How to Get a Domicile Certificate in India?

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It also known as a residence certificate, is a legally binding document that can be used to establish residency in a specific State or Union Territory. This document, which is issued by the appropriate state government or UT administration, enables people to live in peace in their respective states and utilize all government services. Applicants for this credential may be from any caste, category, or group. It is significant to note that a woman automatically qualifies to file an application for this certificate for the state in which she marries a man who is a permanent resident. In order to benefit from the scholarship programs run by the state governments, a domicile certificate is also essential.

What is a Domicile Certificate?

It often referred to as a State resident official certificate, allows a person to live anywhere in the State or UT and facilitates access to all government-provided utilities. The State and Union Territories’ designated agencies often issue a domicile certificate. The officer in question could be from the Revenue Department, Tehsildar, District Magistrate, SDO, SDM, or Circle. Each state, including UT, has a specific agency that issues domicile certificates. A person may apply for a domicile certificate if they have lived in that state for more than three years, as well as if their parents are also citizens of that state. State-to-state variations in this time frame are possible.

What Are The Types Of Domiciles?

The many sorts of domiciles listed below might help you determine when a certificate is required. –

  • Residence at Birth: This is applicable to those who become residents of a certain state or territory by virtue of their birth. This holds true until the person decides to make somewhere else their permanent home. Most people keep their place of residence that they were given at birth, even if they relocate for work or school. 
  • Residence by Choice: This is when someone who has obtained residence in another nation applies for a domicile of their choosing. 
  • Domicile Of Dependency: When children or spouses inherit the same from their parents or husbands, respectively, this denotes their residences.

What Are The Purposes Of A Domicile Certificate?

The following are the goals of a domicile certificate:

  • It is essential for the legitimacy of citizens’ freedom and rights. 
  • It is necessary when buying any type of property, including a house or a plot of land. 
  • Aadhaar, PAN, and voter cards are among the KYC documents that must be applied for. 
  • For students applying to colleges, universities, or other educational institutions, a domicile certificate is essential. 
  • New vehicle registration requires it. 
  • While requesting a loan, a person must present a domicile certificate as verification of their living address. 
  • Certificates of state verification of domicile are essential for starting businesses. 
  • This certificate is necessary for medical practitioners to register. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For a Domicile Certificate

To prevent issues, persons must review the eligibility requirements prior to applying for this certificate. 

  • The applicant’s parents must reside in the State or UT permanently or,
  • The applicant must have spent at least three years residing in the State or UT.

Note that this parameter changes from State/UT to State/UT and is indicative only. For example, Karnataka requires applicants to have lived in the State for 7 years before applying. In Bihar, however, either the candidate or their parents must have lived in the state for more than three years. 

  • Applicants must be property owners in the same State or Union Territory, such as a home or land. 
  • The voter list must contain the applicant’s name.  
  • After marriage, female applicants are permitted to request a domicile certificate. 

How to Apply For a Domicile Certificate?

Depending on their convenience, people can apply for a domicile certificate both online and offline.

a. How Can I Apply Online for a Domicile Certificate?

The steps for submitting an application for a domicile certificate are as follows: 

Step 1: Go to the state or territory of your residence’s official website. 

Finish account registration in Step 2 (for new applicants). 

Stage 3: Is to access your account. 

Step 4: Choose “Services” from the menu and then “Domicile Certificate” to go to the application page. 

Step 5: Complete the form’s fields and submit it. 

After considering the inputs, the domicile certificate will be given. The acknowledgment number required to download a domicile certificate will also be sent to applicants. 

b. How Can I Apply for an Offline Domicile Certificate?

Anyone can apply for this certificate offline by picking up an application form at one of the government service centers listed below: 

  • Citizen Service Corners (CSC) 
  • Tahsildar Office 
  • Collector or Deputy Collector Office 
  • Revenue Office 
  • District Magistrate Office 
  • SDM Office 
  • Mamlatdar Office 
  • Registrar Or Sub-Registrar Office 

In order to make the application process less complicated, candidates should also have their domicile certificate documentation on available. 

List of Documents Required For a Domicile Certificate

The documentation required to apply for this certificate may vary according to your State/UT of residency, much like the eligibility conditions. Here is a typical list of documents required for this certificate during the application procedure. 

  • For Identification: An Aadhaar card, a voter card, a PAN card, a passport, a driver’s license, a ration card, or another similar form of identification.  
  • For Proof of Residency: A bank passbook, utility bills (including those for electricity and telephone service, whether postpaid or landline), a rent agreement, or another similar document. 
  • Other Documentation: Includes a self-declaration form, two passport-size photos, an affidavit from a judge or tahsildar, a school transcript, and a birth certificate. 
  • After gathering the form, accurately complete it and submit it with the supporting documentation listed above. Also, candidates must get a gazette officer to verify their application. 

Also, people can verify the status of the domicile certificate online by going to the official website of the State or UT where they currently reside. Also, it is important to remember that a domicile certificate is valid for life, barring any transfers to another State or Union Territory.


Domicile certificates are authorizations given to locals so they can access resident quotas in government programs, local preference employment, and educational institutions. A domicile certificate includes a number of important facts even though it is offered online by States.

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