How to Protect Android Applications with the Help of Trademark Registration?

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Android Applications

Nowadays, everything from business to games is advanced. Whether it is a small, medium, or big business, every business focuses more on this technological advancement. Each business is building its own mobile application to enhance its customer services. As we all know, Android applications are software applications that are used by the public at large globally. These applications are discovered and distinguished by their names, logos, and descriptions.

The Trademark for Android Applications

Android is a free platform for everyone. It is openly available to every application inventor. One can develop the apps by downloading the Android SDK and broadcasting them around the planet. There are millions of applications available for Android. It is advised that if your application can achieve great success, then there should be a trademark registration.

With trademark registration, your application is protected from third-parties or infringers. By registering a trademark, you can ensure that your application name is exempted for use by other developers. A registered trademark can be considered a decent way to stop other applications from using your app’s name or design.

Why Trademark is needed for Android Apps?

As we can observe that the mobile applications have become fundamental to everyday activities and services. They need to be protected from duplication or illegal use by other people. Your app differentiates your product from other products and provides you with an application based customer engagement. There is always a chance taken of unauthorized use by another person.

Trade marking your application will protect your application from being used by others without your authorization. Thus the trademark registration will give the owner of the application the exclusive right to use the mark and differentiate their product / services from others. Trade marking your Application will protect your application from being availed by others without your authorization. Thus Trademark Registration will provide the application’s owner privileged right to avail the mark and differentiate their services or products from others.

Trademark Registration Steps for Android Applications in India

The below discussed are the steps taken to trademark an android applications.

trademark an android applications

An Original Name

There are more than a million applications available, so you will need to get creative here. If your idea is unique, a name may work on the simpler and more descriptive side in terms of not existing. New, unusual, or fabricated words and phrases will fare best as the original app name. If you planned to practice the name as a logo, or style version, you would need to decide how it will look. You will always get extensive protection on the “plain text” trademark, and most app searches are also shown as plain text.

Research on Application Name

With over a million applications out there, this can be a comprehensive procedure. There are also various different “classes” that the USPTO[1] applies to apps and software in transit to more easily organize and differentiates them. 

Retain a Trademark Attorney

In a situation like trade marking an app in business, the time and resources involved in researching its name are often too expensive to get over’s. Lawyers have the expertise to know what to search for and where and how to search.

Submit your App Trademark Application.

Trademark will receive their applications and paperwork in transit, to make a review process as favorable as possible. Even when you supply all the necessary submitted information, the review process will take 6 to 8 months. Be confident to follow a complete, error-free trademark registration – not only to assure that you are protecting everything you want (such as the logo or style version of your app name), but also be assured that your application will not be rejected or returned for further information.

Check out the Trademark Filing for Your Application.

Considering that your trademark application has been accepted and your trademark is registered as planned, prepare to start distributing your app to believe that another company is coming along and trying to claim the name or confuse other users with the same name.

Once your app gets out of there and becomes available, you should keep in mind what other results come up when you search for your name, and make sure that no one violates your registered mark Has been doing. Major app distribution channels will assist you in monitoring infringement (which is very rare for a trademarked product) and removing infringed applications. Nevertheless, be sure to keep yourself aware of the situation, as the world of technology can move ever-faster and faster

Benefit of Registering Trademark your Mobile Application

  • Registering a trademark assures you that your application name is cleared for use.
  • A registered trademark provides you maximum protection from infringers.
  • A registered trademark is the best way to have infringing APPs abolished.
  • You have the assumption of national ownership should anyone make a claim against you.


Yes, the trademark for Android Applications is required. Having a registered trademark for your App in Android is quite useful. It can keep your Application safe from third-party. By registering for the trademark, you will be having full ownership and control over the Application. Kindly contact with Corpbiz experts to no more about android application trademark registration.

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