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What are the Top Benefits of CE Certification that Manufacturers should be Aware?

calendar28 Aug, 2020
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Benefits of CE Certification

CE marking is the mark of Genuity that declare product is fit to use and doesn’t have potential hazards that might endanger the life. Today’s CE marking is used over 20 products category, including electronics, machinery, and medical equipment. The product with CE marking promises to deliver hazard-free functionality to the end-users. In this blog, you will look into the benefits of CE certification that it renders to manufacture and the end-users.

Benefits of CE Certification

The Core Benefits of CE Certification FOR manufacture and the end-users

There are various benefits of CE marking, which promises to deliver hazard-free functionality to the end-users. Those are as follows:-

Globally Recognized Certification

CE is the globally recognized standard for the safety and protection of the product. The products manufactured under the canopy of European Directives and Regulations are marked with the CE logo and can be sold in the global market without any legal barrier. Not only a logo of quality assurance, it is noteworthy to mention that CE marking enables a manufacturer to declare that the product has been manufactured as per European product safety legislation and it is safe to use in the given operating conditions.

Render Assurance about Safety and Protection

Every product, particularly the electronic item, has some unseen hazards that might become prominent as the days passed by.  The people who use it more frequently are more likely to get affected by its exposure. The CE logo on the product gives the assurance of the unparalleled safety and protection to the users. As long as the consumer used the product under the given operating conditions, it will stay authentic and hazardless from the safety and protection viewpoint. It is one of the prominent benefits of CE certification.

Seamless trading of products

The EU rolled out CE certification to boost the trading of the product between the EU countries. CE marking emerges as a global standard for safety and protection, helping customers overcome skepticism regarding the vulnerability of the product. CE marking has helped the manufacturers garner credibility for their product line over time and confront relentless competition with ease. As a result, now they are able to trade their product beyond their existing market. It is one of the top-notch benefits of CE certification.

Standardized marking

Manufacturer under EU directives need not serve different regulations to produce their products. The EU directives have laid down standard guidelines for all the manufactures across the EEA.  This helps the producer and traders to overcome inter-state conflicts over the regulations. The manufactures are no longer need to adopt distinctive bylaws to produce products for the respective market. 

Every manufactures needs to avail CE certification if their products come under CE regulations. On the flip side, if the product is not covered in the given directives, affixing the CE marking is a punishable offense. Keep in mind that not all category of the product is governed by a specific directive and regulations. There could be more than one regulation associated with the product.

Feel free to go through the directive’s definition and scope in case if you have doubt whether your product falls under a specific directive or not. Furthermore, you can also look into the exception that is not considered by the directive to determine if the product is discarded from the act.

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CE certification- General principal

  • The manufacturer or the authorized representative can only affix CE marking.
  • The CE marking cannot be affixed on the product that doesn’t fall under the EU’s directives and regulations.
  • The CE marking shall be the only marking that attests to the product’s conformity with the relevant Community harmonization legislation’s applicable requirements providing for its affixing.
  • The appearance of the CE marking should not mislead concerned parties. The marking should be done as per the prerequisites mentioned in the EU’s legislation.
  • Member states are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the CE certification/marking. To do so, they need to deploy relevant penal provisions to counteract the cases of infringement. Those penalties will be imposed accordingly as per the felony’s intensity and implement the deterrent to avert unethical use of the CE logo.

How to get the CE mark?

  • First, Identify what directives are applicable. This may include Electromagnetic compatibility, Radio Equipment, and Low Voltage directives. CE marking usually requires EMC testing for electronic and electrical products, but what is EMC?
  • EMC, or Electromagnetic Compatibility[1] Testing It is how you can effectively ensure that one product does not affect with another product in an electromagnetic environment.
  • The next step is to gather evidence that the product complies with the applicable directives. This can be achieved through compliance testing.
  • Prepare a single EU Declaration of Conformity.
  • This is basically a document stating that the product conforms to the requirements of the applicable directives.
  • Compile a compliance folder for the product, including all of the evidence that the product complies with the directives such as test reports, risk analysis, etc.
  • Securely affix the CE mark logo to the product in accordance with the CE labeling requirements.
  • Monitor the directives and relevant standards for changes as it may be necessary at a future date to perform addition ‘top-up’ testing.


CE marking allows free movement and sale of goods throughout the European Economic Area. For you to grow your business and distribute your products in the European market, CE-marking is mandatory for many products. It is a self-declaration process that your product complies with the directives which may include EMC & wireless radio testing. Consult with CorpBiz’s expert if you want to avail CE certification or explore more detail on the benefits of CE certification.

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