BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration

An Overview of BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven

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BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven

In 2012, the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) was firstly introduced by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY)[1], jointly with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The Scheme covered 79 electronics & IT products. Under this Scheme, manufacturers must obtain BIS CRS Registration for their products before introducing them to the Indian Market. The product is tested for safety according to the applicable Indian Standard. Foreign manufacturers need to nominate a local representative in India who will be responsible for placing the product in the Indian market. In this article, will discuss the BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven.

Brief of BIS Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India is the organisation that grants BIS Certification. The BIS Certification signifies a third party, i.e., BIS, guaranteeing clients the quality, dependability, and safety of any product. The BIS is engaged in several activities, such as product certification, standardisation, testing, hallmarking, calibration schemes, etc. Product certification by BIS is optional. However, the Indian government has mandated it for several products in light of public health. As per a government announcement, BIS certification is mandatory for 380 products. The ISI mark (also known as the “standard mark”) may be used on products by licence holders thanks to the BIS certification. Products with the ISI (Indian Standards Institution) label are high quality.

What is Microwave Oven?

A Microwave Oven is an electronic oven which heats & cooks food by exposing it to microwave frequency through electromagnetic radiation. A process known as dielectric heating causes polar molecules in the meal to vibrate & produce thermal energy. Because excitation is relatively consistent in the exterior 25-38 mm (1-1.5 inches) of homogeneous, high water content food products, microwave ovens heat foods efficiently and fast, all Microwave Ovens have been included in the mandatory BIS / CRS Registration Scheme under IS standard – IS 302-2-25:2014. Microwave ovens cannot be exported/imported or sold in the Indian consumer market without BIS Registration.

Basic Requisite for Obtaining BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven

Following are the four primary requisites on which BIS License depends; without these requisites, no one can apply for Indian BIS CRS Registration. Applicant needs to fulfil the following requisites:

  • Product – If a manufacturer manufactures more than one product, then he has to apply a separate BIS Registration number for each product.
  • Manufacturer – The first essential thing is that BIS CRS Registration is granted to the Manufacturer only, not to importers/sellers. An importer may act as AIR of a Foreign Manufacturer and can submit the application form to BIS. But the final Registration Certificate is only granted to the Manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing Address – Proper address of the manufacturing premises shall be mentioned in the documents. If the Manufacturer has more than one factory address for one product, then separate BIS Registration is required for each address.
  • Brand or Trademark – All brand or Trademark needs their own BIS Registration Certificate.

Benefits of BIS CRS Registration Certification

Following are the benefits of BIS CRS Registration Certification:

  • It gives authenticity to BIS-certified products as they deliver high-quality performance & reliability of the product.
  • It ensures that BIS CRS registration products are bound to follow a certain standard while manufacturing products.
  • BIS CRS registration is granted after testing product samples in BIS-approved laboratories, ensuring quality inspection & high-quality electronics products.
  • BIS CRS-certified electronics products minimise environmental risks as BIS has prohibited the usage of certain chemicals & materials under its prescribed norms.

Documents required for BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven

Following are some vital documents required to obtain BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven in India:

  • Name & Address proof of office and factory;
  • Online generated Form-I (duly signed and sealed);
  • Business License of the manufacturing premises;
  • MSME or SSI Certificate, if applicable;
  • A nomination letter of Authorised Indian Representative ( in case of Foreign Manufacturer);
  • Brand registration Certificate.
  • List of manufacturing machinery and information on machinery;
  • ISO Certificate of the Manufacturer;
  • Documents of testing like CCL (Commerce Control List) & CDF (Component Data Form);
  • Test Report of Product Samples from a BIS-approved lab;
  • Undertaking and Affidavit;
  • Product manual of the applied devices;
  • In case the signatory person is other than the owner of the manufacturing facility, then need to submit the Authorisation Letter;
  • Trademark Certificate (if any);
  • Trademark Authorisation letter, if the Manufacturer does not own the brand;

Procedure to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven

Considering the requirements of BIS Certification, the process of BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven –IS 302-2-25:2014 also vary on the geographic map location of manufacturing premises; the BIS CRS Registration process for Indian (domestic) is different from the process for Foreign Manufacturer:

  • Process for Indian (domestic) Manufacturer

Step-1: Submit an online application form for the BIS CRS Registration.

Step-2: Product Samples Testing by the BIS Authorised laboratory.

Step-3: Submit offline/online hardcopy of application, including product sample test report.

Step-4: BIS Official and Inspection team will verify the application form along with all the vital documents and test reports of the product sample.

Step-5: Grant of BIS CRS Registration Certificate.

  • Process for Foreign Manufacturer

Step-1: Nominate Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) who can represent foreign manufacturers.

Step-2: Submit an online application form and all the essential documents.

Step-3: Get the product sample tested by the BIS Authorised Laboratory.

Step-4: Submit an offline or online hardcopy of the application and the product sample test report.

Step-5: BIS Officials and the Inspection team will verify the application form and all the essential documents, including the product test report.

Step-6: Grant of BIS CRS Registration Certificate.

Validity of BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven

BIS CRS Registration for Microwave Oven is valid for two years, and the Registration Certificate can be further renewed if there are no changes in the product and the standard.


BIS is the national standard body that creates the standards for the quality of goods made by Indian manufacturers. Every company and enterprise must adhere to the BIS’s mandated standard if they are engaged in manufacturing a product covered by the BIS act since it serves as a legal baseline for quality.

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BIS CRS Registration

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