Prominent Differences between NGO and INGO

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Differences between NGOs and INGO

NGO and INGO’s perform a variety of tasks to safeguard humanity from adversity, either caused by natural disaster or economic catastrophe. NGO and INGO work on similar grounds and their objective is also identical. However, they may differ from each other when it comes to the organization’s hierarchy and mode of operations. Both these organizations serve the same purposes i.e. helping the needy ones and empowering the underprivileged section of the society. Let’s move ahead and see the main Differences between NGO and INGO. NGO and INGO basically help humanity to overcome the challenges like:-

  • AIDS
  • Lack of water resources.
  • Malaria
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Economic adversity.
  • Natural disaster
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of education

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Differences between NGO and INGO

Differences between NGO and INGO

Scope of operation

Both these organizations work for the betterment of the societies and share the common goal. NGO works at a domestic level, whereas INGO, as the name suggests, operates on a global platform. The members of INGOs come from different parts of the world, whereas NGO is managed by the members of the local residents.

Being restricted to the local vicinity, NGOs are not allowed to work on the cross-border scenario. Their nature of work and code of conduct is limited to the domestic region. NGOs usually operate under the innumerable government regulation, and they often seek funding from the government. On the contrary, the INGOs are free from such regulation and they are free to operate on the international platform.

Source of funding

The government generally doesn’t intervene in the operation of NGO and INGO. Both the organization has to rely on their own sources to accumulate funds. The INGOs often approach renowned brands and corporate for the procurement of the funds. NGOs, on the other hand, get their major source of funding from mainstream organizations. It is apparent that INGOs secure bigger funding than NGOs due to their global presence and sustainable bonding with the bigger corporates and MNCs.

The NGOs and INGOs work on their predetermined set of guidelines and defy any government’s influence. They are also unlikely to accept any sort of financial aids from the government authority and political parties[1] to ensure credibility and transparency. Their legitimate source of income is the individuals and organizations that are keen to work for the upliftment of society and human lives.

Scope of recognition

The international INGOs often got more recognition than NGOs due to their global presence. Since NGOs work in a specific region with limited resources, their recognition level is considerably lower than most INGOs. However, limited recognition is not a serious matter of concern for either of these organizations as long as they have sufficient resources to serve their intention.

Monitoring of funded program

Most of the INGOs are staffed with countless volunteers working at different levels. The independent monitoring team closely scrutinizes INGO’s operation helping it access the impact of their work. NGO, particularly working at a state level is incapable of pursuing such tasks due to insufficient funds. Also, their scale of operation won’t allow them to implement such a strategy in their working protocols.

INGOs’ scale of operation, the magnitude of workforces, and diverse programs make them a worthy contender in the donor and the public’s eyes. Consequently, this helps them earn a credible and legitimate profile allowing them to procure funds more easily as compared to NGOs (not the mainstream ones). Greater credibility and transparency allow NGO and INGO to maintain their reputation in their respective work regime.

  • Example of NGO

Goonj ranks amongst the leading NGOs in the country that helps the victim of natural disasters. As of now, Goonj is working in 23 states and it is considered as one the largest and reputed NGO in the country right now.

  • Example of the INGO

Greenpeace is regarded as one of the prominent INGO that works for the preservation of nature and operates by several members coming from different parts of the world. Right now this INGO is serving 55 countries.

NGO vs INGO: Crucial points

  • NGO is a group of volunteers that work for the betterment of human life and backward societies. INGO also serves the same purpose but on a larger scale.
  • NGO and INGO both can adopt various techniques for fundraising. Goodwill and credibility of the Non-profit organization play a vital in procuring funds from outside sources.
  • NGOs run on the cash inflow coming from a variety of sources such as individual donors, corporations, foundations, and government.
  • Unfortunately, most of the NGOs fail to streamline the fundraising process, which eventually puts a question mark on their credibility and effectiveness.
  • In today’s scenario, most of the reputable NGO and INGO uses the digital platform to encourage crowdfunding.
  • To maintain the trustworthiness, the majority of the non-government and non-profitable organizations refuse to accept funds from the political parties as it may hinder their integrity to a great extend.

Well, that’s all about the Differences between NGO and INGO. Please your comment below in case if you have any queries regarding this topic.


There is a lot of thing in common between INGOs and NGOs but their nature of operations is distinctive in nature. Also, they don’t have any legitimate financial privilege source from where they can continuously fuel their operation. These organizations need to make an extra effort in the direction of the procurement of funds.

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