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How to Get BIS ISI for Pressure Cooker?

calendar12 Aug, 2022
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BIS ISI for Pressure Cooker

It is mandatory for pressure cookers to get BIS certification as per Indian Standards IS 2347. BIS ISI for pressure cookers has been mandated by the Bureau of Indian Standards, which is the National Standard Body of India, and was established under the BIS Act 2016[1]. The BIS, under the gazette of India, has set up orders and instructions for the manufacturing of Pressure Cookers.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a body that assures the standard and safety quality of a product manufactured in India. A BIS ISI guarantees a customer that the product is safe and reliable and can be used by a customer without any safety quality issues.

What is BIS?

BIS is a certification of assurance provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India. BIS certificate is an assurance of a product’s quality, standard, safety, durability and reliability for its customers. The BIS operates for various other things like providing certificates to products, formulating standards, testing products, hallmarking, etc.

The BIS certification of products is completely voluntary, but the Government of India has made it necessary for certain products to obtain a BIS certification in order to maintain public safety and health. The BIS ISI allows the license holders to use the ISI mark on their products. The ISI mark is a standard for quality and reliability.

BIS ISI for Pressure Cooker is provided by the BIS. ISI mark is a mark provided by BIS to any product that ensures the quality and reliability of the product. There are certain products which require mandatory certification of ISI mark, and without which, it will not be allowed for those products to be sold in India. ISI mark ensures the safety of the customers.

Along with other products, the Pressure cookers also are under the mandatory list of BSI ISI requirements in India. The pressure cookers are certified under Indian Standards IS-2347 in India. The BIS has also issued key requirements of quality checks for pressure cookers.

Quality Standard of Pressure cooker

BIS ISI for Pressure cookers in India is certified under IS-2347. The nominal range by which a pressure cooker can hold something has to be somewhere between 1 to 22 Litres. It is mandatory for a pressure cooker to be made with some specific materials, especially the parts of the cooker that comes in contact with food, water, heat, and steam shall be made of the following materials-

  • The materials used to make a pressure cooker must not discolour the food or spoil the food item in terms of any kind of taste, odour or colour infused in food while cooking in the cooker.
  • The food cooked in the cooker shall not harm the cooker in terms of quality and standard. The safety and efficiency of the food shall remain the same after cooking the food.

Quality Measures to Obtain BIS ISI for Pressure Cooker

To maintain quality control, there are a few tests that are required to be conducted in order to obtain BIS ISI for pressure cooker. Those tests are as follows-

  • Test to check Air pressure
  • Test to check Proof pressure
  • Operating test to check pressure regulation of devices
  • Safety pressure relief device testing
  • Test to check bursting pressure
  • Checking of lid removal under pressure
  • Spring-loaded mechanism test

The tests conducted for the quality check must be done for each pressure cooker of the same type in order to check the quality of the entire group. As per Indian Standards IS 2437: 2017, the labelling and marking shall be done as specified according to the standards, where-

Each cooker should be marked according to the capacity it holds. The marking should be done on the body of the cooker, and the manufacturer’s name or any trademark should be imprinted on the body as well as the lid of the cooker. The mark should be present in the carton as well.

The ISI mark can also be stamped on the body of the pressure cooker. BIS ISI for Pressure Cooker must be obtained in order to use the ISI mark on the aforementioned places on the product. However, the license is granted only after making sure that the products pass all the quality and safety measures required by BIS in order to maintain standardization. The BSI first checks all the measures like the manufacturing premise, the manufacturing process, quality check and other relevant tests before granting a BIS ISI.

Documents required to obtain BIS ISI for Pressure Cooker

The documents required in order to obtain an ISI certificate may vary from product to product. However, the general requirement of the documents which are to be submitted by the manufacturer in order to obtain the BIS ISI are as follows-

  • ID proof, including the address of the office and factory
  • Incorporation certificate/ Registration certificate/MoU, etc. of the Factory, or any such document which shows the establishment of the factory.
  • MSME/SSI certificate (if applicable)
  • Flowchart of the manufacturing process, with details of the entire manufacturing process
  • List of machinery involved in the manufacturing process, along with all the machinery details
  • Details of outsourcing of the manufacturing operations (if applicable)
  • Details of testing equipment and facilities
  • Copies of all the valid calibration certificates of testing equipment involved
  • Third-party lab test report, as per BIS (If applicable)
  • Details and layout of factory location and factory premises
  • Test report (In-house or Independent- if applicable)
  • Authorization letter from the CEO, if the application is signed by an authorized signatory
  • In the case of a foreign manufacturer/ applicant, details of the Indian agent and nomination form

Process to Obtain BIS ISI for Pressure Cooker

To receive the BIS ISI for a pressure cooker, the following procedure is followed-

  • A relevant product code is selected.
  • For the registration of ISI mark, an online application form must be filled up. There are certain documents required along with the application form, which is to be submitted.
  • A BIS officer is authorized for the inspection and completes a survey of the manufacturing premise.
  • The samples are submitted by the BIS officer after the inspection and survey.
  • A performance review report is prepared after the lab test
  • The license is granted by BIS if the product stands up to all the standard requirements by BIS.


In order to sell a product in India, it is required to prove that the product is safe and does not compromise the quality and standards. For this reason, there is a certification process required for some products, which is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS in India. BIS is the standardization authority of India. The product, in order to pass the certification process, passes through multiple quality and standard tests before receiving an ISI mark certification in India.  

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