Class 3 Trademark: Cosmetics and Cleaning Substances

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Class 3 Trademark Cosmetics and Cleaning Substances

A trademark is a type of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) that consists of a recognizable design, logo, or expression representing products or services of a specific source. It helps create a distinctive identity for a specific product and service, which further boosts brand presence in the target market. Apart from protecting a company’s intangible assets from possible violation, trademark registration acts as a catalyst for the company’s growth. A trademark class renders info about the type of service or good that the mark represents. The manufacturer of goods & services are classified into different classes. Each class seeks a different registration. This is a horde of almost 80,000 services and products. In this article, we will render a detailed briefing on the products cited under the class 3 trademarks.

Products listed under the Class 3 Trademark

As per the NICE Classification*, products under the class 3 trademark include cleaning preparations, toilet preparations, deodorants for humans or animals, room fresheners, & sanitary preparations being toiletries. Following are the list of products included under the class 3 trademark. 

Nice Classification, aka NCL, was set up by the Nice Agreement (1957). It refers to a global classification of goods and services applied for the marks’ registration. A new edition is made publically available every five years, and since the year 2013, a new version relating to each edition is published annually.


  • Adhesives used for fixing false hair
  • Adhesives used for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Aloe vera is used for preparing cosmetics, 
  • Balms used for other than medicinal purposes, 
  • Cosmetic creams, cosmetic[1] kits, 
  • Cosmetics, cotton wool for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes,
  • Adhesives used for fixing false eyelashes, 
  • false nails, 
  • False eyelashes, 
  • Henna [cosmetic dye], 
  • Greases for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Massage gels (not meant to serve medicinal purposes) 
  • Pumice stone, 
  • Swabs [toiletries]/ cotton sticks meant for cosmetic purposes,
  • Tissues infused with cosmetic lotions

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Oral hygiene preparations

  • Breath freshening sprays,
  • Preparations for cleaning dentures, 
  • Breath freshening strips,
  • Dentifrices,
  • Dental bleaching gels,
  • Denture polishes, 
  • Mouthwashes, not for medicinal purposes.

Perfumery & fragrances

  • Amber [perfume],
  • Extracts of flowers [ perfumes],
  • Eau de Cologne,
  • Bases for perfumes made from flowers,
  • Fumigation preparations [ perfumes ]
  • Lavender water, mint for perfumery, 
  • Heliotropine, ionone [ perfumery ]
  • Musk [ perfumery ]
  • Perfumes,
  • Perfumery,
  • Toilet water
  • Scented water.

Body cleaning & beauty care preparations

Douching preparations for deodorant purposes or personal sanitary


  • Eyebrow pencils, 
  • Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes, 
  • Eyebrow cosmetics,
  • Make-up preparations, 
  • Lipsticks, 
  • Make-up removing preparations, 
  • Make-up, make-up powder, 
  • Mascara, 
  • Nail care preparations, 
  • Nail varnish/nail polish, 
  • Nail art stickers, 
  • Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes.
  • Cosmetic pencils, 

Soaps and gels

  • Almond soap, 
  • Cakes of toilet soap/cakes of soap, 
  • Antiperspirant soap, 
  • Deodorant soap, 
  • Medicated soap, 
  • Disinfectant soap, 
  • Soap for foot perspiration
  • Soap, 

Bath preparations

  • Bath salts, not for medical purposes, 
  • Deodorants & antiperspirants, 
  • Cosmetic preparations for baths, 
  • Deodorants meant for humans or for animals
  • Antiperspirants [toiletries],

Skincare preparations

  • Almond milk for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Beauty masks, 
  • Astringents for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Lip glosses, lotions for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Cleansing milk for toilet purposes,
  • Skin whitening creams/cream meant for skin whitening, 
  • Cosmetic preparations meant for skincare, 
  • Petroleum jelly meant for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Sunscreen preparations, talcum powder, for toilet use, whiting.
  • Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics], 

Hair preparations & treatments

  • Beard dyes, 
  • Dry shampoos, 
  • Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Cosmetic dyes, 
  • Hair dyes/hair colourants, 
  • Hair lotions, 
  • Hair spray, 
  • Hair waving preparations
  • Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Neutralizers for permanent waving, 
  • Moustache wax/moustache wax, 
  • Shampoos
  • Pomades for cosmetic purposes, 

Hair removal & shaving preparations

  • After-shave lotions, 
  • Depilatory preparations/depilatories, 
  • Alum stones

Animal grooming preparations

  • Cosmetics for animals, 
  • Shampoos for pets.
  • Deodorants for pets, 

Essential oils & aromatic extracts

  • Almond oil, 
  • Badian essence, 
  • Flavorings [ flavourings ] for beverages [essential oils]/flavorings for beverages [essential oils]/flavourings for beverages [essential oils], 
  • Aromatics [essential oils]
  • Bergamot oil, 
  • Ethereal oils/essential oils, 
  • Essential oils of cedarwood, 
  • ssential oils of citron, 
  • Ethereal essences, 
  • Flavourings for cakes [essential oils]/cake flavourings [essential oils]
  • Geraniol, 
  • Jasmine oil, 
  • Mint essence [essential oil]
  • Gaultheria oil, 
  • Lavender oil, 
  • Essential oils of lemon, 
  • Oils for toilet purposes, 
  • Oils for perfumes and scents, 
  • Oils for cosmetic purposes, 
  • Rose oil, 
  • Safrol, 
  • Terpenes [essential oils]

Cleaning & fragrancing preparations

  • Ammonia volatile alkali/[detergent] [ammonia] [detergent],
  • Antistatic preparations for household purposes, 
  • Cleaning chalk, 
  • Canned pressurized air for cleaning & dusting purposes,
  • Cleaning preparations
  • Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning, 
  • Colourants for toilet purposes, 
  • Degreasers used for purpose other than manufacturing processes, 
  • Dry-cleaning preparations, 
  • Colour-removing preparations/color-removing preparations, 
  • Detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes, 
  • Drying agents for dishwashing machines, 
  • Floor wax removers [scouring preparations], 
  • Javelle water/potassium hypochloride,
  • lacquer-removing preparations, 
  • Non-slipping wax for floors,
  • Oils for cleaning purposes, 
  • Furbishing preparations, 
  • Oil of turpentine for degreasing, 
  • non-slipping liquids for floors, 
  • Parquet floor wax/floor wax, 
  • Paint stripping preparations, 
  • Polishing preparations, 
  • Preparations to make shiny the leaves of plants/preparations to make the leaves of plants shiny, 
  • Polish for furniture and flooring,
  • Polishing wax, 
  • Polishing creams,
  • Polishing rouge/jewellers’ rouge, 
  • Rust removing preparations, 
  • Scouring solutions, 
  • Shining preparations [polish], 
  • Soda lye, 
  • Scale removing preparations for household purposes, 
  • Stain removers, 
  • Turpentine, for degreasing, 
  • Preparations for unblocking drain pipes, 

Varnish-removing preparations

  • Volcanic ash for cleaning, 
  • Wallpaper cleaning preparations,
  • Household fragrances, 
  • Incense, joss sticks
  • Air fragrancing preparations, 
  • Potpourris

Vehicle cleaning preparations

Windscreen cleaning liquids/windshield cleaning liquids.

Laundry preparations

  • Bleaching salts, 
  • Bleaching soda, 
  • Colour brightening chemicals used for household purposes [laundry]/colour-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]
  • Fabric softeners for laundry use, 
  • Laundry bleach/laundry bleaching preparations, 
  • Laundry blueing, 
  • Laundry preparations, 
  • Laundry wax, 
  • Laundry glaze, 
  • Quillaia bark for washing, 
  • Laundry soaking preparations/preparations for soaking laundry, 
  • Smoothing preparations [ starching ]
  • Starch glaze for laundry purposes, 
  • Soap for brightening textile, 
  • Starch for laundry purposes/laundry starch, 
  • Washing soda for cleaning

Leather & shoe cleaning & polishing preparations

  • Creams for leather/waxes for leather, 
  • Leather bleaching preparations, 
  • Shoe cream, 
  • Leather preservatives [polishes]/preservatives for leather [polishes], 
  • Shoe polish, 
  • Shoemakers’ wax.
  • Shoe wax, 


  • Abrasive paper, 
  • Abrasives*, 
  • Corundum [abrasive]
  • Diamantine [ abrasive ]
  • Carbides of metal [ abrasives ]
  • Emery paper, 
  • Emery, 
  • Emery cloth, 
  • Glass cloth, 
  • Polishing stones, 
  • Grinding preparations/sharpening preparations, 
  • Polishing paper, 
  • Sandcloth/abrasive cloth, 
  • Silicon carbide [abrasive], smoothing stones, 
  • Sandpaper/glass paper, 
  • Tripoli stone for polishing,

Tailors’ and cobblers’ wax, 

  • Cobblers’ wax, 
  • Tailors’ wax.


So, this is the long list of goods cited under the class 3 Trademark. To apply for a trademark related to these goods, you can visit the IP India portal and fill an e-form for the same. 

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