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How to Establish a Profitable Chocolate Export Business in India?

calendar02 Jan, 2021
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Chocolate export business

The global demand for chocolate is rising every passing day. At present, Indian Chocolate is exported to around 160 countries worldwide. The aggregate value of export from India is accounted for 138.48 USD million. Henceforth, exporting chocolate is a profitable business for anyone who wants to reap a good amount of revenue with a minimum investment. In this guide, we will elaborate on the detailed process of setting up a successful chocolate export business in India.

List of Mandatory Licenses Required for Setting up Chocolate Export Business in India

Export of edible items from the Indian Territory is subjected to certain legal obligations. One has to arrange a long list of registrations before shipping their produce outside the nation. The following section encloses some mandatory licenses required for the exportation of edible products from India.

Mandatory Licenses Required for Setting up Chocolate Export Business

FSSAI Food License

As per the existing legal framework, the FSSAI food license has mandated for every food business operator in India. FSSAI was founded under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The ultimate objective of FSSAI is to contain illegal activities that impact the quality and genuineness of the food item in one way or another.

FSSAI food license encloses some strict compliances in relation to the quality of the food items that every FBOs[1] need to comply without exception. The application for such a license can be made online by filling up an e-form.

Import Export Code

An IEC is a basic license that every exporter and the importer have to avail for shipping the product abroad. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (aka DGFT) is solely accountable for the issuance of this license. About a few months ago, the said authority, in association with India’s Government, introduced the new online platform for the registration of the IEC license. We will discuss the online procedure later in this article.

APEDA Registration

Once the applicant availed of the IEC and food license, the next step is to obtain the

APEDA registration via an online application. APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development) has played a pivotal role for the past three and half decades in promoting the export of agro-based products, processed food, and schedule products.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 certificates is a mark of global quality standard. Companies with this license can improve their standing in the competitive marketplace worldwide. ISO 22000 has long strings of compliances for assuring utmost food safety at all levels of the supply chain; Entrepreneurs, especially the manufacture of food items, must secure this certification to successfully compete at the global level.  

Company Registration

Company registration transforms your business into a legally established entity. If you are managing any sort of business, company registration is something you should consider in first place rather than any other license. An organisation with unregistered presence is likely to encounter revocation of request made in regards to IEC registration.

Online Procedure for Obtaining Import Export Code for the Establishment of Chocolate Export Business

Directorate General of Foreign Trade has simplified the process of acquiring an IEC certificate by incorporating a new online platform. The said platform has come into existence on 13th July 2020. The following is the online procedure for the obtainment of the IEC certificate. Make sure to follow it deliberately without skipping any of the steps.

  • From the web browser, open the website of DGFT and tap on the “Apply for IEC” button.
  • A basic registration form will appear on your computer screen. Make sure to enter the requested detail with legit information and select the “Send OTP” button.
  • The portal will then forward the One Time Password (OTP) on your email and phone number.
  • Next, navigate back to the home screen of the portal and try to login with the provided credentials. After login, you will come across an e-form related to the IEC registration.
  • Now fill the on-screen detail in the following sequence:

Ownership type> Bank Detail

Note: Under the bank detail option, you have to upload the canceled cheque’s soft copy and proceed further by clicking on the “Save and Next” button.
  • Next, fill in the appropriate detail under the option called Preferred sectors of operations and then select the Acceptance of Undertaking/Declaration followed by the “Save and Next” button and Sign tab.
  • Up next, opt for the legit method related to the form submission from the following options:-
  1. DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  2. Aadhar OTP.
  • The next step is to submit the application fees.
  • To fulfill such a requirement, take advantage of the payment gateway available on the portal itself.
  • Once you are done with the payment requirement, do not forget the download the receipt and the copy of the IEC certification.

Technically, the import export code works for a lifetime; which means you do not have to renew it again and again. IEC goes into every shipping documents starting from packing list to bill of lading. The landscape of its applicability is huge as far as a legal aspect of shipping is concerned.


Given the competition in the domestic market and stable global demand, exporting chocolate seems to be a profitable proposition for entrepreneurs right now. The aforementioned list of certifications is a must-have requirement for exporters in India.

Beware of the product classification rendered under the EXIM policies. There are certain categories products that are legally forbidden for export or import. It’s better if you hired some expert to shed some light on this crucial aspect of international shipping.

If you seek some expertise backup for acquiring one of these licenses, then call Corpbiz expert right away. Besides, you can contact us for the seamless establishment of a chocolate export business.

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IEC Registration

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