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A Complete Study of BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers

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BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is the National Standard Body of India introduced under the BIS Act, 2016[1] for the harmonious growth of the activities of marking, standardisation and quality certification of products and matters connected in addition to that or incidental to it. BIS has been providing tangibility & traceability advantages to the national economy in several ways- providing safety, quality and reliability of products. They are minimising health hazards to consumers, promoting imports & exports substitutes, controlling the proliferation of varieties, etc., by standardisation, testing and certification. Certain products are required to have BIS Certification mandatory, considering public health & safety. Some products require mandatory BIS certification, such as Diesel engines, oil pressure stoves, medical equipment, steel products, electrical transformers, and more. In this blog, we will discuss the BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers.

What is BIS?

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is a national standards body which is promoting & regulating the standards of products in India. The BIS has set-up eight Central, Four regional, & three branch laboratories in India to test the product samples during the preliminary & surveillance operation. The BIS Certification for products, even voluntary, is encouraged by the government for the following objectives:

  • It provides a safeguard to public health.
  • It protects the customers from hazardous products.
  • It provides quality assurance.
  • It promotes customers’ confidence.

What are Electrical Transformers?

Electrical Transformer: A device that steps up or down the voltage as it transmits electrical energy from one alternating-current circuit to one/more other circuits. Transformers are used for many functions, including raising the voltage from electric generators to enable long-distance electricity transmission and lowering the voltage of conventional power circuits to run low-voltage devices like doorbells and toy electric trains.

The Important Activities That BIS Undertakes

Following are the essential activities that the BIS undertakes:

  • Developing Registration Schemes;
  • Other I-Care Activities;
  • Training & Consumer Awareness;
  • Formulating Standards;
  • Granting of Certification;
  • International Coordination.

Advantages of Obtaining BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers

The following are significant Advantages of obtaining BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers:

  • It helps in the Total Quality Management (TQM) of the products.
  • It serves as solid evidence of the product quality.
  • It opens the floodgates of global recognition & allows domestic manufacturers to access the untapped international market.
  • It allows the management to establish customised quality management.
  • It ensures that proper utilisation of resources takes place.
  • Aids the business in improving its reputation over time.
  • It permits the manufacturer to get liberated of the overhead expenses in manufacturing the final product.

Documents required for Obtaining BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers

Following are some vital Documents which need to obtain BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers in India:

  • Name & proof of address of office and factory premises.
  • SSI or MSME certificate (if applicable)
  • List of manufacturing machinery with information on machinery.
  • List of detailed testing facilities & testing devices.
  • Test report of third-party Laboratory according to Indian Standards (if applicable).
  • Independent or in-house test report (if applicable)
  • If the foreign manufacturer or international applicant, nomination information of Indian agent & nomination form.
  • Documents showing the establishment of the manufacturing premises like Registration Certificate, Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum of Association, etc.
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process, including all methods of manufacture (from raw material to finished product stage).
  • Information on outsourcing of manufacturing operation (if applicable).
  • Copies of valid calibration certificates of testing devices.
  • Layout plan of the factory and map location of the factory.
  • If the application is signed by the authorised signatory, the authorisation letter by the CEO in the name of the authorised signatory name.  

Procedure to obtain BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers

The BIS ISI registration process generally involves the licensing & Surveillance process. The following are the process to obtain BIS ISI for Electrical Transformers:

  • The applicant submits the BIS registration application.
  • The BIS officer shall visit the factory for an inspection.
  • After the inspection, the sample product will be tested in BIS authorised Laboratory.
  • After completion of the examination, the BIS officer shall derive the final result.

After the inspection and test process, the BIS officer and inspection team will conduct the surveillance procedure to conduct a complete inspection & survey of the Factory premises. Following are the process of the Surveillance:

  • The BIS officer and inspection team will visit the factory to testify to the test results.
  • The inspection officer will send the product sample to the independent labs.
  • The test result will give a brief complaint on the investigation
  • The performance review of the test result will be prepared
  • Once the test report is reviewed, the BIS ISI Certification is granted.


BIS is a significant organisation that actively promotes quality control and standardisation in India. Every Indian must know the BIS and its duties. Additionally, BIS has a Consumer Affairs Bureau that assists customers in settling concerns regarding goods or services. Additionally, it offers details on consumer rights and how to uphold them.

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BIS Certification

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