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Documents Required for TEC Certification: An Comprehensive Outlook

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Documents Required for TEC Certification: An Comprehensive Outlook

TEC Certification serves as a fundamental legal permit for a person willing to engage with the import, production, or trading of telecom equipment in India. The Telecommunication Engineering Centre accords this certification once the equipment undergoes the Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecom Equipment scheme, aka TEC MTCTE. Every qualified telecom product carries a TEC certification number, which refers to a unique identification code that helps confirm the product’s validity in the marketplace. In this write-up, you will come across mandatory documents required for TEC Certification in India.

What is the role of MTCTE?

MTCTE[1] stands for Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecom Equipment scheme. It is a mandatory testing scheme for businesses intending to engage with the import and production of telecom equipment. Products that failed to pass the MTCTE would not stand eligible for the grant of a TEC certificate.

Casting Light on the Documents Required for TEC Certification

Following are some vital documents required for TEC certification:

  • Legal address proof concerning the production facility
  • Copy relating to a valid factory license reflecting the products, scope of operation, and address of the production facility.
  • Copy relating to a valid Trade registration ensuring legal fencing for an existing brand.
  • Authority letter accorded by the trademark owner (required if the applicant firm owner lacks the ownership of the trademark.
  • Technical Details relating to the product requiring a TEC certification. The applicant must provide the following information in this context:
    • Sample(s), user manual, and accessories to make the product functional.
    • Brand name, product name, and model no.
    • List concerning safety critical components.
    • Bill of Material i.e. BoM
    • PCB layout, as well as circuit diagram relating to the product
    • SMPS layout/mains power and circuit diagram
    • Details pertaining to the series models, if any
    • Copy of marking label
    • OEM support for product configuration for functional testing, if required
  • Detail of AIR, i.e. Authorized Indian Representative (if the applicant is not Indian)
  • AIR company’s KYC
  • Signatory person’s details
  • Supplementary information relating to the cell/battery, such as the UN 38.3 test report. The said report is meant for the transportation of Dangerous Goods, which includes batteries as well.
  • ISO 9001 Certificate

Prerequisite to consider before arranging Documents Required for TEC certification

Documents play a vital role in any licensing procedure, and TEC certificate is no different. Further, knowing the license prerequisites beforehand can help applicant address registration formalities with ease. Below is the list of notified and non-notified products that every applicant must get familiar with. Knowing which product falls under the mandatory testing scheme or which does not is important for all the applicants.

List of Product that falls under the TEC Licensing Regime

Following is the list of product falls under the TEC Licensing Regime:

1.    PABX: PABX, aka Private automatic branch exchange, is a widely-used telecom equipment. Two-wired Telephone Equipment: Two-wired Telephone Equipment does not require any introduction as they are prominently used in industrial communications.

2.    Group 3 Fax Machine: Although being dated in the present era, Group 3 Fax Machines are still in use in various places. Its importation in India is not possible without TEC certification.

3.    Data Modem: A data modem is an essential equipment for ensuring an internet connection

4.    Cordless Telephone: While the landline phone technology has become dated in the current era, its certification under TEC is still mandatory if someone wants to import the same in India.

5.    PON-family of Broadband Equipment: PON or passive optical network is prominently used in many broadband-related devices. Whosoever wants to import the same in India needs to secure TEC certification in the first place.

6.    Feedback Devices: Devices like resolvers, encoders, and hall sensors fall under the category of feedback devices. TEC certification is mandatory for such devices.

7.    ISDN Customer Premises Equipment: ISDN Customer Premises Equipment refers to a device that enables end-users to get access to ISDN services rendered by the network providers. Since it serves as fundamental equipment for an array of telecommunication functions, TEC certification for the same is an absolute mandate. Without a valid TEC license, no one can import or sell this equipment in India.

8.    Transmission Terminal Equipment: The entire range of Transmission Terminal Equipment falls under the ambit of TEC.

9.   Now it’s important to get familiar with products that are yet to be covered under the TEC licensing regime.

List of non-eligible products

Following is the list of non-eligible products:

  • Spares/ Modules/ Components/CKD/ SKD
  • Test instruments
  • R&D related equipment
  • Personal use equipment present in limited quantity
  • Integrated systems and networks that contain more than one telecom equipment.
  • Passive telecom equipment
  • UPS/ Power Supply/ Solar equipment/Batteries.
  • IoT sensors
  • Set-top box
  • Inter-Sectoral Devices
  • Multi-functional devices comprising Wi-Fi & internet ports


That is all about the documents required for TEC Certification in India. It’s worth noting that any anomalies in document preparation can lead to the cancellation of the registration application. Therefore, it is important to pay undue attention while dealing with the paperwork for TEC certification.

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