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FSSAI License for Transporters in India: An Elaborative Overview

calendar27 May, 2020
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FSSAI License for Transporters

Acquiring an FSSAI license for transporters is mandatory in order to get their job managed as well as regulated. All types of transport business operators should obtain this necessary documentation so that they can smoothly perform their business operations in a hassle-free and straightforward way. After conducting a GAP audit, following a patterned transportation level comes into play.

Those transport business owners that are shifting food commodities from one site to another even by involving third-party transport services must obtain FSSAI license for carrying out their work in the future. In terms of Public nutrition, various factors required to get stored in mind. Distribution and transportation of drinks along with food is one of the crucial factors that demand due consideration. Carrying of these food products must take place from the manufacturing point and processing to the consumption point.

If there will be any failure in the transportation system due to any reason, it will give way to sufferings like famine and malnutrition. Therefore, the demand of the time is to take charge of this aspect of public nutrition.

FSSAI License for Transporters of Food- Components of This License

FSSAI License for Transporters

All the transport business operators in India would have to obtain FSSAI license for transporters to conduct the operations of their business in the geographical boundaries of the nation and transport different varieties of food commodities as well as drink products throughout the country. The three central segments of this license are-

  • Transport infrastructure comprising ports, vehicles, rail transport as well as airports
  • Technology in apropos of food handling and different kinds of regulations concerning warehousing, storage, and refrigeration
  • Pivoted on-demand and diverse requirements, source logistics and Supply in ample state

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Applicability of FSSAI License into Different Businesses Apart from Food Transports

  • Most of the people have no idea about the applicability and coverage of FSSAI license for transporters of food. Applicability of this FSSAI license is for all those who are into storing, manufacturing, along with distributing food.
  • Regardless of the fact that transport business owners are operating on a large scale or a small scale, this license is applicable for everyone. Moreover, it further applies to restaurant owners as well as food vendors on the streets such as Chaat stalls, meat shops, and golgappa stalls.

FSSAI License for Transporters- Procedure to Apply

  • Before applying online, you must know that if you are transporter and you are carrying out your business operations from one state with a single location, then you should apply for a single license for the functioning of the business.
FSSAI License for Transporters- Procedure
  • Being a transporter, if you are conducting your business from various locations inside the limits of a state, then you must get one license for each location. If you are transporter and you perform your business activities from multiple Indian states, then you must manage to get one central license along with one state license for all the states. The procedure of applying for FSSAI license for transporters is defined step-by-step.

Those steps are following:-

  • Visit the authorized website of FSSAI and open the home page to begin the process of applying online. You will find the registration/license tab over there. Click on that tab and from a drop-down menu; go on with apply for registration/license.
  • It will transport you to another page, and after reaching that page, you have to fill appropriate details.
  • Another step will ask you to hit on yes if the location of your business site is at the seaport or airport of specified cities and if the location is not at the seaport or airport, and then click on No.
  • If your business entity performs its operations in multiple states, select yes, and if it operates from one location, then you should choose No.
  • Make a selection on the basis of the category of business you are carrying out. Check the capacity or turnover based on the selection of a category in order to find out the eligibility for that category.
  • You must obtain a separate license for all the locations if you are running your business from more than one location. You have to apply for a central FSSAI license along with the license for all those states where you are operating your business.
  • A license category will appear automatically. Move your cursor and click to apply on each against the license category.
  • After the pre-check procedure gets completed, you would get redirected to the page of central licensing if you fall under the ambit of the central license category. As per the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006[1], you need to fill an application form. Click on save, and next after the application gets duly filled.
  • From this step, a new part of the application will get displayed on the screen of your computer. Here, the requirement is to fill a variety of relevant business information along with filling food processing unit details.
  • You have to fill this form in a careful manner and only fill relevant information against all the fields. Another mandatory part of this step is that all the food products mentioned in the form must get approved by following the FSS Act, 2006.
  • By clicking on select food category, one can attach new products easily.
  • At the time of filling up the information, there is a need to take proper care since it is likely to get reflected on your license.
  • After the filling up of details and all the formalities get completed, you should visit the payment page in order to make the payment. The gateway is safe and secure as per your needs.

Finishing Touch

Since this procedure entails all the details and relevant information related to the business, the procedure is a long and lengthy process. Furthermore, it ensures obtaining FSSAI license for transporters without any delay. After acquiring the license, the transport business operators can peacefully pursue their work. In order to simplify the process, there are some steps that require additional care. At Corpbiz, experts would help you in acquiring FSSAI license for transporters at keenly-priced rate.

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