How to Check Marriage Registration Certificate Online?

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How to Check Marriage Registration Certificate Online?

A marriage is a social contract and involves various rituals to be completed as per the personal law of the parties. As per the Hindu Law, marriages between people belonging to prohibited relationship and sapinda relationship are considered illegal and invalid unless a prevailing custom of the community of the parties to marriage allow such marriages. It is important for people who are getting married to register their marriage. A marriage registration certificate will help to provide legal value and recognition to the married couple and such a certificate can be used for several purposes. It helps the parties to buy joint properties, the opening of joint bank accounts, obtain a passport, etc.

In earlier times, marriages were registered only in offline form. But with the advancement of technology and time, the government authorities have provided a portal for the registration of marriage by online mode. This facility is available in some of the states at the present moment.

Thus, tracking the status of the marriage registration process has become easy and hassle-free with the help of technology and an electronic device. The parties can download their certificate online as well.

Purpose of Marriage Registration Certificate

A Marriage Registration certificate is a certificate which gives validity to the marriage of two parties. It gives conjugal rights to the parties. A marriage registration certificate is useful for various purposes such as:

  • Applying for a passport
  • Travelling with a spouse working in another nation
  • For the opening a bank account
  • For changing the last name of the female party to the marriage, etc.

The Supreme Court made the registration of marriage of citizens compulsory in the year 2007 irrespective of the religion of the parties.

In our country, a marriage can be registered under:

  • Hindu Marriage Act (1955)
  • Special Marriage Act (1954)[1]

The people belonging to the Hindu religion are governed by the provisions of The Hindu Marriage Act with regard to marriage is concerned. Special Marriage Act is applicable for parties married in India irrespective of religion. The minimum age for parties to get married is: a male should be 21 years of age and a female should attain a minimum age of 18 years.

Registering Marriage Online

Just like other services being available, the government has also taken initiative for making marriage registration online. People prefer to choose the online mode for registering their marriages as it saves their time and the cost of travel to the registrar’s office multiple times. It eliminates the problem of people standing in long queues waiting for their turn to come. It also reduces the number of human capital required in the registrar’s office.

A person interested to get his/her marriage registered can download the application form available and fill the same. After filling out the application form, the website generates a receipt along with the acknowledgement number or application number after such form has been submitted. One can check the status of his/her application by using such an application number. The website provides the real-time actual status of the application.

Instructions for Online Marriage Registration in India

The below-mentioned points depict the step-by-step process for registration of marriage online if a person is willing to get his/her marriage registration done in India.

  • One needs to access the official website. After the same, the person needs to choose his district/city from the available options.
  • Start filling up the form.
  • Fill in basic and important details of the wife and the husband.
  • Then, select on “Registration of Marriage Certificate” option.
  • After completing the above-stated process, the person shall fill out the form for the marriage certificate and choose a date for an appointment.
  • After a specific date has been chosen, the last is to click on the “Submit application” option.
  • After this, the person will be provided with an acknowledgement number which can be used to login to check the details and status of the application.
  • It is important to take a screenshot or a photocopy of the acknowledgement receipt.

Process to Check the Status of Marriage Registration Certificate Online

The below-mentioned steps define a process through which a person can check the status of the certificate of marriage online. These are as follows:

  • The first step is to open the state government website having a column for marriage registration.
  • After the same, one needs to find and click on the marriage registration link.
  • After clicking on the same, a page will be visible on the screen where one needs to enter the application number which was allotted after the application for online marriage registration was submitted.
  • Such a person will be able to check the current status of his application for the marriage registration certificate.

Documents Required For Marriage Registration Certificate

There are certain documents which are required to be submitted during the marriage registration certification process before the marriage registrar. These are as follows:

  • Both parties must have filled out the application form as per the format.
  • Aadhar Card/passport/ driving licence, etc of both parties as address proof.
  • An official document such as an Aadhar card or 10th class marksheet for birth date proof of both parties.
  • Passport-size pictures of both parties.
  • A wedding picture and the wedding invitation card.
  • Affidavits from both parties.

Note: It is important for the parties to submit the documents after self-attesting them.


For parties to require a marriage registration certificate, they need to go through a long process. It is mandatory for parties to get their marriages registered as per the decision made by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. This process involves several stages and a lot of paperwork as well. For the growth and development of the nation at each level and service, the government attempted to make this process less complicated and simple by making an online portal for the same. Thus, checking the status of marriage registration certificate has become an easy process for people in India.

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