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An Overview of BIS ISI for Electric Toys

calendar26 Jul, 2022
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BIS ISI for Electric Toys

Bureau of Indian Standards publishes ten Indian Standards on safety aspects of Toys related to physical safety, chemical safety, Electrical Safety, and flammability. Seven of these BIS standards are the part of Quality Control Order on the protection of toys mandate that toys for children under 14 years of age bear BIS ISI Mark. No person is permitted to manufacture, import, distribute or sell, hire, store, lease or exhibit for sale without obtaining BIS ISI for Electric Toys.

Requirements for BIS ISI Certification for Toys

  • To grow the efficiency & ease of the BISI ISI Certification either for Import of toys or BIS ISI for Domestic toys, manufacturers who apply may choose standards based on the types of the toy. However, the samples going to be tested through BIS for conformity to the primary standard & secondary standards that are applicable, i.e. IS 9873 parts 1, 2,3,4,7 & 9, etc., toys shall conform to the corresponding standard.
  • In case a manufacturer of toys has manufacturing units operating in different locations than according to the provision of Scheme-1 of Schedule-II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulation, 2018, the license to apply or use an ISI Mark only be issued by BIS for each manufacturing unit/premises the manufacturer has to apply separately, does not matter if the manufacturer willing to obtain BIS ISI Mark for Toys is a domestic or importer. 
  • If BIS Certificate for Toys is required for more than one type of toy (i.e. electric or non-electric), separate applications should be a file for each type.
  • If a manufacturer of toys is involved in marketing & distribution, not a manufacturer of toys, then the order doesn’t apply to the particular practice. According to the provisions of Scheme-1 of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018, the manufacturer is given the applying party for BIS Certification for toys.

What are Electric Toys?

These toys are electricity powered. The BIS ISI for Electric toys comes under the applicable standard IS 15644: 2006. The toys that come under BIS Registration for electric toys are the ones that are electricity-dependent.

Documents required to obtain BIS ISI Certification of Toys

Following are the vital documents required for toys BIS ISI Certification:

  • Details and copies of factory registration;
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process;
  • Adequate testing facilities;
  • Identity proof;
  • Quality Control Parameters & their records;
  • Information of authorized signatory & other related documents;
  • Test report by the lab and further details as per BIS norm.

Process of obtaining the BIS ISI for Electric Toys in India

Following are the processes to obtain the BIS ISI for Electric Toys in India:

  • For getting BIS License for Electric toys in case you are a domestic manufacturer
  1. Your first course of business in getting safety registration for Electric toys is to create a login on the official website.
  2. Select the BIS standard[1] as per your product.
  3. File the online application & ensure that every information put in regarding the safety registration for Electric toys is thorough.
  4. Provide all the essential documents required for safety marking on Electric Toys.
  5. Once you have applied and have been notified that the information is correct, get ready for the inspection. After you are, confirm the inspection date.
  6. On the inspection date, the BIS officials visit your manufacturing premises and check your facilities. They will generate a thorough report on inspection that decides where or not you will obtain the BIS ISI Certification.
  7. If the auditor deems your application & the inspection worthy, you will obtain the BIS ISI for Electric Toys.
  • To get BIS License for Electric toys in case the manufacturer is foreign.
  1. Domestic and foreign manufacturers must get BIS certificates for imported electric toys via the BIS website.
  2. Similar to the case of domestic manufacturers where you have to choose a standard per your product requirement.
  3. Choose the type of product certification you are looking for: for toy registration by BIS for your Electric toys, as a foreign manufacturer must choose the product certification.
  4. Fill out the product application form.
  5. Submit all required documents.
  6. The application will be assessed.
  7. As a foreign manufacturer, you had to take care of the expenses of the auditors sent through the BIS to your country. Take care of the same & get your manufacturing premises inspected.
  8. Once the inspector approves your manufacturing procedure and the electric toys, you will get the BIS ISI for Electric toys.


At last, toy manufacturers & importers must obtain a BIS ISI License/Certificate to use the standard ISI for Electric toys. Electric toys without the ISI mark are not permitted to be sold in India.

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