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Transport and Marketing Assistance Scheme (TMA scheme) for Exporters

calendar15 Mar, 2022
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TMA Scheme

Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) Scheme is rolled out GOI for agricultural products. Under this Scheme, the GOI has slashed the transportation cost of specific farm products. It fundamentally implies that the Government shall reimburse the price inflation relating to fright cost to make Indian Agri products competitive in the international market. 

Further, GOI also facilitates marketing assistance under this Scheme to improve the presence of Indian Agri products in the global market. The TMA came into effect in 1st March 2019 and was included in the FTP (2015-20)

Eligibility Criteria for TMA Scheme

The Scheme encompasses all the exporters of the entitled agri-products registered with the respective Export Promotion Council, as per the FTP. The TMA scheme envisages reimbursing the specific percentage of freight cost paid by the exporter and the marketing expenses involved in the product’s promotion. 

Eligible Products under the TMA scheme

  • The Scheme is eligible for all the exportable items cited under chapters 1-24 of the ITC-HS, including plantation and marine items. 
  • But, some specific items covered under Chapter 1-24 would not be encompassed under the Scheme for assistance. 
  • A list of such items is cited in Annexure (1). 

List of ineligible items under TMA scheme


HS Code


Chapters 1, 2, and 5

All HS code

Live animals

Meat and edible meat offal

Animal-based products, no elsewhere included

Chapter 3


Other Prawns and Shrimps

Chapter 4


Milk and Creame, not concentrated nor having sugar

Milk and Creame, concentrated or having sugar

Buttermilk, Curdled milk and creame, kephir, yogurt and other acidified or fermented milk and creame, whether or not concentrated or having sugar or flavoured or having added fruit.



Whey, either concentrated or having sugar; items  having natural milk constituents either concentrated or having sugar; not elsewhere included



Butter and other oils and dates extracted from milk; dairy spreads



Curd and Cheese

Chapter 07


Shallots, Garlic, Onions, other alliaceous vegetables, chilled or fresh

Mesline and Wheat


Chapter 13 and 14

All HS codes

Lac; Resins, Gums, and other Vegetables extracts and saps



Vegetable plating materials; Vegetable items not elsewhere mentioned

Beet sugar or Cane and Chemically pure sucrose in raw sugar not having colouring or flavouring content 

Molasses  resulting from sugar refinement

Chapter 22 and 24

 All HS codes

Beverages, Vinegar, and Sprits



Tobacco and its substitutes.

Coverage under the TMA scheme

  • Exports of Agri items to certain permissible nations, as mentioned in Annexure (2), shall only be encompassed under the TMA scheme. 
  • The scheme benefit is available in terms of transportation and marketing effort regardless of the mode of shipment except for road transport.
  • Annexure- 2 cited a list of all export nations in each region accessible under this scheme. 
  • For sea consignment, TMA shall be based on freight paid by the exporter for the TEU (Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit) containers. The assistance is not open for Less than container load (LCL) and a container containing both eligible and ineligible cargo categories. Note: TMA is non-accessible to cargo being shipped in breakbulk mode. Also, the 40 feet container shall be considered as two TEUs. 
  • The assistance for air consignment shall be based on the per tons freight charges on the overall weight of export cargo, estimated on the full ton basis, not considering any fraction thereof. 

List of Regions and Export nations/destinations in each region eligible for TMA are as under



West Africa

Algeria, Angola, Benin, Faso, Republic of Congo, Gambia, Guinea, Libya, Mali, Niger, Senegal, soon  and so forth

East Africa

Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, so on and so forth


Albania, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, so on and so forth


Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Yemen, etc


Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, etc

North America

Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Jamaica, Panama, Saint Lucia, so on and so forth


Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.

Far East

North Korea, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia


Australia, Kiribati, Fiji, Micronesia, New Zealand, Samao, Tongo, etc


Hong Kong, PRC China, Taiwan

South America

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname, etc

The assistance is facilitated in accordance with the rates notified in Annexure-3

The assistance is provided as per the rates notified in Annexure-3.

Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) Scheme Annexure (3)

Differential assistance’s rate under TMA (INR)


Amount per TEU (Standard)

Amount per TEU (Reefer)

By Air amount per Kilogram

East Africa




West Africa
















North America




Russia and CIS








Far East




South America








TMA Scheme: Important Terms & Conditions

  • The assistance would only come into effect when the export payment is received in Foreign Exchange via normal banking mode. 
  • Only the exports executed via EDI ports are allowed under the scheme. 
  • Nature of Assistance provided under TMA scheme: Assistance shall be facilitated in cash via a direct bank transfer in the form of reimbursement of freight costs paid by the exporter. 
  • The TMA scheme proposes that in FOB supplies, where exporters skip the freight payment, such export would not fall under this scheme. 

Ineligible categories under the TMA Scheme

The following list reflects the ineligible categories under the TMA scheme:-

  • Products exported from SEZs (Special Economic Zones)/ EOUs (Export Oriented Units) / EHTPs/ STPs/ BTPs/ FTWZs
  • SEZ/EOU/EHTPs/STPs/BTPs/FTWZs items shipped via DTA units
  • Export of imported items cited under paragraph 2.46 of the FTP;
  • Exports via trans-shipment, i.e., exports that are originating in the third nation but trans-shipped via India;
  • Exported items are prohibited or restricted for export under Schedule-2 of Export Policy in ITC (HS) unless directed otherwise by the authority concerned. 
  • Export of goods via foreign post offices or courier using e-Commerce

Documents for Claiming Incentives under TMA Scheme

One can apply for the TMA scheme by filing a prescribed application on the DGFT portal. The following documentations shall accompany the said application; 

  • Import Export Code (IEC Code)
  • RCMC certificate 
  • Shipping Bill Copy
  • Commercial Invoice
  • E-BRC
  • Bill of Lading, in case of sea transit 
  • Airway Bill, in case of Air transit
  • Certificate of practising Chartered Accountant (C.A.)/ Company Secretary (C.S) 

Online Procedure to avail TMA Scheme

  1. Visit DGFT Portal[1] and login to the same.
  2. On the home page, open the Service Page from the main menu.
  3. Select TMA Scheme from the drop-down list
  4. On the next window, click the “file new application” option 
  5. Enter Personal and Business related details and then click Add 
  6. Enter RCMC Certification Number
  7. Next, enter shipping details, container number, etc
  8. Conform to Payment Realization
  9. Add Description for ITC (HS) code and Freight paid
  10. Attach documents as mentioned above. 


The “Transport and Marketing Assistance” (TMA) is a beneficial scheme for the exporters of specific farm products. It helps reduce shipping costs for the exporter, thereby ensuring a good profit margin. 

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