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How to Access Consumer Court Complaint Status?

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How to Access Consumer Court Complaint Status?

Filing a complaint in consumer court if you have any kind of consumer complaint. The complainant can adhere to prescribed procedures with the aid of an experienced attorney. Online complaints can also be made to consumer courts.

There is demand , there is supply , there are productions producers, and there are consumers, according to the basic market rule. New products and items are introduced to the market every second. The consumer enjoys, it is well. Now, a consumer can easily file a complaint against the concerned company or brand if they feel cheated or defrauded or if something promised to them turns out to be untrue.

Consumer Court

The Indian Parliament passed the consumer protection act, 1986 (CORPA), which went into effect in December of that same year. The Act was passed to safeguard the interest of consumers and to create state agencies to handle any issues that may arise from them.

A dispute is brought before one of these courts in accordance with the law, which means that each court has a predetermined legal valuation.

Consumer Dispute Resolution Agencies were established to deal with consumer disputes, conflicts, and grievances. The purpose of having a separate forum. For consumer disputes is to ensure that such dispute are resolves quickly and make less expensive.

Consumer Court Types

According to the Act, there are three tier of consumer courts that can be established, and they are as follows-

  • NCDRC: National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission

As the top court, the NCDRC hears any consumer dispute where the appellant’s demands for compensation exceeds of Rs 1 Crore.

  • SCDRC: State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission

The SCDRC is a state-level organisation that handle consumer disputes where the appellants requested compensation amount exceeds Rs 20 Lakhs but falls below Rs 1 Crore.

  • DCDRF: District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum

The DCCRF handle consumer disputes where the appellants requested compensation amount does exceed Rs 20 Lakh at district level.

Online Access Status

Thanks to the internet and online status tracking, you can avoid long lines and lead a simpler life. Through the use of online tools CONFONET[1], you can now monitor the status of consumer court complaints filed with the National consumer dispute redress commission (NCDRC), State Commissions (SCDRC) and District consumer forum (DCDRC).

The CONFONET  project was launched in the context of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 and the Consumer Protection Act of 2019.The CPA envisions a three tier quasi- judicial machinery at the national , state and district levels to provide. Simple, quick and low cost resolution of contract disputes.

How To Access A Consumer Complaint Case Status Online?

By following a few easy steps, you can monitor the progress of consumer complaints

Step 1:


Either  click  the link to access the website for the consumer complain status.

The subsequent menu will now appear.  or




Step 2:

 Click on Case Status

 After clicking the Case Status, This page will appear:

Click on Case Status

Step 3:

Enter the information requested in the menu.

For checking the status of your case: From the list choose the forum. Such as the NCDRC, the state commission, or the district forum.

Simple Search

Simple Search

If you know the exact case number.

CASE NO: Fill the case number

Example: Case type/case number/year (CC/08/2014)

Step 4:

Click on Search and result will give.

Case No: Number of your case

Filing Date: date of filing case

Filed In: Location of filing case

Complainant: The name of complainant

Respondent: The name of respondent

Next Hearing: The following hearing is scheduled for

Case Stage: the status of your case

Attached or Lower Court: additional court attached

Application(s) Filed: Any application filed details

Step 5:

Click on history and orders, if you want to see status of the case history and orders

Advance Search

Advance Search
  • If You Don’t Know The Exact Case Number

Step 1:

Enter / select the following information

From date: From which you want to search

To date: Till date to which you want to search

If You Don’t Know The Exact Case Number

Step 2:

 Go to Select Minimum Any One Option

Minimum Any One Option

Step 3:

Click on Select Minimum Any Field

Select Minimum Any Field

After clicking on Select Any Field you get options

Case Number



Advocate- Complainant


Case Type


Step 4:

Select either of the following Option

All of Above: If you to select all of the option

Either of Above:  If you want to select only one option in given

Select either of the following Option

Step 5:

Click on theSearch for result.


These are the steps you must take in order to access the status of the entire case. By providing online access to information about the case. It will facilitate way faster court proceedings and make it easier for consumers to access the courts.

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