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What is the Procedure to Avail Battery Import License?

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Battery Import License in India

A battery is kind of a product that can be found in every household. In scientific terms, battery refers to the device that comprises the electrochemical cells with external connections that generate power for electrical appliances such as mobiles, flashlights, smart devices, etc.

In common usage, the battery provides power to the clock, Television remotes, torch, etc. Firms and business units use batteries to fuel cars and smart devices. The importation of the battery cannot be possible in a conventional way as one has to obtain a license for the same and comply with plenty of regulations.

In “Batteries Registration and Management System (BRMS),” importer can file an online application to obtain a new battery import license. The applicant can use the same portal for the license renewal and to file half-yearly returns and undertaking.

What are the Steps to Avail New Battery Import License?

The given steps shall be followed for the issuance of new registration for the battery import license.

Steps to Avail New Battery Import License
  • The applicant shall apply for a new battery import license via the online portal
  • After submitting the web-based form, the applicant must furnish the application’s physical copy on their letterhead, enclosing the given documents;
  • Printouts of Form II and Form III with their stamp and signature on the same.
  • Self-attached copy of IEC registration.
  • The complete form will be processed within one week from the receipt of a physical copy.
  • Registration will be issued by the authority only on the address mentioned on the IEC certificate.
  • In charge HWM (Hazardous and Wastes Management) Division will issue the new registration to importers of lead-acid batteries.
  • The importer registered under MoEF & CC willing to avail the same registration can apply in the manner mentioned above. However, such an individual must address the original certification issue by MoEF & CC in addition to the application.

What is the Procedure for Renewing of Battery Import License?

  • Importers of new lead-acid batteries can follow the below instructions for the grant of renewal of registration.
  • There is no need to furnish a physical copy of the application for registration renewal.
  • The applicant shall submit the form for renewal at the official portal of BRMS portal. Such form can be furnished within 45 days a physical copy of the application.
  • Application for renewal will be processed online within seven days subject to an inspection of the followings;
  • The importer has furnished Half Yearly Returns at the BRMS portal without any lag or submitted hard copies to SPCB (State Pollution Control Board) and CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board).
  • In case returns were furnished to SPCB, self-certified copies of such returns will be considered.
  • If there is any default on HYR filing or file returns at the time of application renewal, the applicant may be permitted to file past returns after providing an undertaking on an affidavit. One year validity will be accorded to renewed license. After the expiration of this time period, the applicant cannot restore it again.
  • In charge HWM Division will grant the renewal of registration to importers of new lead-acid batteries.

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Cancellation or Suspension of Registration of Battery Import License

In the light of Rule 5 for the Batteries Rules, 2001, the cancellation or suspension of registration will come to an effect in the state of;

  • Non-submission of timely half-yearly returns to SPCB*
  • Non-submission of copy endorsed to CPCB.

How will Authority React to Non-Submission of HYR over A Timeline of 1 Year?

  • CPCB may communicate with the applicant via notice regarding the non-compliance and give his/her chance to file returns within 45 days,
  • In case of nil response by the importer, a chance for hearing will be accorded with a notice period of 30 days.
  • Further, if the importer continues to remain unresponsive on such a matter, the registration shall confront cancellation as a form of penalty.
  • Member Secretary is the one who approves cancellation of such registrations. Following which, in-charge, HWMD shall issue letters for the same.
  • In-charge HWM Division shall be responsible for issuing a notice regarding the Notice for cancellation or suspension. The same can be issue online via the BRMS application.
  • If notice issues remain undelivered & are returned by the postal department, the registration, in such cases, shall be suspended & uploaded on the BRMS application.

Re-Activation of Suspended or Cancelled Battery Import License

Re-activation of Cancelled or suspended registration within or after the validity period may be considered in the following cases;

  • The importer may furnish an undertaking ensuring timely submission- but the validity of one year will be granted to such renewal.
  • Further, in case of violation during such validity period, no further renewal may be considered.  
  • Re-activation of such registration seeks the approval of the Member Secretary. After being approved, a letter for re-activation of registration will be granted by in-charge HWMD.

What Documents are required For Import Battery License?

Documents required for import Battery license in India are as follows:-

  • PAN Card
  • IEC Certificate*
  • Half Yearly Returns
  • Industrial license, if required.
  • BIS certification*

BIS Certification*

BIS Certification gives assurance about the product’s quality and safety. Though this certificate is voluntary, it is mandatory for a specific category of products that affect human life in one way or another.

IEC Certificate*

The term IEC stands for Import Export Certificate, and it is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (aka DGFT). This registration is mandatory for cross-border transactions of commodities. IEC certificate is a ten-digit identification number that serves as a registration number for the importer and the exporter. One can visit the DGFT official portal to drop the application for obtaining the new IEC certificate. 


Batteries are available in various forms depending on the usage. In general, batteries are classified into two categories- Primary & Secondary. Primary batteries refer to disposable batteries which are not reusable in nature. Secondary batteries support recharging and offer longer service life than the former one.

It’s worth noting that the issuance of the battery import license is under the Central Pollution Control Board/State Pollution Control Board’s authority in India. Individuals seeking such a license can visit Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) via the official portal of the Batteries Registration and Management System (BRMS) portal.

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