An Outlook on NGO DARPAN Registration

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NGO DARPAN Registration

The NGO DARPAN was previously maintained by former Planning Commission, which was later replaced by the NITI Aayog from January, 2015. The online Portal is being maintained at present under the guidance of NITI Aayog. It invites all Voluntary Organizations as well as Non-Governmental Organizations to sign up on the Portal. Let us have a look at the process for NGO DARPAN registration, and why this certificate is important. 

A Brief Overview on NGO DARPAN

NGO DARPAN is a free facility provided by the NITI Aayog[1]. It is done to help NGO and voluntary organizations to keep them updated about new government schemes as well as grants. This platform is collaboration by the NITI Aayog and the National Informatics Center. It will help build a bond between the NGO and the government. Moreover, after obtaining NGO DARPAN registration, the registration process gives NGO more accountability and creditability.

The portal which was started under the PMO has now shifted the management to the NITI Aayog, with help and guidance from the Ministry of Electronics as well as IT. After doing so the portal has become an e-governance application which helps to promote transparent and healthy relationship between the NGO & governments.

Essential Documents required for NGO DARPAN Registration

Any NGO or Volunteer Organization which has obtained society registration, Section 8 Company registration or trust registration is eligible to apply for the registration of NGO DARPAN.

Here’s a quick glance at the documents essential for NGO DARPAN registration.

NGO DARPAN registration

Further Details Required are as Follows

  • PAN Number;
  • Name of NGO or Volunteer Organization;
  • Address of NGO;
  • Registration authority as well as Registration Number;
  • Registration Date;
  • Details of 3 members who are on the executive committee;
  • Details of funding from the government;
  • Details regarding the area of working.

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Benefits of NGO DARPAN

The benefits of NGO DARPAN registration are as follows-

  • Helps NGO or Volunteer Organization to cooperate and connect with Government department.
  • Attain a unique user ID that helps advances the credibility and goodwill of the NGO or Volunteer Organization.
  • Department and Ministry websites will synchronize with NGO DARPAN to share crucial information.
  • Facilitates the flawless flow of data from the government to various NGO.
  • Updated info related to new schemes, projects, and the progress of earlier initiatives will be available for registered NGO.
  • Departments can use NGO DARPAN to understand more about NGO before considering the appeals.
  • Helps in the formation of a database or depository of info related to NGO or Volunteer Organization.

Process for NGO DARPAN registration

The government has made it compulsory for NGO or Volunteer Organization to complete their NGO DARPAN registration through online portal.

The NGO requires the NGO certificate and a unique ID for FCRA registration and to apply for any other grants provided by the government. Here is a quick glance at the registration process for NGO DARPAN. 

  • Login to NGO Darpan official website through
  • For new registration click on the Sign Up icon, and create a user id as well as password. Keep these credentials for further use.
  • Select the registration icon and provide all the details required related to your NGO.

Details related to NGO to be filed-

  • Name of NGO or Volunteer Organization;
  • PAN of the organization;
  • Copy of PAN;
  • Name of Chief Functionary;
  • Name of Secretary;
  • Name of treasurer;
  • Provide basic contact details during the above step with details of the PAN.
  • OTP will be received on the number provided by the applicant, use this OTP for further verification and generating new password.
  • After login, provide the below mentioned details related to your registration. The details are as follows-
  • Type of NGO;
  • Act under which NGO is registered;
  • City of Registration;
  • Date of registration;
  • Validity of registration;
  • Registration Number;
  • Copy of registration.
  • In case of multiple registrations, details regarding second and third registration are also required. The details are same as the details mentioned in point 6.
  • Fill in the details regarding appropriate sector as well as key issues on which the NGO will work and also the operational area.
  •  Provide the complete address and then click submit along with self declaration regarding the details provided above are correct.

Things to remember for NGO DARPAN Registration

  • The online portal does not allow unregistered groups or individuals to register for the scheme of NGO DARPAN;
  • The online portal also helps NGO to know details related to government grants and scheme and apply for the same. They can also track the status of their application filed.
  • To apply for government grants, the NGO will first have to register with the NGO DARPAN and create a user ID for them. Afterwards, they can go through the links provided to find the grants, and get the contact details of Nodal Officers for such schemes for information. 
  • The password should contain one Capital letter, one digit, and must have more than 6 characters.
  • You should make sure that the copy of Certificate shall be less than 2MB to upload. 
  • While uploading Trust deed, applicant needs to upload copy of the first page and one page with the signature of the applicant.


NGO and voluntary organizations play an important role in the development of the nation by complementing the efforts by the Government of India. This online portal facilitates NGO and voluntary organizations to enroll centrally and thus assist in creation of a storage area for information related to NGO and voluntary organizations state as well as sector wise. The Portal also facilitates NGO and voluntary organizations to obtain a system generated unique ID to be signed. The ID is compulsory to apply for grants under various schemes of Governments Bodies. If you want to Register for NGO DARPAN contact our experts at Corpbiz.

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