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Complete Overview of BIS Hallmarking Regulations

calendar30 May, 2022
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BIS Hallmarking Regulations

The BIS Hallmarking Scheme was set in accordance with the “International Criteria of Hallmarking.” The BIS Hallmarking Scheme, which is a Registered Scheme, grants Jewellers to get the Jewellery that they intend to sell to be hallmarked via any of the BIS Recognised Assaying and Hallmarking Centers. The BIS Recognition for the Assaying and Hallmarking Centers is granted in accordance with IS 15820:2009.

BIS Hallmarking Regulations are set in accordance with that the Hallmarking is the precise assurance and Official Recording of the Proportionate Substance of Valuable Metal in Valuable Metal Articles. Hallmarking is hence, the Official Mark utilised in numerous Nations as an assurance of virtue or quality of Valuable Metal Articles. The guidelines set by the Hallmarking Scheme are to safeguard general society against tarnishing and to indicate an obligation towards the producers to keep up with lawful norms of quality of the Valuable Metals.

In India, in the current scenario, two Valuable Metals, specifically, Gold and Silver, have been brought under the domain of Hallmarking. On 14th June 2018, it was made mandatory by the Central Government with the consultation of BIS in accordance with Section 14 (1) of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016[1] via a governmental notification that the Valuable Metal Jewellery, i.e., Gold and Silver have to be Hallmarked in accordance with the BIS Hallmarking Regulations.

Requirements of Hallmarking as per BIS Hallmarking Regulations

BIS Hallmarking Regulations are needed for the determination and maintenance of Official Records for the Proportionate quantity of the Valuable Metal with precision. The Procedure for Hallmarking jewellery is stated as follows –

  • Quality Control Order required for hallmarking of gold jewellery issued by the Government of India makes hallmarking compulsory in 256 areas of the nation where there is at least one BIS Recognised Assaying and Hallmarking Center. The compulsory Hallmarking Order is implied on 14, 18 and 22 carats of gold jewellery.
  • For the purpose of Hallmarking jewellery, the Jeweller to sell the Hallmarked Jewellery, has to mandatorily Register for Hallmarking under BIS.
  • The Jeweler’s Registration can be done online and offline. The enrollment for Registration of Jewellers is free, and the validity of the Hallmark registration is for a lifetime.
  • The Registered Jeweller needs to submit the hallmarking to the BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centre. The BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centre are Centers whose purpose is to conduct tests on the Jewellery to determine its true quality and authenticity.
  • Subsequent to testing, the BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centre applies the Hallmark on Jewellery which is tracked down upon meeting the necessities of the BIS Hallmarking Regulations.
  • The BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centre can apply for recognition to BIS online. The recognition is granted to the BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centre for Hallmarking of Jewelleries after the verification of the building requirements, capability and competency of personnel to carry out Assaying & Hallmarking.
  • Through the entire process of recognition, there is an inclusion of –
  1. an Audit of the BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centres
  2. Submission of Audit Report
  3. Grant of Recognition or Renewal has been Automated.
  • BIS Assaying and Hallmarking can also be done online in an Automated Computerised Procedure.
  • The Jeweller then presents the solicitation for Hallmarking online, and the information needed that can also be observed on a real-time basis, such as –
  1. Inward Receipt and Weighment
  2. XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) Report
  3. Sampling
  4. Fire Assay
  5. Laser Marking
  • Towards the end of testing, a Unique Six Digit Alpha Numerical Code is created from the BIS Servers for every Jewellery and is Laser Marked apart by the BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centre on the jewellery along with the BIS Logo and the Purity Mark.
  • For Hallmarking of Gold Metal, the BIS Hallmarking Regulations states three grades for Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery –
  1. 14 Carat Gold
  2. 18 Carat Gold
  3. 22 Carat Gold
  • For Hallmarking of Silver Metal, the BIS Hallmarking Regulations states Six grades for Hallmarking of Silver Alloys for Silver Jewellery.
  • The charges applicable for Hallmarking of Jewellery which is determined irrespective of the weightage of Jewellery, are as follows –
  1. INR 35 for Gold Jewellery
  2. INR 25 for Silver Jewellery
  • After the Registration is Granted to the Jeweller, BIS has the authorisation to conduct an inspection by visiting their retail shops, and Sample Test random Hallmarked Jewellery being sold following the set BIS Hallmarking Regulations for BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centres that currently in India are set in –
  1. Chennai
  2. Sahibabad
  3. Kolkata
  • If there is a failure in determining the authenticity of the sample when tested, strict actions are to be taken on both the Jeweller and the BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centres by BIS.
  • BIS also has the authorisation to conduct random Inspections, Surveillance and Audits on the BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centres to determine if the BIS Hallmarking Regulations are being maintained.


As per last year, by 31st December 2021, approximately 1.30 Lakh Jewellers had Registered under BIS for the purpose of selling Hallmarked Jewellery with the maintenance of the BIS Hallmarking Regulations and currently, 1004 of BIS Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centres are available in India. Last year, 4.49 Crore Jewellery was hallmarked offline; physically and through the Automated Computerised Procedure that was introduced last year, 5.5 Crore Jewellery was Hallmarked.

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