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A Complete Study of BIS ISI for Refrigerator

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BIS ISI for Refrigerator

BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards. It’s an autonomous body which maintains & formulates standards in India. The main objective of BIS is to protect the interest of Indian customers by ensuring the quality of goods or products they purchase. It also promotes standardization & conformity assessment activities in India. The BIS also provides standards for food, electronics, electrical, civil engineering, and other industries. These standards help industries improve their products and services and make them more competitive in the international market. The BIS is responsible for the certification of goods & services that meet BIS’s standards. In this blog, we will discuss the BIS ISI for Refrigerator.

The function of the BIS

The BIS is National Standards body of India working under the guidance of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution[1]. BIS was constituted on 26 January 1987 under the BIS Act, 1987, to develop standardization & quality assurance in India. Following are the main function of BIS:

  • To lay down standards for goods & services.
  • To establish laboratories to carry out tests & research related to standardization.
  • To act as a nodal agency to promote quality control & quality assurance in India.
  • To promote development & research in the field of standardization.
  • To disseminate details on standards through workshops, publications, conferences, etc.

What is Refrigerator?

The Refrigerators with/without low temperature are covered under IS 1476(Part 1): 2000. This standard (Part 1) specifies the important characteristics of fully factory assembled household refrigerators with/without crisper, ice making, frozen food storage compartments, and the test methods for determining those characteristics. The test described in the Indian standard is the type which applies to the Tropical Class (T) appliances. This standard applies to household refrigerating appliances classified as Tropical Class (T) and is intended for use in ambient temperatures of +18˚C to +43˚C.

Documents required to Obtain BIS ISI for Refrigerator

Following are some essential documents which require to obtain BIS ISI for Refrigerator in India:

  • Name & address of office & factory.
  • Documents showing the establishment of the manufacturing unit like Registration Certificate or Incorporation Certificate or MoA, etc.
  • MSME or SSI certificate (if applicable)
  • Manufacturing process flow covering all procedures of manufacture (from raw material to finished product stage)
  • List of manufacturing machinery with the machinery information.
  • Information on outsourcing of manufacturing operations (if applicable)
  • List of testing facilities & testing equipment.
  • Copies of valid calibration certificates of testing equipment
  • Third-party laboratory test report according to Indian Standards (if applicable)
  • Layout plan of the factory premises & map location plan of the factory
  • In-house or independent test report (if applicable)
  • If the authorized signatory signs the application, the authorization letter by the CEO in the authorized signatory’s name
  • In case of a foreign manufacturer or international applicant, nomination information of Indian agent & nomination form.

Procedure to obtain BIS ISI for Refrigerator

Following are the process to obtain BIS ISI for Refrigerator in India:

Step 1: Product Testing: The product for that the ISI mark certification is required must be tested in any BIS Authorized laboratory according to the designated Indian Standard. The BIS-authorized laboratory performs every test according to the guidelines mentioned under the Indian Standard & generated the test report.

Step 2: Application Filling: The applicant must fill out the application Form-V. And submit all essential documents as prescribed by the authority in the respective fields with all the information asked in the application. Once the information and documents are uploaded, the applicant needs to pay the licensing & surveillance fees.

Step 3: Inspection Process: After the application filling, the BIS officer and BIS authorized Inspection team will visit the factory premise to inspect the production and manufacturing unit. And also see all the facilities and working conditions.

Step 4: Verification Process: After the factory Inspection procedure, the BIS officer will verify the test report of product samples and all the essential documents.

Step 5: Grant of License: Once the test report is reviewed and verified, all the documents. And the BIS officer is satisfied with the test report and documents. Then BIS is granted the BIS ISI for Refrigerator.

Validity of the BIS ISI Certification

The BIS ISI Certificate grant by the BIS is valid for two years. The applicant can renew the BIS ISI Certification when there is no change in the concerned product & prescribed standards. The renewed BIS ISI Certificate will be valid for one year to 5 years.

Note: the BIS ISI Certificate renewal is subject to an annual advance minimum license fee & marking fee. If the BIS ISI certificate renewal application is filed after the expiry, the applicant must pay the late fee of Rs.5000.

Benefits of BIS ISI Certification for Refrigerator

Following are the advantages of obtaining BIS ISI for Refrigerator in India:

  • Gives authenticity to BIS-certified products as they deliver high-quality performance & reliability.
  • BIS ISI registration is granted after testing the samples of the products in BIS authorized labs, ensuring quality inspection & high quality of products.
  • Ensures quality standards as BIS registration products and goods are bound to follow a certain standard while manufacturing the products.
  • BIS-certified products minimize environmental risks as BIS has prohibited the usage of certain materials & chemicals under its prescribed norms.


If the products fall under the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, each manufacturer, importers, distributors, and foreign entities need to obtain BIS ISI Certification. The BIS may cancel the license if the product fails to meet certification requirements.

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BIS Certification

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