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Bis Certification

BIS Certification for Electric Ceiling Fans in India: Explained

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BIS certification for electric ceiling fans

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national regulatory body for industrial standards and quality control of products available in the consumer market. The certification procedure involves product testing, documentation, and compliance with standard mark necessities. BIS officials oversee the entire certification course, ensuring manufacturers follow the quality parameters set by the regulatory body. Obtaining a BIS certificate for electric fan manufacturers in India is not just a requirement of regulatory compliance for fans but also a mark of the efficiency of electrical appliances.

What is BIS Certification?

BIS certification is a consumer product quality standard used by the Government of India. It is administered through a body known as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and ensures that products, including electric ceiling fans, meet the required energy efficiency and safety standards. The examination and certification process involves preparing applications, testing products through BIS-approved laboratories, documenting, and adhering to specific Indian quality standards for manufacturers of electric ceiling fans. BIS certification is not only regulatory compliance for fans but also a mark of product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance with industry standards.

Significance of BIS Certification in India

BIS recognition and quality certification for fans hold immense importance, especially in the electric appliances industry. It ensures quality control and increases the marketability of the product by emphasizing the promotion of industry and power consumption efficiency. The certification process is regulated by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, ensuring manufacturers comply with regulatory compliances for ceiling fans and adhere to generally accepted and prescribed standards of production. BIS certification for electric ceiling fans not only strengthens consumer confidence in the product but also ensures that the Indian manufacturers meet and compete with International market standards of production. Also, it enhances the quality control of fans in the Indian market, ensuring consumers have access to certified, safe, and energy-efficient products. With BIS certification, manufacturers can navigate regulatory requirements and tap into the vast potential of the Indian market.

BIS Certification for Electric Ceiling Fans in India

When it comes to quality and energy efficiency certifications for electrical appliances in India, the BIS mark becomes a mandatory regulatory compliance for fans like- desk fans, ceiling fans, and other home appliances. Electric ceiling fans are a very common household and commercial utility appliance and hence have to undergo careful and strict quality control measures. To ensure product safety and quality, the government introduced the scheme for BIS certification for electric ceiling fans. Mandatory BIS Certification for electric ceiling fans has revolutionized fan manufacturing in India, raising standards of energy efficiency, safety, and product quality. By obtaining BIS certification, manufacturers of electric ceiling fans can guarantee that their products meet industry standards, providing consumers with reliable and efficient fan options.

The Importance of BIS Certificate in Fan Manufacturing

BIS certification for electric ceiling fans plays an important role in assessing quality certification for fans, desk fans, and other electrical appliances. It promotes consumer safety and energy efficiency and helps improve the overall quality of the product. It sets specific standards for manufacturers and ensures that they comply with certain regulatory compliances for fans – both electrical ceiling fans and desk fans. The Bureau examines, evaluates and certifies the safety and performance of electrical ceiling fans, guaranteeing adherence to safety standards, energy consumption, and product quality. For manufacturers and assemblers, BIS certification for electric ceiling fans is an important regulatory compliance, as it builds trust and reliance among consumers, promotes trade competitiveness in the market, and helps retailers expand their market reach. With BIS certification, manufacturers can assure consumers of the safety, quality, and efficiency of electric ceiling fans, thus contributing to the growth of the fan manufacturing industry.

BIS specified standards for Electric Ceiling Fans

BIS has made it mandatory for electric ceiling fan manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers to conform with ISI standard IS374:2019, specifically for electric ceiling fan manufacturers. This standard, outlined by the Bureau of Indian Standards, sets safety and quality standards for electric ceiling fans. The statutory checklist and regulatory framework  for compliance with BIS standards is –

  • Compliance with IS 374:2019 ensures adherence to safety standards, ensuring fan safety.
  • Adhering to quality standards as per IS 374:2019 enhances product performance and efficiency.
  • The certification process evaluates ceiling fans based on safety parameters, power consumption, and quality parameters.
  • IS 374:2019 standards aim to create a safe, energy-efficient, and standard product in the electric ceiling fan market.

Process of Obtaining BIS Certification for Electric Ceiling Fans

The BIS certification is also known as the ISI mark certification, and the same is obtained through the Bureau of Indian Standards. The application process for obtaining a BIS certificate for electric ceiling fans involves applying for the BIS certification and then undergoing examination, testing, and factory inspection by a BIS-certified auditor. Once the product complies with the standards, the BIS grants the BIS license, also known as the hallmark or license.

Step-by-Step Procedure.

Manufacturers initiate the certification process by applying for ISI mark certification with the Bureau of Indian Standards. Following this, product testing and assessment take place to ensure compliance with BIS requirements. Upon successful testing, manufacturers obtain the BIS certification.

Documents Required for BIS Certification for Electrical Ceiling Fans

Electrical Ceiling Fan manufacturers are required to submit documentation of product specifications, quality clearance reports by a BIS-approved lab, and details of the manufacturing and manufacturing unit to obtain a valid BIS certification. Essential documents include safety standards, testing results, and quality parameters. The registration process mandates the submission of all required documentation, including ISI mark certification and test clearance reports from a BIS-approved laboratory. This ensures compliance with the BIS license and ISI hallmark criteria.

The Impact of BIS Certification for Electric Ceiling Fan Manufacturers

The impact of obtaining the ISI mark certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards is significant for fan manufacturers in India. The BIS registration process ensures that the quality of electric ceiling fans meets the set quality standards, ultimately leading to consumer satisfaction. This certification, also known as the BIS license or hallmark, is a testament to the quality and safety of the products, enhancing consumer trust and opening doors to a wider market.

Benefits of  getting a BIS Certificate for electric ceiling fan manufacturers 

Enhancing product quality and safety standards, the BIS certification for electric ceiling fans ensures regulatory compliance and meets industry standards. This not only gains consumer trust but also ensures market competitiveness for manufacturers. Additionally, it simplifies market access, aiding in expanding market reach while providing a competitive advantage by increasing product visibility and marketability. The registration process for obtaining the BIS license plays a crucial role in securing the ISI mark certification, thereby amplifying the brand’s reliability and credibility.

Challenges Faced by Manufacturers in obtaining BIS certification for electric ceiling fans 

Navigating the initial documentation and certification process proves time-consuming for manufacturers. They must ensure that their product is in conformity with BIS standards for fans, while quality parameter compliance demands process adjustments and extra testing. Meeting energy efficiency requirements may require product redesign, posing a significant challenge, and understanding and adhering to BIS regulatory requirements presents additional hurdles. The substantial cost implications of certification, testing, and quality control processes further compound the challenges faced by manufacturers.

Role of BIS Certification in ensuring   product quality and consumer safety

The BIS certification plays a major role in ensuring the industrial safety and quality of electric ceiling and desk fans in India. The rigorous BIS registration process and obtaining the ISI mark demonstrate compliance with national quality standards, assuring consumers of the product’s reliability. This certification acts as a hallmark of consumer protection, signifying adherence to stringent quality parameters and the obtainment of a valid BIS certification for the electric ceiling fan business in India.

Ensuring Product Quality and Safety

By undergoing the ISI mark and BIS certification process, electric ceiling fans are rigorously tested to adhere to safety standards, including power consumption for energy efficiency. This certification verifies quality control and assures consumers of optimal product performance, promoting product safety. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) registration process ensures that fans conform to quality and safety standards through meticulous testing and evaluation.

Addressing Consumer Rights through BIS Certification

Empowering consumers to make informed choices, BIS certification ensures access to safe products and enhances awareness of quality parameters. It provides assurance of safety and quality for electric ceiling fans and appliances. Consumers benefit from products meeting specified safety requirements, safeguarding their rights. The registration process educates consumers, highlighting the importance of ISI mark certification and the Bureau of Indian Standards.

BIS Certification Vs. Other Quality Standard Certifications

When comparing BIS certification with other quality standards, it’s essential to understand the credibility of BIS certification as compared to other private or even statutory certifications. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) registration process ensures that fans meet the required safety and quality standards. Obtaining a BIS certification for electric ceiling fans signifies compliance with hallmark specifications, setting it apart from other certifications. Understanding the BIS registration process is crucial for ensuring the quality and safety of fans in the Indian market.

Comparison with ISO Certification

When evaluating the BIS certification for electric ceiling fans, it’s essential to consider its differences and similarities with ISO certification. While ISO certification emphasizes overall quality management across industries, BIS certification focuses specifically on safety and quality parameters for electric ceiling fans. ISO covers diverse quality standards, whereas BIS is product-specific. However, both aim to ensure safety and quality, reducing the risk of defects and damages and accelerating standardization of products and manufacturing processes at par with international standards. 

The Future of Electric Ceiling Fan Manufacturing with BIS Certification

Enhancing the future of fan manufacturing in India, the BIS certification ensures compliance with quality standards. The ISI mark certification, issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards, is a testament to the product’s quality and safety. The BIS registration process is essential for obtaining the BIS license and assuring consumers of the product’s reliability and performance. This hallmark of quality contributes to the overall growth and reputation of the fan manufacturing industry.

Upcoming Changes in BIS Standards for Electric Ceiling Fans

Enhancements in electric ceiling and desk fan technology are prompting BIS officials to update standards, prioritizing energy efficiency for sustainable manufacturing. Industry feedback will shape revised standards, optimizing safety and quality. Manufacturers must adapt to ensure continued product certification. These changes aim to elevate fan safety, quality, and energy efficiency standards, aligning with the advancements in the electric ceiling fan industry.

How Can BIS Certification Boost the Indian Electric Appliance Industry?

BIS certification plays a crucial role in boosting the Indian fan industry. It ensures that fans meet safety and quality standards, promotes energy efficiency by reducing power consumption, and encourages growth and quality control in the market. Manufacturers benefit from BIS certification as it signifies compliance with regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, BIS certification for electric ceiling fans is crucial for industrial and retail manufacturers in India to ensure compliance with quality standards and consumer safety. It not only benefits manufacturers by enhancing their reputation and market competitiveness but also safeguards the rights of consumers. BIS certification sets a benchmark for product quality and safety, ensuring that consumers receive reliable and durable fans. As the Indian fan industry continues to grow, BIS certification will play a vital role in its development by boosting innovation, promoting technological advancements, and facilitating the entry of new players in the market. Stay ahead of the competition and prioritize consumer satisfaction by obtaining a BIS certification for the electric ceiling fan manufacturing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Bureau of Indian Standards?

The Bureau of Indian Standards is the National Standards Body of India, which examines, grades, and certifies the quality of consumer products and sets industrial standards for manufacturers and producers of consumer goods and services available in the retail market.

2. When was BIS established, and which department of the government does it come under?

BIS was established as the National Standards Body of India on 23rd December 2023 and operates within the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.

3. What is the ISI Standard for electric ceiling-type fans as per BIS standards in India?

The BIS standard for electric ceiling fans as per the Government of India is IS 374:2019

4. How does BIS create standards and grades for consumer products in India?

BIS puts quality controls and creates industry standards for all types of goods, products, and services in India by conforming with internationally accepted quality benchmarks and standards.

5. what is the cost of obtaining a valid BIS certification for an electric ceiling fan manufacturing business in India?

The total cost of obtaining a valid BIS certificate ranges from Rs. 40,000-60,0000/-.

6. What are the documents required to apply for a BIS certificate?

The documents required for applying for a BIS certificate are –
1. Online application for the purpose of obtaining a BIS certificate
2. Product Specification and design for the electric ceiling fan
3. Details of the manufacturer and manufacturing unit
4. Test report of the BIS-approved Laboratory, indicating conformity with statutory standards
5. Details of the product, including label, trademark, and logo of the brand.
6. Details of the Manufacturing Company – CIN, DIN, registered office address, GSTIN number, etc.

7. What is the procedure for obtaining a BIS Certification for electric ceiling fans?

The process of obtaining a BIS Certification for electrical ceiling fans is as follows–
1. Identification of Relevant industry standards (ISI standard) for the electric ceiling fan or any other appliance.
2. Preparing an application to be submitted to the Bureau to obtain the certificate of Registration.
3. Product testing by a BIS-approved laboratory for relevant parameters and standards of the product and subsequent clearance or suggestion of changes.
4. Inspection of the manufacturing unit and processes used for producing the electric fans by the Bureau Officials.
5. Grating of BIS certification to the manufacturer or producer of the product.
6. Once the BIS application is approved, the manufacturer can use the BIS label and ISI mark on the product for sale to consumers or export.

8. What is the time taken to obtain a valid BIS certificate?

There are two options under a grant of BIS license opted by the manufacturer – one month and four months after the submission of a completed application. The same is also dependent upon the time taken by the Bureau officials for inspection and other formalities.

9. What is the hallmark of a Bureau of Electricity Efficiency (BEE) certificate?

The Bureau of Electricity Efficiency is a national grading agency that sets quality standards for electrical and electronic products. The BEE hallmark signifies the energy efficiency and level of environment–friendliness of the product for the purpose of ascertaining its usability by the consumers.

10. Is a BEE hallmark superior to BIS in terms of Electric Appliances?

No, BIS is the National Standard Agency of the country, and its certification is a valid benchmark for any sort of quality assessment of any product, irrespective of segment or utility.

11. What is the validity of a BIS license?

A Bis license is valid for a period of 2 years, after which it requires a renewal.

12. On what parameters does BIS grant a license?

After visiting the manufacturer’s factory or production facility, the Bureau evaluates the infrastructure for manufacturing, quality control, process controls, and testing capabilities before granting the license. In addition, testing in the manufacturing facility, in a third-party laboratory, or using a mix of the two is used to determine if the product complies with the applicable standards.

13. Can BIS conduct a post–grant survey as well?

Yes, BIS officials can conduct a post-grant survey for the purpose of ensuring that the license holder complies with the requirements of the quality standards.

14. How can Corpbiz help me get a BIS certification for the electric ceiling fan business?

Dealing with statutory compliance and requirements of the BIS requires meticulous due diligence and regulatory compliance procedures. Corpbiz provides compliance management services and ensures statutory compliance for the purpose of obtaining a BIS certificate for an electric ceiling fan or fan manufacturing business on your behalf. Corpbiz is the best compliance management firm for setting up a factory business in India.

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BIS Certification

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