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TAC Certificate for Automobile – An Overview

calendar04 May, 2022
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TAC Certificate for Automobile

With the implementation of the Indian Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) in 1989, AIS Certification became available. The CMVR publishes the rules & regulations relating to vehicle approval, production, traffic restrictions, and maintenance of motor vehicles, among other things. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) is the responsible body for enforcing emission legislation, including Type Approval and production Conformity. The MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways[1] ) has established a standing Committee on Emission Legislation implementation, chaired by the Joint Secretary of MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways), to advise the nodal agency on such implementation. TACs are awarded for products or items that must meet stern technical & safety standards. Scroll down to check the information regarding TAC Certificate for Automobile.

What is TAC Certificate?

The TAC stands for Type Approval Certificate, is a certificate of conformity given to automotive products. TAC Certificate is given to a product that meets all the technical & safety requirements and regulatory compliances. This certificate is compulsory before a new product is launched in the market and MoRTH is the agency authorised to provide the TAC Certification.

Who can apply for TAC Certificate for Automobile?

Following is the list of who can apply for the TAC Certificate for Automobile:

  1. Indian Traders or Importers who are importing the products from a foreign manufacturer;
  2. A manufacturer who is producing or manufacturing such product or engaged in a manufacturing process of such a product for which a TAC Approval Certificate is required;
  3. Foreign companies have their business establishment in India who are doing trading activities;
  4. Indian Traders who are involved in trading of such products.

Products Under TAC Category

Following are some products covered under the TAC category:

  1. Gasoline or Fuels Tanks;
  2. Brake Hoses;
  3. Door Locks;
  4. Automotive Electronics;
  5. Tires;
  6. Batteries ;
  7. Safety Glass;
  8. Seat Belts;
  9. Batteries;
  10. Lights.

Documents Required for TAC Certificate for Automobile in India

Following are some vital documents required for TAC Certificate for Automobile:

  1. Application in the suggested format along with the documents must be submitted at the time of filing the application;
  2. The product sample must be submitted for testing and it should be complete in all aspects along with its full capacity;
  3. All the technical-related documents supporting the product and comprise installation documents, maintenance manual, and operation manual;
  4. Specification of the facilities;
  5. Compliance report as per Test Results and TEC GR as per the prescribed procedure;
  6. In the case of Traders’ authorisation letters from the Manufacturer appointing him as the trader of the product.

Procedure for TAC Certificate for Automobile

Following is the procedure for TAC Certificate for Automobile:

Step 1: Submit Application: Collect and submit all the documents mentioned above and applications from the Manufacturer. Check all the documents carefully, and after checking, submit an application with the required documents.

Step 2: Product Testing: After collecting and examining all the documents, in the next step, product testing is done from a recognised or certified testing center.

Step 3: Factory Audit: Auditors from India conduct factory premises inspections to check whether everything is according to the provided information in the application.

Step 4: Issuance of TAC Certificate: If the auditors get a satisfactory report of the product and manufacturing premises, the certificate will be issued.

Step 5: Marking & Labelling of the Parts: At last, the making & labelling of the parts is done.

Note: Electromagnetic compatibility examinations or tests of automobile electronics can be carried out at the Manufacturer’s facilities under specified conditions and don’t need to be carried out separately in India.


The average time of processing taken for a grant of TAC Certificate for Automobile is approximately one month for Indian Manufacturers and 2 months for the Foreign manufacturers. The rest will depend upon the conditions. It may vary due to some factors like applicant delays in response to queries raised, if any, delay in conducting examination or testing of the sample, delay in repayment of dues, etc.


The TAC Approval Certificate issued to a product that meets all the required standards, safety & technical requirements is called Type Approval/Certificate of Conformity. The approval or consent is required before a product is sold in a specific nation and the processes differ in each & every country. The process & certification given to such a product is known as Type Approval.

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