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About Dharna Rajpal

Dharna Rajpal is currently pursuing her LLM in Corporate Laws from NIMS University, Jaipur and is a gold medalist in her graduation. She has a command over legal research and writing. She has published chapters in several books mostly related to corporate and commercial laws. 

How to Check Marriage Registration Certificate Online?

A marriage is a social contract and involves various rituals to be completed as per the personal law of the parties. As per the Hindu Law, marriages between people belonging to prohibited relationship and sapinda relationship are considered illegal and invalid unless a prevailing custom of the community of the parties to marriage allow such […]

How to Withdraw a Mutual Divorce Petition in India?

There are personal laws which govern matters related to divorce between people belonging to the Hindu religion. The parties to the marriage can apply for seeking a mutual divorce by filing a divorce petition to the District Court. The provision related to mutual divorce for parties belonging to the Hindu religion has been mentioned in […]

Is Marriage Registration Compulsory In India?

Marriage is considered sacred and holy and religious activity in India. As it involves religion, many personal laws have been enacted to decide all the provisions related to marriage. A marriage between people belonging to Hindu, Jain, and Sikh or Buddhist communities is governed by the Hindu Marriage Act. For people not defined in the […]

How to Make a Divorce Notice?

A divorce notice sent by one party to the marriage to the other party stating willingness for dissolution of marriage following a legal procedure. It should contain all the necessary details related to the parties and issues due to which they are willing to seek divorce. In this blog, we will discuss how to make […]

How to Give Divorce Notice to Wife?

A divorce notice is sent by either party to the marriage who is willing to terminate his/her wedding or to solve the issues and disputes through conciliation or mutual understanding. It is usually preferred and suggested that before approaching the court, the party must send a legal notice providing a reasonable time for the opposite […]

How to Send a Legal Notice for Divorce?

India is one of the most secular states in the whole world. The people in India belong to various religions and several laws have been enacted based on religions. Many of the issues are settled between the parties as per their personal laws. Matters such as succession, marriage, divorce, etc are solved by the prevailing […]

What If Divorce Notice Is Not Received?

In India, for parties to seek a divorce needs to send a legal notice to the opposite party as a first step in the divorce procedure. A divorce notice is a document being sent by one party to the another mentioning details desiring at seeking divorce along with mentioning reason for the same. It is […]