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CPCB Suspends the Registration Process for PIBOs for three months

calendar26 Oct, 2021
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CPCB Suspends the Registration Process for PIBOs for three months

CPCB has started registering PIBOs on its portal in view of the provision of PMW Rules, 2016, as amended. In view of this, the said authority has rolled out Standard Operating Procedures* (SOPs) and launched a web-based portal in this context. MoEF&CC has notified draft regulations on EPR, i.e. Extended Producer Responsibility for plastic packaging, on Oct 06, 2021. In the purview of the draft notification published by MoEF&CC on the matter, the CPCB has confirmed that the registration process for PIBOs would stay un-functional for three months with an immediate effect. The registration process shall be resumed upon the release of the final notification of EPR regulations by MoEF&CC. In the meantime, PIBOs are directed to realign their EPR plan in view of said draft notification. CPCB has promised to keep the PIBOs informed regarding any changes made by them in the intervening time.

An Overview SOPs for Registration of PIBOs under PWM Rules, 2016

In view of provisions cited under PWM rules, EPR for management of plastic waste packaging remains with PIBOs who launch the products in the marketplace. They must set up a system for managing plastic waste, which is generated owing to their products by leveraging the support of local bodies.

Similarly, the local bodies are also obligated to set up a PMW system with the help of producers and brand owners. Moreover, PIBOs functioning in more than two states are also mandated to secure registration from CPCB. Likewise, PIBOs functioning in one or two states have to secure registration from SPCB/PCC.

EPR Action Plan for PWM is one of the fundamental documents for obtaining the registration. The said document must be prepared in the CPCB-prescribed format in view of the provision of PWM Rules (Annexure I) in June 2019

Based on interaction with stakeholders during the intervening duration, the procedure concerning the grant of registration has been examined & relevant updations have been worked out. This SOP underpins plenty of alternatives for meeting EPR by PIBOs and the documentation the procedure for securing the registration to provide seamless filing of application & progress report by the PIBOs and ensure seamless implementation of EPR plan. Many provisions of PWM Rules taken into account for formulating the SOPs are mentioned in Annexure-II.

Action Plan Framework

EPR Action Plan for PWM should be mandatorily furnished by PIBOs (those having operations in more than two states) for securing registration from CPCB. PIBOS shall meet EPR in all State/Union Territories in which they are launching their products.

EPR target for specific State/Union territories shall be equivalent to the type and amount of plastic launched by them in the particular marketplace (post-consumer waste) in the particular State /UT.

The PIBOS have three fundamental alternatives as per Annexure I for the deployment of EPR plan for PWM in the States/UTs in which they are launching their products:

a) PWM via independent Distribution Channel

b) PWM via Direct engagement with ULB

c) PWM through engagement with WMA, which in turn should coordinate with ULBs. PIBS shall have the alternative of opting for any of the options above.

But, it has to be ensured that the overall type and amount of plastic waste administered via these options in a specific State/UT meets the EPR target of the particular PIBO for the concerned State/UT.

WMAs, if engaged, shall secure enrolment with concerned ULB/ any authority operating under State/UT. Details of such WMAs shall be prompted to the concerned SPCB/PCC by the ULB/concerned State Authority.


In view of the latest notification released by CPCB[1], PIBOs cannot register themselves on the CPCB portal for three months. In this intervening time, they are directed to realign their ERP system according to the draft regulations notified by MoEF&CC. Write to us is you need some more information on Registration process for PIBOs, we will glad to respond you.

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