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Get the huge collection of legal and business documents that can really make an impact to grow your business. CorpBiz Legal Doc is just a click far!

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50,000 + Clients

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Lowest Fees

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300+ CA/CS

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4.9 Customer Rating

Overview on CorpBiz Legal Docs

You must have an efficient business process to do the best at your work. CorpBiz Legal Docs can help you to create legal documents that protect your business interests’ right from incorporation documents and shareholder agreements to Non-Disclosure Agreements and employment offer letters. Isn’t it Amazing? Yes, we have a huge collection of documents that can really make an impact! We have assembled the best collection of legal and business documents into one incredible Package just for you.

CorpBiz Legal Docs helps you to grow your business in a structured manner. The templates are ready to use, which will help you create any business document swiftly and effortlessly. We have created a product that enables you to achieve all your business goals backed up with a professional team of lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, and Advisor’s experience behind us.

CorpBiz Legal Docs

Who can be targeted for the CorpBiz Legal Docs?

We have designed the entire Package targeting Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Business Owners, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Company employees, HR Managerial, etc.

The CorpBiz Legal Docs includes 500+ business agreements to meet the needs of all of our global clients. You can find the complete document for your business starting from the pitch- decks, presentations, & reports to all Kinds of Legal Documentary - needs no matter what industry or position you are in.

Select our CorpBiz Legal Docs to get started with a new agreement template from scratch. One of the fantastic things you will understand that all the templates, formats and presentations are:-

  • Ready to Use,
  • Customizable,
  • Professionally Drafted,
  • Easy to practice,
  • Save money and energy,
  • And save your precious hours too

What will benefit you if using CorpBiz Legal Docs?

We feel that there's nothing wrong with shortcuts, particularly when you wish to save your time, money energy with a legal matter. We usually suggest you speaking with our legal advisors in case of any complications.

We are here to help you get them done and out the door quickly in this COVID-19 period. However, you might get, as there's a long list of everyday situations when you can use legal document templates to look your document more professional and efficient to use.

It is a best rule of thumb to keep a few legal documents handy for personal and business stuff. Moreover, employers that do a lot of hiring might wish to use the same applications and templates to keep things consistent.

If you're wanting for a particular name of legal document - ready to use template based on your needs, it's likely we have something that works in the CorpBiz Legal Docs Package. Just drop us a line, if not! The main benefits that you will surely feel after getting this amazing CorpBiz Legal Docs Package are as follows:-

  • Get a single tool to e-Signature from basic
  • Get faster deals with faster docs
  • Get your work attracted professionally
  • Speed up your team Workflows
  • Save your precious time
  • Impress at every step
  • Get Real opportunity insights
  • Know constantly where you stand

What are the Formats and Templates includes in the Package?

There are 500+ Formats and Templates included in the CorpBiz Legal Docs Package. Those are as follows:-

  • All Agreement and Formats for Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Human Resources
  • All Bill and Invoices for Companies and Organizations
  • All Companies Board Resolutions and Associations
  • All Business Forms, applications, and Templates
  • All Presentations on Business Plan exclusive for Companies and Start-Ups
  • All urgent Agreements, Notice, Letters and Homeworking Agreements (Exclusive for COVID-19)
  • All Email Templates for any purpose
  • All Letters templates for any purpose
  • All Excel, PPT, and Word templates on Marketing Strategy kit
  • All Source media Templates for Business events
  • All models for Management Information System
  • All kinds of Notice and Deed
  • All types of Quotation Samples
  • All types of Performance Survey Templates

CorpBiz recommends you that you should contact an advisor to understand the requirement in detail if you are not adequately equipped to use the Templates. CorpBiz legal representative will coordinate with you to obtain your first draft of your document within a few business days.

You can evaluate the document, and intimate for the corrections in case of any modifications. Just let us know if whatsoever is unclear, and if you feel like to find a legal representative to help with something specific, we're always happy to help you with that ever.

Why CorpBiz?

CorpBiz is one of the platforms which coordinate to fulfil all your legal requirements and connect you to consistent professionals. Yes, our clients are pleased with our legal service! Because of our focus on simplifying legal requirements, they have consistently regarded us highly and providing regular updates.

Our clients can also track at all times the progress on our platform. If you have any questions about any Government Registrations and Complete Compliance work, our experienced legal advisors are just a phone call away. CorpBiz will ensure that your communication with professionals is charming and seamless.

CorpBiz Legal Docs Plan

Have you ever pondered upon the fact that whether your essential business documents have been received, read, accelerated, or completely unnoticed? CorpBiz Legal Docs insights will help you to understand what's happening after you hit 'send' with real-time commentary on engagement inside your legal documents.

The right rules need to be in place to keep you moving fast and securely, irrespective of whether you're leading a team of 10 or 100. Fastening branded or legal content, signing orders/setting up approval, and generating custom roles help you to be in control. So, give your team the ability to create, direct quickly, and track legal docs within an approval system that employs for everyone.


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50,000+ Clients Worldwide


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4.9 Customer Rating


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300+ Team CA/CS/Lawyers


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