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A Complete Study of BIS ISI for Electrical Motors

calendar23 Jul, 2022
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BIS ISI for Electrical Motors

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) issue the ISI mark for electric motors. The manufacturer has to complete the documentation and testing by BIS to certify the product with the ISI mark. The factory will need to be physically audited by the BIS officer. The process for obtaining an ISI mark is known as BIS ISI Certification. Generally, obtaining BIS ISI Certification is a voluntary act. There are some electrical items or products, like appliances, wires, electrical motors, etc which requires BIS ISI Certification. Our focus in this article is on BIS ISI for Electrical Motors.

An Overview of BIS

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)[1] is the national standards Department of India, working under the protection of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, and the Government of India. This is established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986, which came into effect on December 23, 1986. The Minister in charge of the Ministry/Department has administrative control of the BIS.

ISI Mark is mandatory for the electrical products to be sold in India, like electrical motors, wires, switches, etc. ISI creates a sense of safety assurance, durability & reliability of Electronic products. It is proof that the product is up to standard and it’s safe to use. Without ISI registration, certain products such as electrical appliances and industrial products cannot be sold in India.

The benefits of a BIS ISI Mark for Products

There are several benefits of getting BIS ISI for Products:

  • An ISI-marked product guarantees its quality to the customers;
  • An ISI-marked product guarantees better performance & longer shelf life;
  • ISI mark on the products gives new trust to standardization, reliability, quality control, and safety of the products for the users.
  • An ISI-marked product reduces business losses as well as product rejection.
  • In case the users are not satisfied with the quality of the product with the BIS ISI, then the company will give the users new products in return for it.

Documents required for getting BIS ISI for Electrical Motors

Following are the documents required to get the BIS ISI for products:

  • Address proof of the manufacturing unit;
  • If the property is rented, then you have to submit a rent agreement;
  • A copy of the test report by the BIS authorized Lab.
  • All information regarding the quality control staff, such as Name, Designation, Experience and Qualifications;
  • List of Manufacturing machinery;
  • Copy of Trademark Registration (if any);
  • Insurance Policy;
  • Electricity bill;
  • Aadhar Card of the company directors;
  • Driving License;
  • Telephone bill;
  • Copy of calibration certificates of test devices.
  • Bank Statement.

Procedure for BIS ISI for Electrical Motors

Following are the Steps for BIS ISI for Electrical Motors:-

Steps 1: Organize the Lab Test Report by BIS

  • Collecting the sample from the manufacturing site
  • Provide a sample of the products for testing
  • Select the BIS-recognized Lab
  • Get the report of the test

Step 2: Apply Application for BIS ISI for Electrical Motors

  • Identification of Application.
  • Compiling of documents
  • Filling of form
  • Submit the application

Step 3: Manual Prepared

  • Technical Specification
  • Preparation of product technical manual

Step 4: Documentations

  • Technical Documentation
  • Declaration of Supportive Evidence
  • Declaration of Conformity

Step 5: Submit the test report and request for Inspection

  • Collection of required samples & documents for lab testing
  • Submit the appropriation of the ISI Code filled-up form for lab testing.

Step 6: Inspection by the Department

  • An inspection team will visit the premises;
  • The inspection team will verify the quality and process as per standard.

Step 7: Closure of Non-Conformity (if required)

  • Rectify the procedure if the inspection team points out;
  • Intimate to and get verified from the department

Step 8: Get the BIS ISI for Electrical Motors

Levy of Penalty for Falsification of BIS ISI

Where it finds that the manufacturer of any product counterfeits the registered mark, then a penalty of Rs.50,000 & imprisonment of up to 1 year will be a levy on that manufacturer.


Indian Standard Institute is also referred to as ISI. The manufacturer of the goods or products must register for the BIS ISI Mark. A product with a BIS ISI Mark is guaranteed to be safe for usage. The symbol assures the consumer that the item or product is of high quality. However, ISI aids in preserving a positive connection between the client and the producer.

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BIS Certification

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