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About Sushree Dash

Sushree Dash has completed BBA-LLB with a specialization in IPR Laws from KIIT University. As a recent graduate, she has both legal and management internship experience in international law firms, Indian law firms and under Indian litigation. She secures good drafting skills for various legal documents in multiple fields of law. She has also published multiple research papers in reputed UGC approved international journals.

How to Get ISI Certification for Mineral Water Plant?

ISI Mark or also known as Indian Standard Institute Mark is a specific mark issued by the Indian Standard Institute or ISI, which is a governmental body established in India that falls under the authorisation of the Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS. As authorised by BIS, ISI Mark is a Product Certification that is […]

IPRS License: When and How to Obtain it?

IPRS License stands for Indian Performing Right Society Limited License. The IPRS License is to provide legal protection for the people in the music industry in place of IPRS members, who can be Music Composers, Music Lyricists, and Publishers from the Music Publishing Companies for collecting Royalties for Music Users. After the payment of required […]

An Overview of License for Plywood Factory in UP

Due to the initiatives that are taken by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, approximately 35% of the factories that took part in the online application process initiative are plywood factories, veneers, etc. This helps in the growth of net Plywood manufacturing in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This will also lead to demand for wood […]

An overview of the BOCW Scheme

The Building and Other Construction Workers Scheme, also known as BOCW Scheme, is a scheme introduced that assists unskilled labourers by helping them solve issues related to their intensive work and unfavourable conditions. This scheme is for citizens employed in infrastructure construction labour work who are categorized under unorganized labourers who are accustomed to working […]