BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration

An Overview of BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove in India

calendar18 Aug, 2022
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BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove

Compulsory Registration Scheme, also known as CRS, is regulated under Scheme-II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulation, 2012. CRS was primarily introduced by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. In this Scheme, manufacturers must obtain BIS CRS Registration Certification for their electronic products before launching them into the Indian market. BIS CRS Scheme is based on self-declaration of conformity by the manufacturer. Currently, there are 77 products under CRS Scheme. All individuals & businesses manufacturing, importing, selling or distributing electronic products under the product list must apply for BIS CRS Registration. In this Blog, we will read an Overview of BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove in India.

Importance of BIS Registration Certification in India

Check BIS Registration Certification for Products, all the standards prescribed, then the officer designated will grant the certificate for BIS Registration. Lastly, this procedure will require around three weeks, starting from the date of filling out the application form. In a very brief statement, BIS Registration in India provides a third-party guarantee about the customers’ quality, reliability and safety of products.

Induction Stove Market in India

According to the Indian Induction Stove Market, the enlistment Induction Stove market is developing heartily. It will proceed with its development with an average CAGR of around 23-27% over the next five years. All brands & models of Induction Stove are classified under IS 302 (Part-2/Section-6) and must obtain BIS CRS Registration before introducing or importing into the Indian market. BIS CRS Registration shall provide to the product manufacturers (Indian or Foreign) only and not provide to the product dealer, distributor or trader if a manufacturer is intentionally selling the Induction stove in the Indian market, whether domestic/foreign manufacturer. They must send the product samples to the BIS office along with the demanded essential documents.

Customer’s Perspective on BIS CRS Registration Certificate

The BIS aims to provide the Indian public with quality products that comply with the BIS certification requirements. Products are also tested & certified by the BIS. In addition to assuring the safety & quality of products for use or consumption, the BIS also promotes the import of safe, quality, internationally acceptable products.

Documents required to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove

Following are some essential documents that require to obtain BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove in India:

  • Business License of the Manufacturing Process;
  1. In case the Signatory person is other than the owner of the manufacturing facility, then submit the Authorisation Letter;
  2. Application Form;
  3. Testing documents like filled CCL & CDF;
  4. Test Report of product samples;
  5. Trademark Authorisation Letter, if the manufacturer does not own the brand;
  6. Product manual of the applied devices;
  7. ISO Certificate of the manufacturer;
  8. Nomination Letter of Authorised Indian Representative (AIR);
  9. Trademark Certificate;
  10. Undertaking and Affidavit[1] (in case of Foreign Manufacturer);

Procedure to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove

Following are the Steps required to obtain BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove in India:

Step 1: Samples should be submitted to a BIS-certified lab: The certification procedure for electronic products. In this regard, manufacturers must test their products from BIS-authorised laboratories. Laboratory services are as follows: Depending on the product, the fee may vary.

Step 2: Testing the Product sample and issuing the test report: It mostly takes a few weeks for the testing procedure to be completed. After the inspection, the laboratory tests the product for customers’ suitability and then issues the Test Report. The underlying lab will give a non-conformity report if the sample does not meet its BIS Standard requirements.

Step 3: Filling of application: Include the product’s test results and requested fees in the application; this product test report needs to be submitted with the application to the regional BIS office. In addition to the application form and other vital documents, application fees also must be remitted.

Step 4: issuance of BIS CRS Certification: Inspection & certification of final documents as the final step, after all the requested documents have been provided and the BIS officials and inspection team have manually finished their documents verification facility. Before the BIS CRS certification for electronic products is issued, all the documents and test reports will be inspected to ensure no excuses in the overall procedure.

Note: BIS CRS Registration Certificate is valid for two years and can be further renewed in case there is no change in the product and its standard.

Guidelines for E-Labelling of Products under BIS CRS Registration for Induction Stove

  • Devices using e-labels need to have a physical label on the product packaging during import, distribution, and storage for sale. For equipment in mass and not packed individually, a removable adhesive label on the packing is acceptable;
  • All the applicable regulatory information required on the product packaging or user manual needs to be provided according to the applicable rules, even in case it is shown electronically;
  • The compliance regarding details needs to be programmed from the responsible party, and the information needs to be protected so that a third party cannot modify them. The information can be in the software menu, provided it is easily accessible and can’t be changed;
  • E-Labelled equipment must not need any device or supplemental plug-in to access the e-label;
  • In case the primary user manual/guide is given by the other electronic media, these details may be provided as part of the e-label;
  • Customers need to be able to access the information without requiring any permission or special access codes. In all cases, the information needs to be accessible in more than four steps in a devices Menu;
  • The instruction to access the details may be available on the product’s website. The instructions on how to access the website need to be prescribed in the product package or user’s manual;
  • The Standard Mark shown electronically need to meet all the BIS requirements.
  • Users need to be provided particular instructions on how to access the information. The instructions need to be comprised in the user’s manual, operating instructions, or as an insert in the product package;


It may take more than 15 to 30 days for the product to be approved, but once it has, the maker will receive a licence suitable for two years, which can be renewed at the end of that time. Because induction stoves are categorised as IS 302 devices, BIS CRS Registration is required to obtain BIS certification (Part 20).

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BIS CRS Registration

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