BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners

calendar04 Oct, 2022
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BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners

The human eye iris is the ideal part of the human body for biometric identification for many reasons. The iris scanner is a device used as an automated method for biometric identification method on video images of both human irises, whose intricate patterns are stable, distinct, and visible from a distance. Iris recognition is a physical access control method that works well in high-throughput scenarios requiring quickness and accuracy. Since it can identify travellers or passengers as they enter and leave countries via land, sea, and air, it is also frequently used in border control deployments. It is the most advanced and secure biometric authentication technique. Keep this in consideration, the Government of India and BIS have mandated that the iris scanner be registered as per IS 13252 (Part 1):2010 under the Compulsory Registration Scheme from BIS because it is utilised as an authentication technique. Domestic and Foreign manufacturers must register Iris Scanners under the Compulsory Registration Scheme or BIS Certification; otherwise, it will be a punishable offence. This article will discuss BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners in India.

What is CRS under BIS?

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology[1] was the first to implement the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) for electronic and IT products. This program currently covers 79 products. The BIS CRS Certification is for manufacturing, importing, storing, or distributing electronic products. Electronics product manufacturers must apply for this registration after testing their goods or products at BIS-recognised labs.

Essential Factors to Obtain BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners

Following are the four factors that every applicant must adhere to before applying for BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners:

  • Manufacturer: The BIS CRS Certification is only granted to the product manufacturer. The importers, traders or retailers are not eligible for the BIS CRS Certification. An importer may act as an AIR or Authorised Indian Representative of Foreign Manufacturer & can submit the application to BIS. However, the BIS CRS Certificate is only issued to the Manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing Address: A proper manufacturing address shall be mentioned in all the documents. If a manufacturer has more than one manufacturing units or premises for a good or product, then separate BIS CRS Certification is required for each manufacturing premises.
  • Product: If a manufacturer produces more than one product, then two separate BIS CRS Certifications must be obtained for each product. For example, manufacturers producing smartphones and chargers must file two separate BIS CRS certification applications with BIS.
  • Trademark or Brand: A manufacturer producing the same product for two different brands has to apply for a separate BIS CRS Certificate with BIS. For example, if the Manufacturer produces Iris Scanners for brands A & B, they must apply for two separate BIS CRS Certifications.

Documents Required for BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners

Following are some crucial documents required to obtain BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners:

  • Business License of manufacturing premises;
  • Filled out CCL or CDF form;
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturing;
  • Letter of Trademark Authorization (if the Trademark is owned by an entity other than the Manufacturer);
  • Trademark Certificate;
  • Letter of Authorisation (in case the signatory person is different from the owner of the manufacturing premises);
  • Photo ID of Authorized Signatory/Authorized Indian Representative;
  • Business License/Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Duly filled BIS Application form;
  • Marking Label or details of marking on the product;
  • Authorised Indian Representative or AIR) Company registration proof in India (in case of a foreign manufacturer);
  • Technical Specification sheet of product/user manual.

Guidelines for Nominating AIR (Authorised Indian Representative)

It is compulsory for foreign applicants to nominate AIR for its operations in India to obtain BIS Certificate. In case they do not have a branch office in India. AIR, as a local representative, is responsible for submitting & manage the application and is available to answer the questions.

Following are the guidelines that should be followed by Foreign Manufacturer to appoint AIR:

  1. If the Manufacturer doesn’t have an office located in India & there is no registered user or proprietor of the brand or Trademark appearing on the article located in India, then the other entity will become the AIR.
  2. If the foreign Manufacturer has a liaison office or a branch office in India, then they will be designated as AIR.
  3. If the foreign Manufacturer doesn’t have a liaison office or a branch office in India, but the registered user or proprietor of the Trademark or Brand appearing on the article is located in India, the Brand or Trademark Owner will become AIR.

Procedure to Obtain BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners

The process of obtaining BIS Certification for Iris Scanners varies based on the Map location of the manufacturing premises. Further, the BIS CRS Certification for Indian (Domestic) differs from that for a foreign manufacturer. The steps involved in obtaining BIS CRS for Iris Scanners include:

Procedure for Domestic Manufacturer

Step 1: Submit the online application form.

Step 2: Get the product testing done from BIS certified laboratory.

Step 3: Submit an offline/online hard copy of the application form and product test report.

Step 4: BIS officials verify or examine the Application form & all required documents.

Step 5: Grant of BIS CRS Certification

BIS Certification Procedure for Foreign Manufacturer

Step 1: Nominate AIR or Authorised Indian Representative who can represent a foreign (overseas) manufacturer.

Step 2: Submit the online application form along with the required documents.

Step 3: Get the product tested from a BIS-certified laboratory.

Step 4: Submit the offline/online hardcopy of the application form, including the product test report.

Step 5: BIS Officials verify or examine the application form and required documents.

Step 6: Grant of BIS CRS Certification

Note: BIS CRS Certification is valid for two years; after the expiry, if there is no change in product and standard of product, it will go for the renewal registration process.


The BIS grant the BIS CRS Certification for Iris Scanners. Electronic product manufacturers are required to get BIS CRS Certificate. The BIS CRS Certification informs the customers that the product is effective, reliable, and well-made.

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BIS CRS Registration

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