/Partnership
  2. MOA & AOA
  3. Factory Registration Certificate
  4. Copy of Exporter/Buyer license
  5. GST Certificate
  6. Certificate from FSSAI
  7. Methodology for flavours
  8. Contact Details of company’s Partner/Directors/ Representatives
  9. Declaration of usage of Natural Flavours.
  10. Any other document.
  • Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)

If a person wants to export tea in bulk in packets, bags or instant tea etc., it is required to register with the tea board and obtain an RCM certificate.

Procedure: The candidate needs to apply in the prescribed as mentioned in Form 19-A & 19-B and requires to submit a fee of Rs.5600. The certificate shall be valid till the validity of the exporter license or till the validity of the foreign trade policy.

  • Broker License

No person is allowed to conduct an auction without getting themselves registered with the tea board of India. Only brokers who have a valid license issued by the committee can auction.

Procedure: An application needs to be submitted to the concerned authority in Form G. A sum of Rs.90,000 is to be paid for registration and Rs. 56,000 is to be paid for renewal. This license is valid up till 31st December.

Documents required:

  1. MOA & AOA
  2. Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Trade license
  4. Income tax Certificate
  5. Details of Applicants bank and guarantee of Rs 15 lacs for a period of 3 years.
  6. Undertaking by the company for compliance
  7. Any other document
  • Mini Tea Factory Registration

To establish a Mini Tea Factory, a person needs to register with Tea Board as per TMCO 2003 guidelines.

Procedure: The Applicant needs to submit an application in Form A along with a fee of Rs.1000

  • Tea Garden registration

To get your tea garden registered, the applicant needs to pay Rs.5600

  • Organisers of Tea Auction

Organisers of tea auctions need to pay a sum of Rs. 2,00,000 for registering tea auction for the first time and Rs. 1,25,000 for all the subsequent years.

Documents required:

  1. MOA & AOA
  2. Details of authorised persons of the managing committee
  3. Bye-laws of Auctions centre
  4. List of Sellers and Brokers
  5. List of buyers
  6. Details of warehouse and auction centres
  7. Any other document.
  • Cancellation of Licenses/Registrations:

The Licenses/ Registration will be revoked if there has been deliberate misrepresentation of facts, the licensee has violated any of the provisions of the act, if the licensee failed to follow the directions issued by the authority, or if the Authority has found about any unfair trade practice the licensee is dealing in.

How Corpbiz can assist you:

We at Corpbiz have a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who will help you obtain the Tea Board license in India from the Tea Board authority. Complete assistance will be provided in the application filing process and get advisory on the same. Contact Corpbiz today!

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