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How To Get BIS Certification For Structured Wall Plastic Pipes?

calendar29 Apr, 2023
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How To Get BIS Certification For Structured Wall Plastic Pipes?

A structured wall plastic pipe is the ideal choice for different plumbing and water management requirements. Increased strength, durability, and ability to withstand chemicals make these pipes stand out. Just like other plumbing pipes and fittings, these products are required to be manufactured as per BIS norms. An Indian Standard called IS 16098 (Part 1): 2013 specifies the testing and quality requirements for such products. Read on to discover how you can obtain BIS certification for structured wall plastic pipes.

IS 16098 (Part 1):2013 – An Indian Standard for Structured Wall Pipes

IS 16098 (Part 1): 2013 is an Indian standard formulated and approved by the Plastic Piping Systems Sectional Committee and Civil Engineering Division Council, respectively. BIS has adopted this standard and uses it to prepare testing requirements for granting BIS certification. Have a look at some noteworthy norms of this standard.

  • This standard encloses the requirements for structured pipes and fittings having a smooth finish and being used in sewage and drainage.
  • It encompasses PVC-U structural wall pipes and fittings regardless of whether or not they have integral sockets or solvent cement welding joints.
  • Coming to measurement, products having a nominal diameter ranging from 110-1200mm fall under this standard.
  • This piping system can withstand rusting triggered by water having a wide pH range such as groundwater and wastewater. The manufacturers must take the Chemical and temperature resistance capability into account while producing pipes that carry wastewater or industrial discharges.
  • Polyvinyl chloride should be the founding material for such products. The manufacturers can add some additives in a permissible limit to this base material to meet underlying requirements for quality.
  • All manufacturers must adhere to the testing and inspection scheme underpinned by the BIS. This statistical quality requirement can be used in the generalized quality protocol for pipe production.

Mandatory Tests to Qualify For BIS Certification for Structured Wall Plastic Pipes

The following tests are recommended by the Indian Standard for the production of structured wall plastic pipes. These tests shall serve as the basis for securing the BIS certification.

  • Melt flow rate
  • Dimensions of pipes and fittings
  • Resistance to internal pressure
  • Oven test
  • Flexibility
  • Impact strength
  • Thermal stability
  • Water tightness

Understanding the Marking Requirements Under IS 16098 (Part 1): 2013

Each pipe and fitting shall undergo standard marking as per the standard’s norms. The colour scheme matters a lot while marking the pipe. The marking and pipe colour should be different to make the information as legible as possible. Refer to the standard for more information.

Each pipe and fitting should reflect the standard ISI marking that vouches for product quality. The manufacturer must secure the BIS certification before bringing the practice of ISI marking into effect. The bureau accords a license after evaluating the production premise for compliance.

Documents to Apply For BIS Certification for Structured Wall Plastic Pipes

Following are the documents to apply for BIS Certification for structured well plastic pipes:

  • Technical specs concerning pipes, fittings, and accessories.
  • List of available standards that support quality management system
  • Details of the testing lab present within the premises
  • Business-related documents such as factory licenses, business registration, etc.
  • Lab report accorded by the BIS-certified lab
  • Authorization letter from the business owner permitting an agent to address application filing formalities.

How To Secure BIS Certification For Structured Wall Plastic Pipes?

Applying for a BIS certification is a step toward ensuring that your products fulfil the underlying requirements for quality, safety, and reliability. The Bureau of Indian Standards accords this certification after performing an in-depth assessment of the product and production facility.  Let’s take a closer look at how you can apply for and obtain BIS Certification for Structured Wall Plastic Piping System:

  • Step 1: Be Assured Of the Standard Covering Your Product

Ascertaining which standard covers your product is vital before you proceed with the application filing. You can visit the BIS website to fetch information regarding the same.

  • Step 2: Pass the Mandatory Testing Requirements

This step is all about product testing and report generation. You are required to pick some samples randomly and send it to the certified lab for testing. Once your products are tested, secure the lab report for the same. The lab will perform the following tests.

  • Melt flow rate
  • Dimensions of pipes and fittings
  • Resistance to internal pressure
  • Oven test
  • Flexibility
  • Impact strength
  • Thermal stability
  • Water tightness
  • Step 3: Complete the Application Filing Formalities

This step requires the applicant to visit the BIS portal[1] and file an e-form concerning BIS certification for structured wall plastic pipes. While filing, you would be prompted to provide some basic information as shown below:

  • Testing capabilities
  • Plant address
  • Quality management system
  • Product detail and production process

This would be followed by the document uploading and fee submission. Take note that the fee shall also include the on-site charges.

  • Step 4: Inspection

This step is all about document checking and on-site inspection. The BIS officials will be responsible for performing necessary checks to identify any loopholes in paperwork or the manufacturing infrastructure. The inspection process also involves sample collection in which officials pick some specimens for testing if required.

  • Step 5: Grant of Certification

After inspecting the lab report and other documents, the authority will accord the BIS certification for structured wall plastic pipes provided there are no loopholes.


Post securing BIS certification for structured wall plastic pipes, you will become eligible to use the ISI marking. If somehow your applicant confronts the authority’s rejection, you will be required to follow the entire process again. If you want to avert that possibility, consult with Corpbiz’s professionals without any hesitation.

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