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Allocation and Transaction of Business Regulations for Consumer Protection Authority

calendar07 Sep, 2020
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Consumer Protection

Various provisions have been discussed in detail as notified by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) to Consumer Protection Authority Regulations 2020[1] which includes the procedure for transaction and allocation of business, manner and form in which contracts can be executed, affixation of common seal, reimbursement and so on. The notification also specifies that the transaction of business of the Central Authority has to be carried out on the directions given by the Chief Commissioner.

directions given by the Chief Commissioner

Directions to Be Carried Out By Chief Commissioner for Consumer Protection

The directions given by Central Government to Chief Commissioner for Consumer Protection are as follows-

  • First, the Chief Commissioner should allocate the business of the Central Authority between himself and the Commissioner.
  • Second, the powers in respect to the administrative matters of the Central Authority should be vested in the Chief Commissioner. He can delegate such powers according to the sub section (2) of section 14 of the said Act.
  • Third, the website of the Central authority should bear the publication of the decision taken by the Central Authority only when the Chief Commissioner determines on grounds of confidentiality.
  • Last but not least, every decision should be recorded in writing which is taken by the Central Authority.

It has been further elaborated that any contract that has been made on behalf of the Central Authority should be made in writing. Any document which is connected with any contract should be signed and verified on behalf of the Central Authority by any officer authorized by the Chief Commissioner.

Individual Identity of Commissioner Signing and Reimbursement to Non Officials

As mentioned in the notification which states that the common seal of the Central Authority shall not be affixed to any instrument except when it is in pursuance to the Central Authority resolution. It should also be under the presence of the Commissioner who would be signing on such instrument and it should be an independent signing as an executor will do so.

In the notification, it is elaborated regarding the reimbursement, the person who is not the officer of the Central Authority but are invited to the meetings held by the Central Authority should be entitled to the repayment of travel or any other expenses made at the discretion of the Central Authority. Just because there is any irregularity with respect to the procedure of the Central Authority for not affecting the qualities of the case, no act or decision of the Central Authority will stand invalid.


There have been various procedures notified by the government which discusses them in details regarding Consumer Protection Authority which includes the forms in which contracts may be executed, reimbursement etc.

The Chief Commissioner has been given this power of taking charge of the directions which are to be given in accordance with the business transaction of the Central Authority. Reimbursement too has been relaxed to an extent so that non officials can enjoy its benefits.

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