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Guide to Obtain 916 Hallmark Certificate In India

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916 Hallmark Certificate

To ensure the fineness of the gold a 916 hallmark certificate is mandatory compliance for all dealers. The precise measurement and formal documentation of the proportional amount of precious metal in precious metal items is known as hallmarking. Therefore, hallmarks are official marks that are utilized as a guarantee of fineness or purity for precious metal products in many different nations. The major goals of the Hallmarking Scheme are to compel producers to uphold legal requirements of fineness and safeguard the public against adulteration. Currently, India has included gold and silver as precious metals within the jurisdiction of hallmarking.

The BIS Hallmarking Scheme now conforms to international hallmarking standards. According to this plan, jewellers are awarded registration under the Hallmarking Scheme by BIS. Any BIS-recognized assaying and hallmarking Centre will be able to mark jewels for BIS-certified jewellers. An Assaying and Hallmarking Centre is recognized in accordance with IS 15820:2009.

What do you mean by Hallmark?

In India, gold hallmarking began in April 2000. Customers had no reliable method up to then for figuring out how pure the gold in their jewellery was.A hallmark is an official certification that verifies the authenticity of gold and silver jewellery. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) can grant hallmarks in India. The public will be able to distinguish between real and fake jewellery by using the BIS Hallmark Certification. As a result, the Indian jewellery industry has high standards thanks to the BIS Hallmark Certification. The process for acquiring a BIS Hallmark Certification is governed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution (MCAFDP) of the Government of India.

The process of certifying and determining the purity of precious metals, such as gold and silver, through a regulatory body’s set of criteria is known as hallmarking. The Hallmark, often referred to as the mark of quality, is applied to the gold item once the process is finished. It conveys its purity and fineness.

What is 916 Gold?

22 carat gold is the same as 916 gold. In essence, the number 916 stands for the end product’s gold purity, or 91.6 grams of pure gold in a 100-gram alloy. The figure 916 is roughly 22/24 (22 carat by 24 carat). Similarly, 750 gold is equal to 18 carats (18/24), and 958 gold is equal to 23 carats (23/24). Since pure gold is too soft for complex jewellery, 916 gold works nicely. It is impossible to achieve delicate workmanship with 100% pure gold. Because 22-carat gold is thought to be the greatest grade for manufacturing jewellery and decorations, you should search for 916-purity gold when buying jewellery.

Why is the 916 Hallmark Certificate Important?

There are various importance of a 916 hallmark certificate. Some of the major importance are:

  • The BIS certification acts as a buffer against any penalties, fines, or other sanctions that sellers could face for failing to get product certification.
  • This kind of hallmark licensing also offers documentation proving that the gold jewellery has previously undergone testing and been certified in accordance with the specified product requirements.
  • The Hallmark Registration will guarantee that it may be easily accepted by giving all customers a sense of safety and security.
  • It gives jewellers a competitive advantage over their rivals.
  • Since the jewelry product has previously undergone testing and certification, there may also be easy market acceptability.
  • This BIS hallmarking attests to the best calibre requirements.
  • Provides incredibly easy access to the market.

Components of BIS Hallmark

For gold objects, the BIS Hallmark is composed of five parts, or markings. If your gold has these markings, it means that the metal meets the Bureau of Indian Standards purity requirements. These symbols are:

Mark of BIS Standard:

The BIS Standard Mark is the shape of a triangle. It certifies the purity of the metal and shows that the hallmarking was completed by a third-party assessor following a suitable examination.

Purity Grade:

The carat value of gold is represented by this fineness number. The term “carat” or “karat” refers to the degree of purity in gold. 24 karat, or 24k, gold is a metal that exists in its finest form. However, 24k gold is not appropriate for crafting gold jewellery; instead, it is frequently combined with other metals to create robust and long-lasting alloys. In India, the carat value of gold jewelry, expressed in three numbers, typically falls between 22k and 14k. A 22k gold ring, for example, will have a purity rating of 916. 

Center Mark of the Hallmark:

The hallmarking centre’s or the third-party assayer’s mark, which has been authorized by the BIS, is known as this. Every item that is evaluated and confirmed to be pure at that facility has a mark imprinted on it. This is done so that the item may be tracked back to the center in the event that a dispute develops later.

Year of Marking:

This gives the year that the object was marked with a hallmark. A code letter selected by BIS designates the marking year. For example, the code letter ‘A’ stood for 2000, the code letter ‘B’ for 2001, and so on.

Jeweler’s Mark:

This is the maker’s or jeweller’s mark on an item. Every jeweller who has earned a BIS certification has an embossed distinctive logo on their pieces.

Types of BIS Hallmarking Registration Certificate

In India, there are two types of BIS Hallmarking Registration Certificates, which you may view below:

  • Assaying & Hallmarking Centre Recognized by the BIS:

A BIS-certified marking facility, also known as a third-party assessment facility, is where precious metal purity is checked and stamped. The A&H Centre may seek BIS Recognition, which is necessary for the Centre.

  • BIS Hallmarking Registration for Jewellers or Showroom:

In order to produce or market gold and silver jewellery, jewellers must have a BIS Hallmarking Registration. BIS grants jewellers Hallmarking Registration for the designated site as part of the Hallmarking Scheme. Before selling gold jewellery that has been BIS Hallmarked, a jeweller must first get Hallmark Registration for each of their retail locations. BIS Assaying & Hallmarking Centers are where BIS-certified jewellers may get their jewellery hallmarked.

916 Hallmark Certificate: Vital Documents Needed

Following are the documents that are vital at the time of registering a 916 hallmark certificate in India:

  • The certificate of registration that the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the rocks issued together;
  • In the event that the applicant is a partnership firm, the partnership deed
  • The CA certificate, if the applicant is a sole proprietorship;
  • Obtain a CA certificate if annual revenue exceeds ₹40 lakhs;
  • Registration for GST
  • A lease or sale agreement;
  • A lease along with the most recent rent receipt;
  • Most recent property tax invoice;
  • Income tax evaluation
  • Registration with the relevant state government body.
  • A copy, on official letterhead, of an Aadhar, PAN, passport, driver’s license, voter ID, or picture ID card issued by a gazette officer;
  • E-signature or Aadhar-based verification;
  • A map showing each outlet’s position in relation to the closest landmark.
  • A copy of the prior fiscal year’s GST returns;
  • If the company is new, an undertaking containing an estimate of the anticipated turnover and a commitment to file GST returns should be obtained from the company.

Registration Process for 916 Hallmark Certificate

The following actions are included in the 916 Hallmark Certificate registration process:

  • Application for 916 Hallmark Certificate:

To obtain the 916 Hallmark certificate, the producer or supplier must complete an application form as the initial step of the registration process. The application form contains all the details related to the business and its owner.

  • Examination of Metals:

The next step in the 916 Hallmark certificate registration process is the examination. An accredited assaying and hallmarking facility receives the precious metal samples for examination.

  • Inspection:

The next step in the 916 Hallmark certificate registration process is the inspection by authorities. To confirm the production process and quality control methods, a BIS inspector will visit the manufacturing facilities.

  • Grant of Certificate:

The last step in the 916 Hallmark certificate registration process is granting the certificate if all things are in compliance and approved by the authorities. The certificate will be given if the production process complies with BIS criteria and the precious metal samples pass the test.

Important Forms for 916 Hallmark Certificate

Various important forms must be filled out when registering for the 916 Hallmark certificate. All the important forms for the 916 hallmark certificate are to be complied with as per the requirement. The forms are important both prior to and after the 916 hallmark certificate is registered. Below is the list of important forms for the 916 Hallmark certificate:

  Form    Details and Description
Form I  This application from is for the award of a Hallmark Registration Certificate to jewellers to sell Hallmark items.
Form IV  Application for Recognition of Assaying & Hallmarking Centre as per IS 15820.
Form VAffidavit cum undertaking filed by Assaying & Hallmarking Centre for BIS Recognition.
Form VII  The application for the Renewal of Assaying and Hallmarking Centre Recognition in accordance with IS 15820.  
Form VIII  Request for Permission to Utilize the Hallmark
Form XIII  Application for License Renewal
Schedule II  Fee for Assaying & Hallmarking Centre Recognition Grant and Renewal
Schedule V  Fee for Issuing and Expiring Refinery/Mint Licenses

Conditions to be Followed After Receiving 916 Hallmark Certificate

After receiving the 916 hallmark certificate, a jeweller must adhere to the conditions listed below:

  • The jeweller must guarantee that the amount of gold in the diamonds he sells corresponds to the carat value. The purity of the gold is gauged by its carat value. The diamonds that are sold ought to bear the carat value. Little diamonds cannot have their imprints made. Consequently, a label is attached to little diamonds in this way. The jewel’s carat value ought to be included on the label.
  • The description, weight, carat, and hallmarking fees of the gems should be included on the bills that are issued.
  • The original hallmark certificate should be conspicuously displayed on the jeweller’s property.
  • In the event that it gets a complaint regarding the calibre of the diamonds sold, the BIS may request an inquiry. The jeweller should collaborate with the investigating officials when an investigation is being conducted.
  • If you acquire gems with an identifying mark that differs from the jeweller’s, you should keep your GST invoices separate. Additionally, in certain situations, the seller should provide a letter of authorization.
  • The jeweller must reimburse the customer if the purity of the stones falls short of the carat value.
  • The BIS should be notified in the event that the jewellery company’s address changes. Form I is the application that was utilized to provide this data. The application should include at the top, “Request for Intimation of Change in Premises.” The application costs 2000 rupees. The certificate will be cancelled if any of the aforementioned conditions are broken.


Compared to other brands, those that obediently adhere to the hallmarking procedure secure a higher number of franchisees. Hallmark gives the jeweller an opportunity to educate the general public about how they uphold their standards for quality control. They might also assert that they regularly fulfil their promises. It offers improved consumer satisfaction and global competitiveness. Additionally, it protects against the victimization of irregular gold quality or purity and gives third parties the confidence and satisfaction that they have the proper purity of gold for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean to register with a 916 Hallmark Certificate?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certifies the purity and authenticity of precious metals through the hallmark registration procedure.

2. When did India start using gold hallmarking?

In India, hallmarking with gold began in April 2000. Customers can rely on the hallmarks issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to ascertain the purity of their gold.

3. What do you mean by 916 gold?

22-carat gold, or 91.6 grams of pure gold in a 100-gram alloy, is known as 916 gold. Because of the way its purity and durability are balanced, it is the material of choice for making jewellery.

4. How significant is the 916 Hallmark Certificate?

In addition to providing testing evidence, guaranteeing market acceptance, and attesting to the highest quality standards, BIS Hallmark certification serves as a safeguard against fines.

5. What elements make up the BIS Hallmark for gold?

The Purity Grade, Year of Marking, Hallmarking Centre Mark, BIS Standard Mark, and Jeweler’s Mark are the five components that make up the BIS Hallmark for gold.

6. What kinds of registration certificates are available in India for BIS Hallmarking?

The two kinds are BIS Hallmarking Registration for Jewellers or Showrooms and Assaying &Hallmarking Centre Recognition.

7. What paperwork is required to obtain a 916 Hallmark Certificate?

The necessary paperwork includes a leasing agreement, property tax invoices, income tax assessments, partnership deeds, GST registration, MOAs, and CA certificates.

8. How does one go about getting a 916 Hallmark Certificate?

The procedure entails applying, having metal samples tested, having BIS inspect the manufacturing facility, and then, if the requirements are satisfied, issuing the certificate.

9. For whom is the 916 Hallmark Certificate necessary?

Hallmark registration is required for suppliers and manufacturers of jewellery that work with precious metals like gold and silver.

10. What advantages come with registering with a 916 Hallmark Certificate?

Building trust, gaining a competitive edge, ensuring quality, and adhering to the law are all advantages of Hallmark registration.

11. Is registration for BIS Hallmark required?

The Indian government adopted gold jewellery hallmarking in November 2019, which certifies the purity of gold and silver metal. Obtaining hallmark certification is essential for producing and marketing gold and silver products.

12. Which forms are required in order to register for a 916 Hallmark Certificate?

Forms for Assaying & Hallmarking Centre recognition (Form-IV), jeweller certification (Form-I), license renewal costs, and additional forms are available.

13. What guidelines do jewellers need to adhere to in order to obtain a 916 Hallmark Certificate?

Conditions include paying for impure diamonds, keeping the amount of gold content equal to the carat value, filing separate GST bills, and participating in investigations.

14. What does the BIS Standard Mark mean in the Hallmark?

The triangle-shaped BIS Standard Mark attests to the metal’s purity and denotes that appropriate inspection was followed before a third-party evaluation was carried out.

15. How do consumers and sellers become protected by hallmarking?

By attesting to the purity of metal goods, shielding consumers against phony goods, and giving vendors a market edge, hallmarking promotes transparency.

16. What causes the 916 Hallmark Certificate to be cancelled?

Certificate revocation may result from infractions such as mismatched purity, incorrect invoicing, not displaying the original certificate, or not cooperating with inquiries.

17. How does the Hallmark depict the carat value of gold?

A fineness number is used to denote the carat value. In a 100-gram alloy, 22k gold, for instance, has a purity grade of 916, meaning that 91.6% of the gold is pure.

18. Why is jewellery made of 22-carat gold preferred?

Because 22-carat gold, also known as 916 gold, balances durability and purity, it is a good choice for complex jewellery designs.

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