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What Website Policy is all about?

calendar18 Mar, 2020
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Website Policy

Website policy covers all the personal data of the website. Suppose that if you visit our website, we gather information about you. We ask you to enter your email address, name, phone number, and other details so that we can provide you with information about our services. Once you go through our website policy, you will get a clear understanding of how we collect information from you, use your data by following security measures, safeguard your interests, and even handle your personal data.

What do We Want to Know from our Website Visitors?

When you visit our website, we ask you to fill personal information like your name, contact number, job title, email ID, company details, and much other information. We never ask you to share your credit card details to us or any similar kind of information about the credit card. Besides this, we keep a tap on your way of using the website via cookies. To learn more about, “Are we using cookies?” scroll down the page and gain insights on it.  

What do We do with your Insightful Personal Data as per our Website Policy?

From the moment you submit your personal information with us, we start tracking you by collecting and analyzing the data, and we use it in the accordance with website policy in the ways given below-

  • To improve the user experience and make relevant changes to the website.
  • To give a better reply to your questions.
  • To take your feedback as a piece of constructive advice. 
  • To upgrade our services and serve you the best in the town.
  • To maintain a cordial relationship with you even after you leave our website. Moreover, we will remain in touch with you through the Email and SMS marketing campaign.
  • To give priority to your review relating to our services. 

Are We Using Cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies to help the website keep an eye on your activities and your number of visits on the site. Cookies are a small piece of data that a website or its service provider sends to the user’s browser at the time of his engagement in browsing. Cookies are the medium through which we (our site) can remember you and maintain a record of information about you. For instance, we come to know whether you have passed by our website or not via cookies. We merge the data of website traffic with website interaction to enrich you with a better website experience in the future course of time.

While accessing the website, you will come across cookie policy- 

Cookie policy– When touring the website, we may take the help of cookies to collect information. You have the option of neglecting cookies, but in that case, we can’t promise you the best you’ve gained otherwise. So, we recommend you to allow cookies for the best experience.      

Nature of the browser– In most of the cases, acceptance of cookies by the internet browsers is an automatic thing, especially under our website policy. However, you have the authority to change the browser’s setting. From there on, you can delete cookies, and even you can avoid automatic acceptance as you wish.

Types of Cookies that We Use in Compliance with the Website Policy

  • Analytics cookies

The job of these cookies is to monitor how visitors visited the website and the various pages that they have opened. These cookies help us in identifying the taste of users like you in terms of content and then, we make a note of the user’s preferences.        

  • Personalization cookies

Personalization cookies are used to identify those visitors who are frequently visiting the website. We maintain a record of personalized browsing history as a part of our website policy in which we cover the way you land on the site, pages you go through, scrolling time, the information you feed, and the path you travel through the website. We come to know about your personal interests through these cookies.  

Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy is a legal document of any organization that encompasses the rights of clients and site visitors, along with ensuring them with security measures. This privacy policy[1] states that our organization is aiming to safeguard the privacy of those individuals who-

  • visit our website or those who inquire with us by filling the web forms available online
  • who provided their information to us

How We Guard your Personal Information?

Privacy and security are two essential pillars that matter the most when it’s about safeguarding your personal data. To address matters concerned with confidentiality and security, we have delegated specific responsibilities and make people aware of their roles. We circulate our ethical guidelines and practices throughout the organization so that everybody can understand the difference between right and wrong.

We provide training programs to bring our internal guidelines into force or operation. Most importantly, our organization is making great strides to provide you with the belief that your data is likely to be safe and secure with us. Having us by your side, you need not worry about the data loss at all. Moreover, we are addressing the issues related to all kinds of security. Besides this, we preserve the right of accessing the database, and we don’t leave any scope for malpractices. Our website policy and privacy policy go hand in hand.

Privacy Policy: Know your Rights first

You have the right to inquire about your personal information that we hold, and if you want, you can access it as well. If you look forward to seeing your outdated data getting updated, you have the complete right to make the required changes. In case you find something irrelevant and unlawful, you have the right to raise the questions and even you the authority to put restrictions. You can contact us if you want to exercise your rights. Due to any differences or any other reason, if you don’t want us to continue processing your data, we will stop processing your data, and we won’t be able to lend our services to you.

Website Policy: No Collection of Personal Information from Children below the Age of 13

One thing that we would like to make clear is that we are not involved in collecting any personal information from children who haven’t crossed the age limit of 13. Also, we request children not to feed any information related to them. Suppose that if a child provides information by submitting to us, we ensure that we will delete the information as soon as we come to know about it. Furthermore, we suggest you that instruct your children not to fill any form on the website by filling the details.

We give priority to your consent under our website policy

Neither we share your personal data, nor do we disclose any sensitive information related to you with others. Before sharing any information about you, we await your consent. Social sharing services will help you in sharing your personal information. You need to be careful at the time of sharing something that might possibly be open to all the users.

Retain the right to change our website policy

We retain the right to make changes in the website policy and the Corpbiz website, whenever we want to change without any prior intimidation.

Terms and Conditions

Website policy constitutes the terms and conditions agreement. Terms and conditions agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities to which users must agree if they want to use the website. In addition to this, it’s a legal binding agreement between the user and the site. If a person violates the terms and conditions, what actions can be taken against that person lies in the terms and conditions. Businesses must have their terms and conditions on the website.

Points to Cover under Terms and Conditions Head

Terms and conditions depend upon the website and website policy. Moreover, we can say that it varies from one site to another. Terms and conditions incorporate the following components-

Terms and conditions of website

Take Away

As we are maintaining a record of your data, we are taking responsibility for your insightful data and information under our website policy. Besides this, we can ensure that every member of our organization is following ethical guidelines and manners. Also, we encourage you to make yourself aware of your rights. It doesn’t matter whether you a frequent visitor or a first-timer, we would be happy to see you comprehending our terms and conditions and act accordingly.

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