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I have completed B.A.LL.B (Hons) from The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. I have also done a Diploma in Cyber Law and currently pursuing a post graduation diploma in IPR from GNLU.I am an avid researcher. My interest areas are Labour Law, Cyber law and Intellectual Property rights law.

A Comprehensive Guide to Remedies against Cheque Bounce

Cheques offer a safe way to make payments. Compared to carrying significant quantities of cash, they can be monitored, and the signature on the cheque can be confirmed, lowering the risk of fraud. A tangible record of a financial transaction is provided by cheques. A copy of the cheque is sent to both the payee […]

Battery Waste Management Rules 2023

An increasingly important aspect of environmental sustainability is battery waste management, which is becoming more and more important as advances in technology cause a boom in the use of batteries in a variety of industries. In India, where the population is increasing and the economy is expanding quickly, it is critical to solve the issues […]

Importance of Professional Company Registration Services

Depending on your preferences and business goals, the first step in starting a company in India is to select an appropriate business structure, such as a Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or Private Limited Company. After deciding on the organizational structure, you must choose a distinctive and suitable name for your business and obtain […]

A Guide on Recycling of Lead Scrap 

Lead has the highest recycling rate of all metals. Due to its resistance to corrosion, lead scrap may be recycled for decades or even centuries after it is made, according to lead scrap providers. New environmental laws in many countries have led to a major decline in the dissipative uses of lead, which included paint, […]

Tech Revolution: Transforming Modern Bookkeeping Services

Organizing, classifying, and maintaining a company’s financial records are all part of bookkeeping. Maintaining accurate financial records of all transactions and the associated paperwork is necessary to monitor an organization’s overall financial well-being. The majority of businesses nowadays use digital accounting software, either simple spreadsheets or more sophisticated accounting programs, to keep track of their […]

What are the top 10 reasons to register a Company online?

Register a company online in India: The Company is recognized as a legal entity created by many people to do business. One of the first steps toward a company’s existence in the market is its registration, which must be completed. Therefore, the first step in establishing and smoothly operating a firm is company registration. Here […]

Understanding Legal Metrology Compliance for Business

In India, there are several phases involved in launching a pre-packaged commodities company. To start a pre-packed Legal Metrology Compliance for Business in India following the general guide:- Market Research: To determine the demand for pre-packaged goods in your selected industry, carry out in-depth market research. Recognize your competition, your target market, and the general […]

Class-A Medical Device Manufacturing Business in India

The regulatory approval and registration of medical devices by the CDSCO under the relevant authority regulate their categorization by the CDSCO. In India, medical device regulations are based on the 1940 Drug and Cosmetics Act and the 1945 Drugs and Cosmetics regulations. This applies to all medical devices. The CDSCO classification system provides a collection […]

Suggestions to Avoid Cancellation of PSARA License in India

The private security sector is essential to the protection of people, places of business, and public areas. It is imperative to regulate the operations of private security organizations in order to uphold quality standards, professionalism, and accountability while the demand for security services keeps growing. A framework for the licensing and regulation of private security […]

Kerala Pollution Control Board: Online Registration

The Kerala State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is tasked with one of its main duties, which is to guarantee the application of environmental acts and legislation in light of Kerala’s environmental consciousness. Therefore, the following are eligible to apply for the Kerala NOC: traders, e-waste management entities, manufacturing facilities, hazardous waste management entities, battery waste […]

Consent to Establish DPCC

Delhi Pollution Control Committee Consent, or DPCC Consent for short, is a legal authorization needed by companies and industries doing business in Delhi, India, to make sure they follow all applicable environmental laws and rules. Establishments that have a chance to produce pollution must obtain DPCC consent; this certifies that the company complies with environmental […]

Factory Pollution Certificate Online Delhi

It is impossible to overstate the significance of industrialization for a developing nation like India. To protect the environment, the Indian government formed the Central Pollution Control Committee (CPCB), whose job it is to regulate pollution. For this reason, one of the CPCB’s actions is to get the factory an online pollution certificate. Depending on […]

How BIS Certificate for Import Ensure Quality Standards?

A national standards organization, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) promotes the orderly growth of the standardization, conformity assessment, and quality assurance of products, articles, systems, processes, and services. Beyond reducing consumer health risks and delivering safe and dependable goods, BIS has been contributing measurable and verifiable advantages to the country’s economy. Through its conformity […]

Role of Legal Metrology in Consumer Protection

Provisions of the LMPC are designed to safeguard the interests of consumers. The role of legal metrology in consumer protection is essential. It forbids deceptive advertising, unfair commercial practices, and imprecise measurement, all of which influence customers’ judgments about what to buy. Fair and transparent markets are ensured in large part by legal metrology. How […]