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Flipkart Wholesale: Everything you need to know

calendar10 Feb, 2021
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Overview on Flipkart Wholesale

On Sep 2, 2020, India’s leading e-commerce player Flipkart India came up with a new platform called Flipkart Wholesale that specially deals with the B2B regime. This platform envisages coordination with local retailers and manufacturers and aims to digitize the entire wholesale market using technology. Ever since the launch, the company has grown 50 % in terms of user base with 2.5 listings on onboard.  

From the sales transaction standpoint, the company has registered a record figure of 90% since the launch. Such hikes are mainly credited to the deteriorating condition of the conventional businesses caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. According to the analyst, the dramatic rise in web-based businesses is coming from the smaller cities such as Kota, Guntur, and Amravati among many others. Flipkart Wholesale is a prominent platform that offers business-wide arrays of products at an affordable value. The platform is accessible to retailers dealing in clothing, footwear, and groceries. 

Why Flipkart Wholesale Reap Enormous Success in span of time?

Core reasons that enabled Flipkart Wholesale to reap enormous success in short span of time are given below:-

Why Flipkart Wholesale Reap Enormous Success in span of time

Accessibility of Data-Driven Feedback  

Flipkart Wholesale excels on the core value proposition of ensuring prosperity to Indian Kiranas and local MSMEs by facilitating a digital platform. With a strong aspiration to thrives, the company will focus on ensuring the well-being of the small businesses including Kirana by providing a wide selection at nominal pricing.

Whether in general merchandise or fashion or grocery, these businesses will have access to a wide range of products with lucrative schemes and incentives, underpinned by data-driven feedback for stock selection, delivered via a swift and dependable network to ensure unparallel efficiencies.

Availability of Easy Credit Facility 

Easy credit is a payment option that enables the customers to shop any number of times up to the credit limit without paying at the time of purchase. With this, the customer can pay the total amount later by the due date. Currently, Flipkart Wholesale offers credit for 7 and 15 days for merchandize and grocery businesses without imposing additional charges. The threshold limit for credit has been capped at Rs 5000 and Rs 10000 for grocery and fashion businesses respectively.

Easy Refund and the Cancellation Policy

Flipkart Wholesale enables customers to cancel a complete order before it gets delivered for a full return. However, platform does not entertain clients that drop the cancellation request in case of non-prepaid orders. Please note that the said policies maybe differs from product to product.

Speedy Delivery and Real-Time Tracking 

The customer will have access to a wide range of quality products, and easy credit facility, simple order returns & swift product delivery to their door-steps with easy tracking. Flipkart Wholesale consumers will have access to a simple credit facility to control cash flow, a wide range of assured quality products, convenient order returns, & speedy product delivery directly to their doorsteps with an easy order tracking facility.

Helping Business to Make Informed Decisions 

Flipkart Wholesale customers also have opportunities to take advantage of micro-market level B2B & B2C insights from Flipkart to get a clear picture of customer demand on the area basic so that they can trade smartly. The company aiming to puts the needs of MSMEs and kiranas at the center stage through the implementation of a proper model. 

Best in the Class Margin on All Purchase 

The accumulation of products on Flipkart Wholesale is available at the lowest possible price, which in turn enables the customers to make a cost-efficient purchase. 

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How can a Business Owner Become a Registered Member for Flipkart Wholesale? 

Use the following instructions to become the registered Flipkart Wholesale member 

  • Download the Flipkart Wholesale application on your smartphone
  • Enter the mobile number and completes the identity validation process.
  • Choose the appropriate category of product. 
  • Provide legit business information along with the soft copy of business proof.
  • Enter shop name and address and upload shop images 
  • The application will be checked by the professional for the authenticity of the information. 
  • Once approved, the customer becomes eligible to place orders on Flipkart wholesale. 

Documentation required for the Registration

The applicant can furnish the following documents for the purpose of registration, which are given below:- 

  1. GSTIN Trade License
  2. Shop and Establishment license
  3. FSSAI License
  4. Udhyog Aadhaar

What is the Growth Prospect of Flipkart Wholesale in Upcoming Times?

The Shift of customers and brands to the e-Commerce platform, the weak foundation of the physical market, the explosion of new brands, and product innovation in the online sector bringing in new customers are factors accountable for the sector’s growth over modern trade. The e-commerce market share is likely to witness quadruple growth in the next 5 year owing to the increasing number of online customers.

The shift of brands and customers to the online channel, structural weaknesses in the ‘mall’ ecosystem, explosion of new online-first brands, and product innovation in e-commerce bringing in new customers are factors leading the sector’s growth over modern trade.

The market share of the online shopping regime may rise from 3.45% of around $840 billion retail markets in FY20 to 8.75 % of around $1.2 trillion retail markets by FY25. Furthermore, the e-commerce market apart from the grocery regime may surge from 10.5% post-Covid to 25% by FY25. Meanwhile, the small shop, which contributed significantly to the rise of e-commerce marketplaces, is likely to witness a growth of 6% during FY20-25. 


Flipkart[1] Wholesale can be groundbreaking opportunities for small business owners who intend to ensure sustainable growth for their business. Through digitization and improved technology, customers do not have to face the hassle of product tracking or funds transactions. To accommodate more and more customer overtime, Flipkart is consistently improving its existing infrastructure and strengthening the concerned areas to avert complicacies.

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