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How to Get NOC from State Pollution Control Board?

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NOC from State Pollution Control Board

For handling the insight to promote economic growth with systematic environmental management for an improved quality of life, the State Pollution Control Board has been playing an advanced role in environment protection. The SPCB constantly works in the effective implementation of environmental policies, laws, regulations and develops frameworks to manage both wastes and natural resources of the State. In this write-up, we will discuss the State Pollution Control Board and the NOC provided by the SPCB.

What is SPCB?

State pollution control board is a board that performs, reassures, and participates in an investigation. The Board has its team of experts and laboratories to examine the air, soil, and water quality of various samples collected from industrial areas. It functions as per the rules framed by the government from time to time.

All-State pollution control boards keep an eye on the interest of the respective states where they perform. They execute the instructions provided by CPCB and all Acts which are approved from time to time. The SPCB also has branches in different towns in the states. Also, it has a team of scientists and experts to check the air, soil, and water quality of non-identical samples collected from industrial areas.

With the supervision of SPCB, various industries and factories carry out different provisions present in Water Act, Air Act, and Environmental Protection Act in the State. When obligatory, State Pollution Control Board sends experts to the concerned areas to examine the Application of various guidelines of the Act.

State Pollution Control Board-NOC

The NOC provided by State Pollution Control Board refers to Consent to Operate before executing any action at the industrial plan or project. The entrepreneur must obtain a No Objection Certificate from the State Pollution Control Board to operate a factory under section 25 of the Water (Prevention &Control of Pollution) Act,1974 and u/s 21 of the Air (Prevention &Control of Pollution) Act,1981[1]. For all the classes of Industries and Projects, The State Pollution Control Board has prescribed a composite proforma for obtaining consent to operate.

Objective of the State Pollution control board for issuing NOC

  1. State Pollution Control Board authorizes by taking into consideration techno-economic viability for liquid outflow and gaseous discharge.
  2. Make determined that the release of unrefined city sewage does not pollute natural waters.
  3. Assist in Maximum reuse/recycling of discharge and factory waste and use the treated liquid waste on land for irrigation and industrial purposes after appropriate treatment.
  4. To reduce pollution control prerequisites by prudent location of new industries and displacement of industries wherever necessary.
  5. SPCB takes initiatives towards the complete control of water and air pollution and sustains and restores water quality for various designated air uses.

Strategies taken into consideration for State Pollution Control Board-NOC

The No objection certificate issued by State Pollution Control Board helps the industries and factories in various ways-

  • Assists in establishing Sustainable development.
  • Assists in administering the prevention of natural resources.
  • Safeguarding the environment by accomplishing effective waste management programs.
  • Creates recognition among the consumers.
  • Assists in obtaining the other licenses and NOCs.
  • Influences the industry to follow the pollution-related compliances.
  • Provides authorization to operate and consent to establish.

Various Laws enacted by Parliament for SPCB-NOC

The State Pollution Control Board was constituted to maintain the wholesomeness of water. Eventually, with the enactment of other environmental laws, the charge to implement such laws was also entrusted to the State Pollution Control Board.

 Further, to have invariable laws in all the states of India for broad environmental concerns damaging the health & safety of the people as well as of environment and also to check environmental degradation, the Parliament of India has legislated the following laws:

  • The Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, as modified to date
  • The Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977 as amended till date.
  • The Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 as amended till date.

Steps to be followed to obtain State Pollution Control Board-NOC

Step-1-The very first step to obtain an SPCB-NOC is that an applicant needs to fill a request form along with requisite documents. Every state pollution control board has its application form, and it needs to fill specific application forms on its respective website. 

Step-2-The Application must submit the requisite information like 

  • Suggested pollution control plans,
  • Location details, and
  • Other registration documents from the Industry Department, etc.

Step-3-After attaching the requisite documents, an applicant shall submit the Application to the respective authority such as General Manager, Member Secretary, Pollution Control Board, or Regional Officers of every State Pollution Control Board.

Step-4- The State pollution control board is required to reply within four months. 

Step-5– The process of due diligence is performed by the authority of the business premises. Based on the Due diligence, the SPCB-NOC is either accepted or rejected by the administration.

Step-6- If the Application is accepted, an SPCB-NOC certificate is issued to the applicant. However, in case of rejection by the Pollution control board, the applicant needs to be disclosed with the reason for rejection.


All the State Pollution Control Pollution shall look after the interest of respective states where they are performing the work. SPCB issues NOC to various industries by making various recommendations and advising the industry and government on pollution matters.

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