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CLRA License Renewal: Paperwork and Process

calendar04 Nov, 2022
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CLRA License Renewal: Paperwork and Process

CLRA License Renewal is as important as applying for a brand-new license. The registration and renewal legalities fall under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970[1]. In the status quo, the CLRA Registration is compulsory for the establishment that hires 20 or more labourers on any day of the FY as contract workmen. Also, it applies to contractors who hired 20 or more labourers on any day of the FY. The legalities around CLRA license renewal differ state-wise. The same is true for processing time and fee structure. This write-up covers the generalized procedure for renewing the CLRA registration and mandatory paperwork.

Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition Act), 1970: Key Norms

Following are key norms under Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition Act) 1970:

  • Applicable to all registered companies
  • Applicable to all companies having more than 20 employees, employed in the status quo or in the past, on any day in the preceding year.
  • Applies to contractors employing more than 20 workmen, employed in the status quo or in the past, on any day in the preceding year.
  • The Act does not encompass any entity carrying out work that is intermittent or casual in nature, not surpassing 120 days in the previous year.
  • The Act does not apply if an establishment carries out casual or intermittent work not exceeding 120 days in the preceding 12 months. But if the work continues to remain in force for more than 60 days, the applicability of the Act would come into effect.

Checklist for CLRA: Key Points to Ponder

Principal Employer Contractor
Establishment’s Registration certificate. The Principal employee must approach registering officer to make changes to the license.   A copy of the contractor’s license or renewed license.
The annual return should be filed in Form XXI. Facilitation of slipes enclosing information like wage, and attendance, including worker’s ID cards
Filing of return: completion of contract and starting. Ensure that service certificates (of workmen) are provided.
Notices concerning exact wages, wage rate, working hours, wage tenure, wage payment dates, and inspector’s address. Notice copy must be shared with the inspector. Half-yearly return to be furnished to the licensing official.
Upkeep the contractor’s register. Every register enclosing wages payment details must be validated. Notices concerning wages, wage duration, wage period, payment detail, due wages, name, and address of the inspector
Tracking of contractor responsibilities. A copy of the said notification must be shared with the inspector.
Ensure that the contractor has taken due care of labour at the workplace by providing basic amenities as per the CLRA norms. Provide fundamental amenities including first aid and canteen to all the workmen.

Online procedure for CLRA license renewal

Following is the online procedure for CLRA License Renewal:

  1. Visits the state’s labour department.
  2. Head to the menu bar to select e-services. The portal will open the list of available services.
  3. Tap on the Apply tab placed near the option- Renewal of License for the contractor.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions to open the login window.
  5. Once the login page prompts, enter the valid credential to get the portal’s access.
  6. On the Dashboard, head to the menu bar (left side) to click on the option for CLRA license renewal.
  7. On the following window, enter the mandatory information like Form-V number and Licence number.
  8. Go to the Drop-down menu to select Renewal of License and then tap on the submit button.
  9. Next, upload the mandatory documents in PDF format, and then click on Save.
  10. The portal will open the payment gateway for fee submission.
  11. Post confirming the payment, the portal will be redirected to the GRIPS portal, where the applicant needs to address the rest of the formalities.
  12. Download the payment receipt for future reference.
  13. Click on Upload Form VII
  14. Download the said application for e-signing via Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  15. Once done, upload the form enclosing the digital signature onto the portal.
  16. Finally, hit the Submit tab.
  17. After in-depth vetting, the portal will generate CLRA license Renewal (Form-VI), which the applicant can download with ease.

Details to be entered by the applicant for CLRA License Renewal

Following are the details to be entered by the applicant for CLRA License Renewal:

  • Detail of the contractor such as name, address, LIN number, email id, and contact number.
  • Number and date of the license
  • The expiration date of the license
  • Changes made to the workman numbers for which the license is availed.
  • Amount of license fee, bank name, Demand draft number, and transaction number, if applicable.
  • Amount of security deposit, Bank name, Demand Draft number, date, etc., if applicable.

CLRA license revolves around plenty of norms that must be followed by the principal employer or contractor without fail. Any non-compliance could compel the authority to refuse the request for a CLRA license renewal. Therefore, it is important to ponder the checklist for CLRA registration to avert any legal hassle that arises during the course of the business.


CLRA Registration is mandatory for all principal employers and contractors. It is also compulsory to opt for CLRA license renewal before the expiration deadline arrives to avert stringent penalties. The information above will let you complete the renewal formalities without hassle. It’s noteworthy that the licensing and fee structure norms are not the same across all the states. So, be clear on this before you proceed to engage with a renewal or licensing formalities.

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