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Want to Export Potatoes to Singapore? Here’s What you Need to Know!

calendar02 Apr, 2021
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Export Potatoes to Singapore

The scarcity of land is quite prevalent in the country like Singapore. But, the government has taken a multitude of measures to mitigate such issues. Singapore has a strong trade relationship with other nations globally, including India. While the country is doing the bulk manufacturing of several edible items, it needs to import different types of raw materials, including potatoes. The potatoes export to Singapore has risen prominently in the past few years. But, there are a few things business owners need to remember before exporting potatoes from India. In this write-up, we will explain how to export potatoes to Singapore from India & why you should consider doing so. 

Why the demand for Potatoes is increasing in Singapore?

Singapore is a tourist-oriented nation, and it has countless resorts, hotels, & restaurants. Besides, the prominent influx of tourists globally makes it essential for the country to produce different cuisines. Therefore, the retail food market of this nation is quite extensive, and hence, seeks a different type of raw materials. Potatoes refer to a staple food in most nations, constituting an abundance of carbohydrates.

Since they require a lot of agricultural lands to grow, Singapore exports potatoes to ease out its supply chains. The government has taken several measures to advocate bilateral trade with India to improve the accessibility of fresh agricultural produce. In addition to that, the increasing number of expatriates has also impacted the nation’s food culture. Consequently, the demand for Indian spices and edible material is on the rise in Singapore. 

Legal Implication to Consider to Export Potatoes to Singapore

  • Singapore permits the free import of edible products and suppliers but wants exporters to comply with strict safety protocols. Renowned as a hygiene-conscious nation, Singapore has tight regulations for the food items sold nationwide. 
  • Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore & Food Control Department is the apex institution in Singapore that looks after quality control of the food supplies sold in the country
  • The Sale of Food Act, 2002 underpins some regulations related to the manufacturing and trading of edible items within the nation. The AVA makes sure that the exporters & importers comply with the regulations mentioned under the said Act and the Food Regulations Act, 2006.
  • The former Act does not allow the sale of unhygienic food items & those which lacks proper packaging and label. It discourages manufacturers from using toxic ingredients, which also makes it compulsory for the food business operators to register with the government. 
  • The Food Regulations Act, 2006 set out food safety standards & specifications by manifesting allowable additives, tolerances for residues, and packaging regulations. 

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Rules to be followed by Business Owners to Export Potatoes

The Control of Plants Act encloses the provisions regarding the import of vegetables & fresh fruits into Singapore. The Act ensures that the country remains free from vegetables contaminated with pesticides & other additives. In addition to that, cartons in which shipment of potatoes enters the nation must enclose the following details; 

  • Name and complete address of the producer
  • Product description
  • Date of packing or export

On landing, AVA authorities might investigate whether the importer has the required documents & import licenses or not. Therefore, companies should maintain legitimate records of all documentation & permits. In addition to that, the shipping or packaging company you rely on should have required permissions in place set out by the AVA.  Also, these entities must be aware of the nation’s food safety standards. 

Singapore has rigorous regulations for the import of processed food items. Exporting firms are obligated to prove that the raw materials are hygienic and are prepared under a controlled environment. Therefore, companies will have to furnish the quality assurance documents duly approved by the exporting nation’s food safety authority. Certain food items seek a health certificate which provides the given details;

  • Product description 
  • Quantity
  • Name & address of the manufacturer, the consignor & the consignee

Procedure to Export Potatoes to Singapore from India

Procedure to Export Potatoes to Singapore from India

Step 1: Identify the Demand

First, the individual needs to dig down the prevailing market scenario to study the trend and set up a sustainable supply chain to encourage the export of potatoes to Singapore.

Step 2: Business Registration

Next, the business owners will need to register their business to obtain a legal status in an suitable model; and completed all the formalities regarding the same. 

Step 3: Obtain Import Export Code from DGFT

After arranging the required documents, the owner must approach the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to avail of the Import Export Code.

Step 4: Locate Suitable Vendors & Suppliers

Next, locate suitable vendors & suppliers to ensure that your business is sustainable and viable. This step is vital as it will prove that your business is eligible to cater to export requirements. 

Step 5: Register to AVA’s Food Control Division

The AVA’s (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) Food Control Division governs the norms of food safety, licensing & inspection regarding imports. According to this institution, all food items importers must register with Food Control Division. By doing so, they will receive a unique registration number. The company can use this number and HS codes to apply for an import license.

Step 6: Shipment Inspection

On reaching the importing country i.e., Singapore, the shipment may undergo random inspections. Therefore the company should have the required documentation in place that will act as evidence for this purpose. Some of the document requirements for exporting potatoes from India are as follows;-

  • Import permit 
  • Air waybills 
  • Bills of lading
  • License for import of shipping company
  • Import invoices 


Despite being praised as a technologically advanced nation, Singapore is dealing with a severe agricultural crisis due to land scarcity. It is anticipated that this issue will grow with time. The government of Singapore[1] is taking every possible measure to contain the situation. They are now putting more stress on building healthy trade relationships with several countries, including India, to cater to ever-evolving food demand.

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