Trade License in Andhra Pradesh: Paperwork and Process

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Trade License in Andhra Pradesh: Paperwork and Process

Trade license in Andhra Pradesh governs different businesses and trades operating in a particular region. It falls under the ambit of the Industrial and Trade Act, which comprises a long list of norms concerning health, safety, and hygiene. The said legislation compels businesses to operate in a way that doesn’t derail the interest of any person or company. Businesses under a trade license need to stay as transparent as possible and carry out their daily affairs in a legalized way. In this article, we will take a close look at this license and learn about its legalities.

Significance of Trade License

Trade license in Andhra Pradesh fundamentally restrains businesses from;

  • Conducting any activity that derails the interest of any third party or individual
  • Posing any health-related risk to the nearby resident or any person in one way or another
  • Misleading customers by falsifying information about services or facilitating sub-par products
  • Posing a risk to the environment in any way

An Overview of the D&O Trade Licenses

D&O trade licenses fall under the Industrial and Trade Act and it is mandatory for businesses involved in dangerous substances and any other equipment as mentioned in the said legislation. The Health and Revenue department of the Urban Local Bodies grants this license against the prescribed application and fees.

Licensing Authority of a Trade license in Andhra Pradesh

The Health and Revenue department of the concerned ULB accords the trade license in Andhra Pradesh. The following are involved in the issuance of the trade license.

  • The Chief Medical Officer of Health at the Head Office
  • Assistant Medical Officers of Health, Zone Number I to VI &
  • Medical Officer of Health, Visakhapatnam

Note: Trade license in Andhra Pradesh remains valid for one year from the issuance date. The official timeline/year concerning the D&O trade license is from April 1st to March 31st.

Eligibility Criteria concerning a Trade license in Andhra Pradesh

The business owners involved with the trading affairs within a given vicinity/region of any municipal corporation must secure a trade license. The type of trade license in Andra Pradesh varies as per the nature of the business. Here is the list of entities that fall under the ambit of this license.

  • Any premise or workplace proposed to leverage water power, steam power, electrical power, or mechanical power.
  • Any proposed establishment or workplace is projected to carry out its operation without power.
  • For running food businesses such as eating houses, hotels, and coffee.
  • Commercial establishments like laundries, coffee houses, travel agencies or barber salons

Note: those who opt to run their business without a trade license shall confront severe penalties.

Documents Required to Apply for Trade license in Andhra Pradesh

The following is the list of documents that serve as an annexure to the application concerning the trade license.

  • Lease Deed
  • Identity Proof
  • Legal Occupancy Certificate

Note: Based on the type of trade such as Factory/Workshop/Industry, the application must secure the No Objection Certificate prior to the installation of machinery.

How to Apply for Andhra Pradesh Trade License?

Applicants in Andhra Pradesh can apply for the Trade license in three different ways, as shown below:

  • Mee-Seva Centres
  • Puraseva Centers of ULB
  • ULB portal or CDMA Web portal[1]

Applying for Trade License in Andhra Pradesh via MeeSeva Franchise

Procedure to secure a trade license in Andhra Pradesh via MeeSeva Franchise is shown below:

Step 1: Applicants must visit the respective MeeSeva Franchise to apply for the Andra Pradesh trade license.

Step 2:  The applicant must apply via a standard format to apply for a trade license at the MeeSeva Franchise. Given below is the list enclosing details to be filled by the applicant.

  • Trade owner information such as name, address, SSID, email, and contact number.
  • Trade details such as types, name, address, and so on
  • Nature of trade such as ULB, Government-based, Private.
  • Payment details

Note: Do not forget to enclose the delivery mode concerning the ROR-1B extract.

Step 3: The request for a trade license shall be shared with the respective ULB online.

Note: MeeSeva center service operator shall share an acknowledgement receipt alongside the trade license application number. Besides, the operator will share the ROR-1B application number on the registered email address and contact number. You can use it to track the application progress.

Step 4: The authority concerned, the CMO of the health of the concerned ULB, will process the request concerned. Further, the application shall further undergo verification conducted by the health officer.

Step 5: Once the respective authority stamps their approval, the trade license will make its way to the applicant via courier or speed local post. However, the applicant will have the option to collect the certificate from the  MeeSeva franchisee

Applying for Trade License via Puraseva Centers of ULB

The applicant is required to follow the same process as shown above for applying for a trade license via Puraseva Centers of ULB.

Applying for a Trade license via CDMA Online

Follow the given steps to apply for a trade license via CDMA online

Step 1: Head to the official portal of the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration.

Step 2: From the home page, choose “online service”. The portal shall prompt the list of services. Here, select the trade license to apply for the license.

Step 3: In the new window, tap on the drop-down menu to select the respective corporation or municipality where the owner wants to start the trade.

Step 4: Tap on the submit button to open the e-application.

Step 5: share information in the e-form such as owner detail, location, trade information, and processing details. Once done, hit the Save button.

Step 6: Upload the required documentation in the standard format and click on the Save button.

Step 7: After application submission, wait till the portal generates the acknowledgement number (slip). The receipt will help track the application progress.

Step 8: Head to the payment gateway with the aid of the acknowledgement number for the fee submission.

Step 9: The successful fee submission will lead to the grant of the provisional license. You can download the certificate from the CDMA or ULB portal.

Step 10: Depending on the trade type, the application processing shall take place. The sanitary officer shall vet the business place, create the report, and share the same alongside his finding with the commissioner.

Step 11: Based on the inspector’s feedback, the commissioner will either grant or revoke the disbursement of the license.

Step 12: To scout the application details, the application must head to the CDMA portal. Once logged in, navigate to the online service option, and choose “know your application status.”

Step 13: Hit the drop-down menu to select District and Municipality and then click on the submit option.

Step 14: On the new window, select the trade license via the menu and enter the Identifier number to get access to the application status.

Step 15: After this, the applicant can download the certificate.


It is mandatory for all commercial establishments and businesses to secure Trade licenses in Andhra Pradesh. The process above will let you apply for the license in a hassle-free manner. If you still encounter any issues, you can avail of professional help to avert any inconvenience.

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