Can Trademark Registration Impact Your Business? Let’s Figure it Out!

calendar19 Oct, 2020
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Trademark Registration Impact Your Business

One has to know why New Trademark Registration in India is important for running the business and how can a Trademark registration impact the business. The Trademark is proved to be an important asset which gradually helps the business to grow.

It is not compulsory rather useful for oneself to get their business trademarked and register the business’s name as a trademark. Once you have trademarked your business, then someone else cannot use anything similar enough to confuse customers. One will have right to protect the business legally.

Reasons how Trademark Registration Impact your Business

There are some important reasons discussed as in what ways the trademark registration impact the business:-

Trademark Registration

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Trademark Works like PR

Trademark is a way that puts company out as to recognise by the public. It gradually becomes the brand’s identity for the businesses. Hence, trademark is a face of a company. A reputation of a company, its services and products are determined by the presence of trademark’s goodwill in the market.  For instance, in any fashion industry, a trademark becomes an incentive for people to choose one brand over the other brand name. If the registered trademark strikes a chord with customers then they believe in quality offered and this bound the brand to grow high.

Trademark is An Asset for the Company

The brand’s value will increase with reputation of the business. Therefore, online trademark registration will further help to monetize the value in future. It is secured and becomes an asset of the company.  However, trademark registration is easily possible in the cases when the brand name is unique. Therefore, before applying a trademark, the trademark search is must.

Helps to Make Brand Famous in the Market

Today, the consumer markets have become global. Hence to make identity in the market one requires being unique and distinct from others. The recognition of the brand gets by its trade name or by its unique trademarked design such as the bottle of coca cola creates an impact on the consumer’s psyche. And hence it helped to make trademark/brand famous in the market and increase brands visibility for customers.

Open Avenues for Expansion of Business

Once registration is done and the trademark becomes safe, then it has a flexibility to go forward with an expansion from one industry to many more. In case in future, if owner plans to sell its business to any other corporation, then having a registered trademark will add to the company’s value.

Exclusivity in Business

Trademark Registration makes the brand exclusive. Similar trademarks cannot be filed or used, in case if someone tries to does so then the owner has the right to sue and claim for damages. Exclusivity brings clarity and avoids any confusion among the consumers. Hence, the customers identify the products and services by its unique trade name. It also helps in creating a market reputation and the trademark becomes the valuable face of a company.

Rights against Infringement and Legal Protection

The owner of the trademark has the right to sell, license, and make money out of the brand exclusively. The right to sue against the infringers is the most important right of a registered trademark owner. One can be sue against the infringement made in regards to trademark. Once the trademark is registered, it requires proper legal evidence in order to defend a trademark publicly.

Increases Credibility and Trust among Customers

It gives an idea to the client that the company is much more concerned about building a brand and serving authentic, quality products. The trust of the customers on the registered trademark is comparatively much more high then an unregistered or unrecognisable brand. The creditability of the customers will help in business to grow more and more.

Helps in Making Global Brand

Trademark registration in India helps the domestic traders to receive an exposure in the global market[1] by the way of the International Trademark System. Non-Resident Indians or the foreigners are eligible to register the trademark in India. Once a notional phase is complete, one will get an option to go for international Trademark registration under the Madrid protocol.

Right to use the Registered Symbol

Registered trademark allows to use registered symbol ® in the brand name either selling goods or services. Any company that wish to grow should invest in registering a trademark.  It helps the company thrive in so many ways if it’s structured and managed aptly. Trademarks registration proven to be most effective as it directly connects brand with the consumers. The trademark registration impact helps companies to create goodwill and build up a reputation with the customers on a personal basis.


The marketplace is crowded with so many competitors in the industry; it is hard to distinguish between your businesses from that of others. Here, trademark registration impact proves to be an efficient commercial communication tool capturing customer attention making your business stand out in the global market.

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