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BIS Certification For Hubless Centrifugally Cast Iron Pipes

calendar28 Apr, 2023
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BIS Certification For Hubless Centrifugally Cast Iron Pipes

Hubless centrifugally cast iron pipes, fittings, and accessories experiences consistent demand in various plumbing applications throughout the year. Since cast iron is a highly robust and durable metal, it serves as an ideal material for plumbing applications. IS 15909:2011, an Indian Standard, covers these pipes and fittings and specifies testing and quality requirements. The manufacturer of these products needs to comply with this standard and thus must secure BIS Certification without fail. Let’s discover the process of securing BIS Certification for hubless centrifugally cast iron pipes.

An Overview Of IS 15905:2011 and Norms Therein

IS 15905:2011 specifies norms about how Hubless centrifugally cast (spun) iron pipes, fittings, and accessories should be tested for quality.

The Bureau of Indian Standards takes a reference to this standard to outline testing requirements, which serve as a basis for qualifying for BIS registration.

The pipe and fittings covered under the standard are not used for non-pressure applications. There are essentially used in gravity drainage where fluid pressure is significantly low.

The fittings and accessories that fall under this standard are manufactured by sand casting. This standard requires these pipes and fittings to be hubless i.e. spigot type and without sockets.

As far as the measurements are concerned, the standard outlines the nominal sizes of pipes and fittings, which are technically denoted by DN, as 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 mm.

Cast iron used in the pipes and fitting production must adhere to the FG 150 grade, as cited in IS 210. Pipes, fittings, and accessories must undergo a stripping process without causing any damage to the surface.

Test and Marking Norms for BIS Certification for Hubless Centrifugally Cast Iron Pipes

The pipe and fittings must undergo the following tests to become eligible for BIS registration:

  1. Crush test on pipe rings
  2. Hammer test
  3. Hydrostatic test

Each Pipe, Fitting, And Accessory Should Highlight A Standard Marking Enclosing:

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Production year
  • Nominal Diameter
  • Any other specified mark required by the buyer

The standard mark (ISI mark) should be applied to these products as it helps garner recognition in the given market. But you cannot use ISI marking unless you have BIS approval. The Bureau accords the registration after examining the production infrastructure, quality management, and test capabilities.

Documents to Apply For BIS Certification for Hubless Centrifugally Cast Iron Pipes

Following are the vital documents required for BIS Certification for hubless centrifugally cast iron pipes:

  • Technical specs of the pipes, fittings, and accessories.
  • List of available standards for quality management
  • Details concerning the in-house lab and resources therein
  • Production premises paperwork such as ownership documents and business registration
  • Lab report from BIS-certified lab
  • Authorization letter for allowing an agent to file an application

How To Secure BIS Certification For Hubless Centrifugally Cast Iron Pipes?

Applying for a BIS license is a promising step toward ensuring that your products conform to standards concerning safety, quality, and reliability.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the apex institution that formulates, enacts, and amends such standards as and when required in view of the Indian Standards. You are required to follow the given steps to obtain the BIS Certification for hubless centrifugally cast iron pipes:

  • Step 1: Find out Which Standards Cover Your Product

Ascertaining which standard applies to your product is the first step in this process. To do so, you must visit the BIS portal[1] and get access to the list of IS codes that encompasses different products.

  • Step 2: Pass the Mandatory Product Tests

The second step requires applicants to test their products for performance and quality from a certified lab. The lab shall perform the following tests before concluding that products conform to the underlying standards.

  • Crush test on pipe rings
  • Hammer test
  • Hydrostatic test

If non-conformity appears during the test shall be shared with the applicant via a detailed report.

  • Step 3: File a Web-Based Application

This step requires the applicant to file a web-based application on the BIS portal. The e-form for BIS certification shall prompt the applicant to fill up the information concerning the following:

  • Testing capabilities
  • Plant address
  • Quality management system
  • Product detail and production process

Once you successfully filled out the application, the portal will direct you to upload the mandatory paperwork and furnish the application fee, which also includes the on-site vetting charges.

  • Step 4: Inspection

As the name suggests, this step involves a rigorous vetting procedure in which authority personnel performs some legal checks as per the standard to determine any non-conformity. Also, the officials will pick some samples for testing and send them to the certified lab if required.

Step 5: Grant of certification

After reviewing the lab report and other paperwork, the authority will decide whether or not to accord the BIS Certification for hubless centrifugally cast iron pipes. The authority can revoke the application if they found any non-conformity in the test report and vice versa.


Securing BIS Certification for hubless centrifugally cast iron pipes will clear the legal barrier for affixing the ISI marking. The manufacturers can continue to use this mark as long as the certification stays valid. BIS has the power to revoke the registration at any instance once they detect any non-compliance concerning product quality.

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