ISI Certification

ISI Certification

How to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip in India?

calendar24 Sep, 2022
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BIS ISI Certification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip

The thermostat is a composite material, usually in the form of a sheet and strip, made up of two or more metallic layers with different expansion coefficients. When permanently bonded together with the change of temperature, the dimensions of the product completely change. This change of curvature or bending in response to temperature change (reflexivity) is a fundamental property of each thermostat metal. IS 5478: 1969 covers the thermostat metal sheet and strip. This Indian standard specifies the general requirements for thermostat metal in sheet and strip form. This standard can also be used as a guide in preparing detailed specifications for several specified kinds of thermostat metals by including material constants like physical properties and chemical composition. The physical properties of a specific kind of thermostat metal, like hardness, flexibility, and electrical resistivity, need to conform to the specifications established by the supplier and must be agreed upon between the supplier and the purchaser. The bond between the component materials must be strong and complete throughout the sheet and strip. The material’s surface needs to be free of cracks, laps, seams, scratches, rust, blisters, and other defects detrimental to the material’s performance. This blog will discuss BIS ISI Certification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip in India.

Why BIS Certification?

In India, consumers see BIS Certification as a symbol of reliability. The Bureau of Indian Standards BIS Certificate enables manufacturers to reassure customers about their products’ reliability, safety, and quality. Although the BIS Certification Scheme is mostly voluntary, some products are covered under the BIS’s mandated certification program.

What is BIS ISI Mark Certification?

ISI (Indian Standards Institute) is the National Standard Body renamed BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in 1987. The ISI mark[1] is the Indian standard mark provided to the producers by the BIS for several products. The ISI mark has been considered a mark of safety, purity, and trust since 1955. The ISI mark has been provided as a conformity mark for industrial goods. BIS ISI mark ensures that the products comply with an Indian Standard established by India’s national standards organization, the BIS. BIS ISI Certification is the certification process of obtaining the ISI mark for a product that complies with Indian Standards. Several electrical appliances need mandatory ISI marks like Electric Iron, Room AC, Freezers, Electric cables, Room heaters, Electric Stoves, and other goods like Rubber & Leather footwear, UPVC Pipes, Composite Cements, and various kinds of acids, etc.

Documents required to get BIS ISI for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip

Following are some documents required to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip in India:

  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate.
  • Technical specifications of the item – the drawing of the product, components & raw material information, user manual, and list of critical components.
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process.
  • List of the manufacturing equipment (name, capacity, purpose, etc.)
  • Copy of Trademark Registration Certificate.
  • Information on packing and storage.
  • Original Test report from BIS Approved Laboratory.
  • The details and quality control documents are the same if specific procedures are outsourced.
  • Map Location.
  • Copy of test report of all raw material and part of the product.
  • Details on the quality control team & their qualification certificates.
  • List of in-house testing facilities prescribing the calibration status, the least count, etc. Calibration certificates of the testing devices should not be more than 3 months old.

Procedure for obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip

There are two different procedures to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip in India:

Normal Procedure

Step 1: Firstly, the applicant has to prepare for the BIS ISI Certificate requirements, especially setting up an in-house laboratory & preparing products as per Indian Standards with other required vital documents.

Step 2: Afterwards, the BIS official and inspection team will conduct an inspection process of products and the manufacturing premises.

Step 3: If the product completes all the procedures successfully, then only the authority grants the BIS ISI Certification to Manufacturers.

Simplified Procedure

Step 1: Firstly, the applicant has to submit the test report of the product samples already tested & approved by BIS as per Indian Standard.

Step 2: Afterwards, the applicant must submit a BIS online application, pay the Certification Cost, and submit other important required documents.

Step 3: During the inspection of the application form and documents, the BIS official will conduct an inspection of the products and the factory premises.

Step 4: Once all the above steps are completed successfully, the authority will grant the BIS ISI Certificate.

Testing, Packing, and Marking Process for Obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip

The testing process includes-

  • Reverse bend test;
  • Hardness test;
  • Dimension and tolerances;
  • Flexibility test;
  • Resistance test;

Packing and Marking process-

The thermostat metal must be packaged to prevent damage during transportation and normal handling. The entire width and length of the thermostat medal must be marked under the supplier’s standards. The BIS ISI mark needs to be applied to the product, provided that the product so marked meets all of the requirements of the specification. The manufacturer must obtain an ISI Certification from the BIS to use an ISI mark. The BIS grant a Certificate based on a successful inspection of manufacturing infrastructure, testing capabilities, quality control, and manufacturing process.


At last, the manufacturers or importers must get BIS ISI Certification for thermostat Metal sheets and strips if their product is covered in the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme. In case of violation of conditions of the BIS Certification, the Certification may be rejected or cancelled by the BIS according to the provision of Regulation 11 of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

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ISI Certification

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