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Viable Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts in the Healthcare Industry

calendar25 Feb, 2021
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Outsourcing Accounts in the Healthcare Industry

Like any other sectors, the healthcare companies are encountering fierce rivalry from each other in the current scenario. To maximize growth, they are exploring new innovative ideas to streamline their accounting work. In the Healthcare Industry, the core functions are patient care and treatment.

Apart from that, various other functions such as accounting and finance adhere to great importance for successive healthcare firms. In this blog, we will see why Healthcare firms often seek to outsource their accounting work to a third-party and what the viable benefits of doing so are.

Why Healthcare Industry Shifting Towards Account Outsourcing?

Expertly managed accounts allow medical companies to track revenue & expenses with accuracy and ease. It also enables the top management to make the informed decision related to finances for the future. It also assists during the taxation & tax preparation process due to the availability of productive metrics and data. The accounting employees can also render productive financial advice in the case where the situation becomes critical for the company. But hiring candidates with the right skill and qualifications is somewhat difficult for health care firms. 

The medical companies aim to keep their reputation intact as long as possible. Their reputation is built on their attention to detail, dedication, and of course, quality of services. The relationships between health care companies & customers can last for years. To minimize the work load on employees, minimizing infrastructure costs and class-lading services, the health care companies often hand their financing department to third-party via outsourcing.

For a healthcare industry, the accounting services adhere to immense importance. These services are imperative for carrying operations such as payroll services, account payable, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, etc. All these functions play a pivotal role in keeping an accurate record of the financial transaction, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and seamless cash flow.

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Tasks that can be Handed Over to Third-Party to Ensure Better Cash Flow Management

  • Patient Demographic Entry
  • Patient’s Reconciliation
  • Account Receivables
  • Follow-up with Insurance companies
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Medical Claim Processing
  • Denial Management
  • ICD and CPT coding
  • Health claim Transmission
  • Reports creation.

Significance of the Accounting Functions for Better Cash Flow Management

Following are the essential facets of accounting framework that impact the growth of a company in one way or another.

Significance of the Accounting Functions for Better Cash Flow Management

Accounts Payable

Like any other company, the seamless management of medical account payable assists in managing good bonding with creditors & ensuring uninterrupted supplies.

Accounts Receivable

By accurately handling the medical accounts receivable process, the medical companies can ensure an uninterrupted cash flow for carrying daily operations.

Payroll Services

These services are imperative for keeping the workers of the company satisfied in terms of proper delivery of remunerations of their services.


This function assists in managing records for daily business transactions & helps in estimating gross revenue and expenditure. 

Bank Reconciliation

These services are meant for minimizing the errors between the bank statements and the medical firm’s statements to avert any confusion. In the past few years, outsourcing medical accounting services to third-party firms has emerged as a popular trend. 

Potential Benefits that Healthcare Industry can reap via Account Outsourcing

The main reasons behind the aforesaid phenomenon have been briefed in the following section. 


There is a huge difference in the currency’s value of the developed countries & developing nations. Appointing accounting staff in India for in-house management is a costly affair when contrasted with hiring outsourcing services based in the rest of the Asian countries.

So it’s apparent that outsourcing can help in saving ample funds, which can be further invested in the demanding area of the company. Furthermore, it can also help in reducing internal costs.

Follows Latest Methodologies for Higher Accuracy

The third-party firm has easy access to highly-skilled staff and the latest technology for carrying the accountancy operations effectively. So the outcome rendered by these firms is relatively more accurate than the results offered by the in-house workforce. Better accountancy leads to effective and growth-oriented business planning.

Ensure Unparallel Security to Client’s Data

For a medical company, the security of the Client’s data is immensely important. The outsourcing firms are dependable and make sure that the Client’s data is managed properly and kept beyond the reach of the intruders. There is no requirement to have a concern regarding the protection of data while outsourcing services to third-party. 

Prompt Turn-Around Time (TAT)

The time zones of nations like the US and India[1] differ significantly from each other. Owing to this fact, the work delegated in the morning can be completed by the evening. This distinctive feature of prompt turnaround time makes the outsourcing firms immensely useful.

Create an Opportunity to Maximize the Growth of Core Areas

Through accounting is not a core function of a medical company, the main functions are apparently patient care. So for these companies with limited employees, outsourcing services can prove to be a profitable proposition.   

Enables Businesses to Expand Further

While keeping the accounting task immaculate through outsourcing, the healthcare industry can shift their entire focus on things that directly impact their growth. Outsourcing gives them a chance to hone their core areas and even open the doorway for further expansion. 


Accounting forms a vital part of any company plays a pivotal role in the systematic and smooth running of the operations. For healthcare industry, accounting processes need to be performed with extreme delicacy due to innumerable rules and regulations.  

Healthcare accounting is hard to manage as it seeks unparallel attention and capital to stay flawless and errorless. Appointing a qualified workforce for in-house account management can cost a fortune, and that’s where outsourcing comes into the picture. It is swift, reliable, precise, and, more importantly, growth-oriented.

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