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Food Truck Marketing Plan: A Master Recipe That will Help your Business Blossom

calendar06 May, 2020
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Food Truck Marketing Plan

Food truck marketing plan is the way through which food truck businesses can score well on all the grounds by sticking to the super marketing strategies and gathering a large mass under their roof. The business of food trucks has gained pace in India in recent years. All thanks to its cheaper, high in terms of quality and variety of healthier food that it serves. With the changes in people’s demand, the potential of this food truck business in India is on another level. The food truck industry has emerged as a viable market segment in the last few years. Moreover, it’s a fact that the food truck business has outperformed the business of fast food industry.

Food Truck Marketing Plan: It’s All about Hitting the Right Chords

If a food truck marketing plan hits the right chords, it can help your business in uplifting its revenue and profitability. Setting up a strong food truck marketing plan for your food truck business in India would help in seeking the attention of the potential customers and bringing more revenues on the table. The food truck business is here to play long innings, and it’s not going anywhere in the upcoming years. Food audience loves to experiment and try a different variety of food, and since providing a variety of food items is their USP, that’s an additional advantage to the food truck industry.

The increasing demand for food trucks comes up with an excellent opportunity for many entrepreneurs who are passionate enough to serve food to a maximum number of people. In the evolving restaurant space, it has become a trend. The advertisement of their business takes place on-the-go due to their traveling and serving facility. Below is the food truck marketing plans or strategies to make your truck business a successful one in the future.

Food Truck Marketing Plan: Gear Up for Brand Building Exercise

The development of an effective food truck marketing plan for the food truck business begins with the brand-building exercise. By traveling to different places, the truck can also be an effective medium of advertisement related to the truck business. A properly-branded truck will be drawing the attention of foodaholic from different areas wherever the truck goes. A brand is the voice of any business, and the right branding method in accordance with the food truck marketing plan will bring fruitful results for your food truck business.

Along with the brand-building exercise, you should think about the perception of customers. What your customers’ viewpoints about your brand? Displaying your brand as a strong one would make your customers believe in your food quality and other aspects as well. These happy customers will be an indirect medium that will bestow your business with more number of customers who would love to give your business a try. The way you are different from other food trucks should reflect in your food quality, affordability, and other factors of consideration. Your vision, mission, and goal must go in the same line, and you need to stick to the principles for better results of your business.

Visually Appealing Truck- A Factor to Consider

The visual appeal of the truck dictates choices that customers used to make as they will come to know more about your comprehensive food offerings. Enticing customers becomes an easy task when your visually appealing truck speaks for itself. It’s easy for customers to remember your brand name when you give a unique visual identity to your food vehicle. After the appearance, another thing that customers look for the most is the menu.

Consistency Development is the Keya

Forget about the nature or type of business, all kinds of businesses endeavors to be consistent as it is something that makes them reliable as well as prominent.

Creating an Eye – Arresting Website for Food Truck Business in India

Website creation of a food truck business helps in increasing the customer base at online platforms. It’s one of the most critical steps of a food truck marketing plan. Creating a website doesn’t require huge investment, and it is an affordable medium through which businesses can make customers aware of their presence. The website must comprise contact details, menu, opening and closing time, and other information related to the food truck.

You must decide what you want to showcase to your customers on the basis of priority. General information must be there, and apart from that, it’s up to you whatever you feel like displaying to catch the eyes of potential customers. Multiple options would give you a competitive edge over the rivals who are also into the food truck business. This food truck marketing plan can be a winning shot for your online business.

Recently, website creation is a possibility even without the ABCD of coding. There are many platforms that facilitate with drag and drop facility to build your website without any complications and in the controlled budget.

Food Truck Name must Carry the Spark.

One type of food truck marketing plan that deserves everyone’s notice is the name of the food truck. Yes, it matters a lot, and therefore, the name should resonate with your nature of business and your specified niche. Giving a unique and appealing name to your food truck is of prime importance as most of the things like logo, food items, etc. will bear the value of the same name and encash on the food truck name as well. The name will help you in creating a different identity of yourself and will help you to look different from the crowd. Having a name that gives your customers a feeling of belongingness with the brand will elevate the brand value and will ensure that your customers would be visiting you for sure to satiate their hunger in the future course of time.

SEO – A Marketing Tactic that can do the Magic

Having a better understanding of SEO tactics and how to use it for making your business soar high in the sphere of online businesses will bring more frequent visitors to your website. The extensive use of SEO in the current scenario is due to the fact that it will boost your online visibility and will take your website to the top of search engine results.

Carving your place on Google and other search engines seem to be an easy-breezy task with an in-depth knowledge of SEO and its proper utilization as per the recent trends.

Develop an effective SEO plan that will help you rank higher on Google.

Optimize the content on the website in such a way that the overall performance of your site will see an unexpected rise. It helps in accomplishing success in the long-run. Content optimization blesses your website with more traffic. Blogging is a medium through which you can make people aware of your foodstuffs, and how can you forget that search engine is an enthusiastic reader?

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Food Truck Marketing Plan: Exhaust the Endless Possibilities of Social Media

Food Truck Marketing Plan

Capitalize on social media to convert countless new customers. Every food truck business plan should include the creation of social media pages into their food truck marketing strategies. It’s a platform that will help you in establishing cordial relations with existing customers, new customers, and people associated with those customers as well. The use of social media marketing and campaigns in a strategic way will help you in understanding the customers’ preference, their eating habits, and what they like the most about your foods along with their suggestions, if any.

  • Facebook

Using Facebook[1] for food truck business marketing will expand your reach and help you in getting connected with people having different mindsets. With the presence of around 70 percent of adult social media users using Facebook, the chances of your customers to be a part of that group are likely high. Facebook will help in setting a reach to an engaging audience. Using Facebook, taking the maximum number of feedback is not a difficult job. Embrace your customers with a sneak peek of effort and devotion that you people have put through by uploading videos and photos, and when they comment, you can communicate with them. You never know who can be your customer in the coming days.

  • Instagram Marketing

Nowadays, food lovers come to know about Instagrammable restaurants by going through the pages of restaurants and other dining places. Food truck business marketing can see a whopping response by sharing their photographs on Instagram and using the best captions as well as hashtags. Since the Magic of Instagram has worked well for restaurants as well as many online businesses, it’s correct to say that it would give favorable results to the food truck business also.

  • Reward your Customers

Your food truck marketing plan must encompass ways to reward their customers. You must include a customer loyalty program in your marketing strategies as it’s a surefire way to lure customers and bring them. You can ask your customers to sign up for the loyalty program and provide them free food in return. Also, you would make them aware of the various items available on the menu.

  • Email Newsletter

Being a food truck business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep in touch with your customers and celebrate the festivals with them by sending Email Newsletters once or twice in a month. It can be irritating for them to see the flooded inbox, so don’t go for the pushy approach. Let them know about the special discount offers and newly updated menu through Email Newsletters.

  •  Press Planning

Publicity of your food truck business should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. If you want your food truck business to get publicity, you can do it from your end, or else you can think of a public relations agency that will manage all your press affairs. Being an expert, you can do it by yourself or hire someone who has mastered this craft.

  •  Building an App- Pursue the Trend

To give a ray of hope to your food truck business, create an app that will help you in rejuvenating your relations with the customers. Besides this, it helps in creating customer loyalty. Customers would love to access information about your food truck by using the mobile app. It bridges the communication gap between the food truck business and the customers as in-app messaging would assist the customers in interacting with the food truck business. It’s a great way through which business can flourish their relations with the customers.

  • FSSAI License for doing Food Truck Business

In the geographical boundaries of India, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has initiated the FSSAI License for pursuing a food truck business in India. It’s mandatory for small food business owners to obtain the FSSAI license along with the registration to operate a food truck business anywhere in India. Food truck businesses have to conform to strict laws for starting the food truck business in India.

Food truck marketing plan must include this point at an initial level as the rest of the things will be of no use in the future without FSSAI License. The first and foremost step to begin a food truck business is the food business operating Registration and License. To get the registration, small food business owners can apply for registration in consonance with the statutory authority procedures in their respective cities.

Authorities lay down certain guidelines and regulations that the food business operators must follow. Those who are commencing food truck businesses should make it very clear that their food is not contaminated and fit for human consumption. They must ensure that they won’t be compromising with the hygiene of the place. If a food truck business owner fails to adhere to the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, he will be liable for the penalties, and chances of license cancellation will also be high.

In a Nutshell

We hope this informative blog would have given you plenty of ideas through which you can create a compelling Food Truck Marketing Plan.  It takes a lot of time for marketing strategies to evolve and start producing expected results. Start with building your unique brand and create a highly appealing website for your food truck business in India. Use SEO tactics and let your website swim into the ocean of search engine results and emerge victoriously.  Furthermore, try to make the most of social media and utilize this food truck marketing strategy for better outcomes. The creation of an App is something that you must look for sure. Get the FSSAI License and make way for your dream food truck business. We, at Corpbiz, will assist you with the FSSAI License and registration part and will help your new food truck running.

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